Chapter 713 – To Those Who Remain In the South Sea Demon Region, Death!

Chapter 713 – To Those Who Remain In the South Sea Demon Region, Death!

Revolving Core martial artists were much easier to kill than Life Destruction martial artists. Not only were they slower, but their ability to resist was next to nothing. As long as Lin Ming was able to find one, he would instantly kill them.


Lin Ming flicked his finger at the sea surface and a massive spout of water shot up. Then, a moment later, a bright red ripple spread out and a corpse slowly surfaced.

Lin Ming shot out a fireball, instantly turning this corpse to ash.

That had been the last of the escaping Revolving Core Protectors. He had hid underneath the surface of the water. But, to Lin Ming, he was no different than an ostrich that buried its head in sand.

Up to now, over 20 Revolving Core Protectors and six first-stage Life Destruction Elders had been completely wiped out!

The only person remaining was…the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign!

Lin Ming tracked the location of the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign, and then his lips curved up in a sly smile. That old fox had actually returned to the South Sea Demon Region’s three Demon Islands.

He had run away, but then he returned to the South Sea Demon Region.

It was said that the most dangerous places were often the safest. If he hid in some secret location within his sect, it truly...

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