Chapter 713 To Those Who Remain In the South Sea Demon Region, Death!

Chapter 713 – To Those Who Remain In the South Sea Demon Region, Death!

Revolving Core martial artists were much easier to kill than Life Destruction martial artists. Not only were they slower, but their ability to resist was next to nothing. As long as Lin Ming was able to find one, he would instantly kill them.


Lin Ming flicked his finger at the sea surface and a massive spout of water shot up. Then, a moment later, a bright red ripple spread out and a corpse slowly surfaced.

Lin Ming shot out a fireball, instantly turning this corpse to ash.

That had been the last of the escaping Revolving Core Protectors. He had hid underneath the surface of the water. But, to Lin Ming, he was no different than an ostrich that buried its head in sand.

Up to now, over 20 Revolving Core Protectors and six first-stage Life Destruction Elders had been completely wiped out!

The only person remaining was…the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign!

Lin Ming tracked the location of the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign, and then his lips curved up in a sly smile. That old fox had actually returned to the South Sea Demon Region’s three Demon Islands.

He had run away, but then he returned to the South Sea Demon Region.

It was said that the most dangerous places were often the safest. If he hid in some secret location within his sect, it truly would be difficult to find him.

After a quarter of an hour, Lin Ming returned to the Demon Region’s three islands. At this time, the Demon Region islands were nearly emptied of people. The South Sea Demon Region shouldn’t have been reduced to this ghostlike state just because of the invasion of a single person, but after seeing the several Life Destruction Elders run away, the other disciples naturally wouldn’t stay.

Lin Ming silently arrived at a seemingly common and inconspicuously small building. Then, he swept out his spear, the spear light surging hundreds of feet away.


A muffled explosion occurred; the entire building collapsed!

Earth cracked and stone crumbled. A black beam of light dropped down from the heavens; the basement of the building was pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear.

A shockwave of true essence detonated in the air, bursting outwards. Within the chaos, a silver-masked man ran out in a panic, surprised to see Lin Ming standing right outside. He had been hiding in a secret chamber with an array formation that was able to isolate away all perception and probing. He didn’t believe that Lin Ming had any way to track him. That was, unless he had some sort of tracing mark on his body.

But, before this, he had already examined his entire body, not discovering any sort of energy mark. So what was happening?

“Brat, don’t think that I am really afraid of you!” The Eastern Faction Sovereign grasped a ten-foot long war halberd, his eagle-like eyebrows slanted up in fury.

Lin Ming remained silent. Without a word, the Heretical God Force opened and his battle spirit poured into his spear. He thrust straight at the Eastern Faction Sovereign’s throat.

Seeing this unstoppable spear stabbing towards him, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign roared out, his entire body revolving to the limit with true essence, “Heavenly Demon Suppression!”

In that instant, on top of the Eastern Faction Sovereign’s halberd, a great black Giant Demon phantom rushed out, snarling as it clawed towards Lin Ming.

However, just as the Giant Demon phantom appeared, an invisible force field crashed down with overwhelming force. The Giant Demon phantom broke apart in this force field, like a shard of ice dropped in boiling water, instantly reducing to less than half its size!

The Eastern Faction Sovereign was startled. He fiercely bit down on his tongue and spat out a spray of blood essence on his halberd edge. The light of that halberd immediately became much more dazzling and radiant.

Lin Ming’s simple spear clashed with the Giant Demon phantom. With a sizzling sound, the Giant Demon phantom was easily pierced through with the battle spirit infused spear light. It paused for the slightest instant before piercing towards the Eastern Faction Sovereign’s throat again.

“Demon Shadow Division!”

The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign’s eyes flashed with a cold light. His body turned into three phantoms as he dodged Lin Ming’s spear.

“Hmm?” Lin Ming was startled. His spear strike right now didn’t seem particularly special, but in truth it had contained the Concept of Space as well as his battle spirit. In the midst of this fearsome strike, he had even locked the space around the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign, making it incomparably difficult to defend against. Still, he never expected that the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign would still manage to avoid it.

It seemed that a second-stage Life Destruction Elder was indeed quite special.

After his body split into three, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign didn’t pause at all. He turned in three different directions and ran away!

This sort of secret escape technique would have confused a normal martial artist. But to Lin Ming, it was simply a frivolous action. The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign already had Lin Ming’s battle spirit mark on him. With just a thought he had already locked onto the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign’s true body.

Lin Ming took a step forwards – Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

Lin Ming instantly appeared a mile ahead. As he took another step forwards, he flashed stepped right in front of the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign.

Chasing Thunder!

The white spear sparkled with lightning. Lin Ming’s spear had reached the pinnacle of speed. The keen electric light hadn’t even reached the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign but it already made him tingle.

“Lin Ming, I have no grudge nor enmity with you! The one responsible for annihilating your Divine Phoenix Island is the Xuan Clan’s Xuan Wuji! That had nothing to do with me! So why must you chase me down and not let me go!”

In the face of a speed and striking power that far surpassed his own, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign was exceptionally anxious. But at this time, he could only brace himself and face this calamity.


The sound of striking metal sounded. The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign’s halberd was actually cut in half by Lin Ming’s spear!

Lin Ming’s spear was already a much higher grade to begin with. With the addition of the increased power from the battle spirit, cutting apart the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign’s treasure halberd was easy.


The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign gave a crazed shout. He threw the halberd pieces at Lin Ming, hoping to force him away.

Lin Ming didn’t even bother glancing at these halberd pieces. He stabbed out his spear!


The long spear pierced through the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign’s jaw, angling into his throat and cutting through his neck even as his spinal cord was completely crushed to bits with a simple twist. The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign stared with wide eyes, disbelief on his face as he looked at Lin Ming’s chest. When he threw those halberd pieces just now, they had pierced through Lin Ming’s chest. Although his attack had been done in haste and there wasn’t much true essence within it, it was still 30-40% of his strength. Still, even though it struck Lin Ming, it hadn’t even broken through the skin.

‘Was this boy even human….’

This was the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign’s last thought. In the next moment, Lin Ming swept his spear out, directly beheading the second-stage Life Destruction Elder.

Lin Ming rubbed his right chest; he was quite satisfied with his current defensive capabilities.

That sudden attack just now from the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign was equal to the all-out attack of a peak first-stage Life Destruction powerhouse. In the face of such an attack, he hadn’t even needed to defend himself with true essence; he was able to block it with just his mortal body. Besides some slight pain there wasn’t even the slightest injury.

These were the effects of the profound gold divine fruit.

Not only had he absorbed the profound gold divine fruit, but he had even opened the second of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. This had caused his mortal body to be comparable to that of a top earth-step treasure.

Lin Ming calmly put away the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign’s body and spatial ring. Then, holding his long spear, he continuously twirled it in the air. Spear light shot out, shredded massive sections of rock in a far off mountain cliff as large letters began appearing on it.

“To those who remain in the South Sea Demon Region, death!”

These words contained Lin Ming’s Death God force field. If a martial artist with a low cultivation saw these words, their life would instantly be extinguished. Even a Xiantian or Revolving Core martial artist would be affected by the pure killing intent; it would be impossible for them to continue looking at these words.

After leaving behind these words, Lin Ming released his perception that had casually swept through the islands of the South Sea Demon Region. Nearly all the Revolving Core martial artists had fled. The only ones left over were the small fry minions that he had no interest in.

Displaying his movement technique, Lin Ming left the Demon Region’s three islands.


Six hours later, deep in the South Sea…

100,000 feet underwater a middle-aged martial artist was quietly suspended. His breath and heart rate were slowed to an extremely low rate. This middle-aged martial artist wore black clothes and his two straight eyebrows slanted ferociously high. Underneath these two eyebrows was a pair of deep eyes, their intense stare penetrating through the sea as if they could see past all illusions and lies.

This black-clothed martial artist was Xuan Wuji.

He had already been floating here for several days. His perception was locked onto the Giant Leviathan in the deep sea trench. As long as the Giant Leviathan surfaced to 250,000 or above, he would then reinitiate his attack.

Although he couldn’t kill the Giant Leviathan, if the attacks on it accumulated, one day, sooner or later, it would die from exhaustion and blood loss.

“Xuan Wuji, we’ve already waited here so many days. How much longer will we keep guard here?” The one who asked was a golden-furred ape. He was the Patriarch of the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan.

Xuan Wuji didn’t even glance back at the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Patriarch. He said without any hint of emotion, “As long as half a year and as short as a few months. Sooner or later, the Giant Leviathan will fall by my hands.”

“Good, then this King will accompany you here for half a year!” The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. The Giant Leviathan was a kind of Saint Beast recorded in the ancient texts of the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan. If they could take its heart and spine marrow, refining it into a pill with their clan’s secret techniques, then they could use these pills to directly enhance the physique of their Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan’s martial artists.

The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch had great faith that, if he could obtain these treasures, then there would be high hopes for him reaching the Divine Sea.

When that time came, he could rule over a large region of the deep South Sea. He could even take a portion of the resources from the entire southern Sky Spill Continent.

As Xuan Wuji and the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch were speaking, a current of water twisted into a spinning orb in front of them, followed by a radiant blue flash of light. This was the light of an underwater sound transmitting talisman.

The voices of the South Sea Demon Region’s scouts entered Xuan Wuji’s ears. After hearing the message, Xuan Wuji’s body shook. In the next moment, his eyes grew so heated they seemed to spill over with flames.

The South Sea Demon Region had been crushed. Seven Life Destruction Elders, including the second-stage Life Destruction Easter Faction Sovereign, as well as 20-some-odd Revolving Core Protectors, most of them at the mid and late Revolving Core realm, had died! Over 30 individuals had been completely wiped out!

And before Lin Ming fled, he even left behind a few words within the South Sea Demon Region—“To those who remain in the South Sea Demon Region, death!”

Because of these words, coupled with the fact that Lin Ming had raised a bloody storm of death within the South Sea Demon Region, many of their martial artists had already fled!

A Demon Region martial artist cared only for themselves. No one would take their life as a joke or gamble. If they were targeted by a death god, who would still dare to stay in the Demon Region’s three islands?

“Lin Ming!”

Xuan Wuji roared. All of the water around him suddenly stirred, creating a violent vortex.

Because of a single person, because of Lin Ming, nearly every South Sea Demon Region Life Destruction Elder had died. The only ones left over were Xuan Yuqie and Xuan Wuji!

A fifth-grade sect took Life Destruction martial artists as Elders and Revolving Core martial artists as Protectors. Now that there were only two Life Destruction martial artists left over in the South Sea Demon Region, there weren’t enough for them to be considered a fifth-grade sect anymore. Solely through Lin Ming’s strength, he had chopped the fifth-grade South Sea Demon Region into a fourth-grade sect!

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