Chapter 716 - Warriors of the Ancient Phoenix Clan

Chapter 716  - Warriors of the Ancient Phoenix Clan

After opening up the surrounding protective array formation of the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, Lin Ming walked into the valley where the mystic realm was locked in. Here were also the words that Mu Qianyu had left behind….

“Thundercrash Mountain, nameless cave, ten years’ time, the appointed meeting!”

Even though he had already reunited with Mu Qianyu, seeing these words still filled him with emotion.

After clearing up his feelings, Lin Ming followed the rules of the spell that he had learned from Mu Yuhuang, and then began to open up the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm a bit at a time.

The last time he had entered into the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, it had taken the collaborative efforts of Mu Yuhuang and Mu Tianguang. Now, Lin Ming was able to do so by himself.

Forming different array formation symbols with both hands, energy vibrated, accompanied by the distant sound of wind and thunder. The surrounding heaven and earth origin energy began to crazily surge, forming a twisting, black vortex in the air. This vortex constantly spun, finally turning into a black hole, wide enough for him to step into.

After stabilizing the entrance, Lin Ming stepped inside….

In an instant, Lin Ming’s surroundings went pitch black before splashing with color again. Lin Ming had finally returned to the Divine...

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