Chapter 714 - Name of the Death God

Chapter 714 – Name of the Death God

That very night, news of the assault on the South Sea Demon Region spread out like a tide.

Upon learning this, within the Five Element Region, Zhan Yunjian, the Sunfire Princess, and everyone else was happy and excited.

“Lin Ming just gives too many pleasant surprises. I thought that after Xuan Wuji left seclusion, Lin Ming might be suppressed for some time. Perhaps even that Xuan Wuji would have managed to take back the Giant Leviathan. But I never imagined that Lin Ming would kill his way through the entire the South Sea Demon Region by himself, and turn that fifth-grade South Sea Demon Region into a fourth-grade sect.” the Sunfire Princess giddily said.

Zhan Yunjian took a deep breath and shook his head, saying, “It’s not just falling to a fourth-grade sect. If Xuan Wuji doesn’t return to the South Sea Demon Region, then the entire South Sea Demon Region could disintegrate because of Lin Ming. When Lin Ming returned, he wasn’t yet strong enough to match a second stage Life Destruction master. But now, after just several months, he was actually able to reach this point through his strength alone. How ridiculously unbelievable….”

Several months ago, Lin Ming had broken into the South Sea Demon Region the second time. He had trotted in on the Giant Leviathan and had dug up the entire medicine garden, including the spiritual earth! In front of Lin Ming, the fifth-grade sect was like a lamb in front of a butcher, only able to lie there to be slaughtered.

The first time that Lin Ming had broken into the South Sea Demon Region, he had also relied on the strength of the Giant Leviathan, managing to kill a massive amount of low-level disciples. Both the first and...

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