Chapter 712 - Thorough Slaughter

Chapter 712 – Thorough Slaughter

“And there’s that damned Xuan Wuji. To think he goes to chase the Giant Leviathan on his own and leaves behind this scourge in the South Sea Demon Region! Xuan Wuji, as long as you do not kill that boy, it’s impossible for me to return to the South Sea Demon Region. If I run into him again then chances are that my life will fall under his hands. Luckily, I found this ‘Evil Soulfire Step’ in the possession of a late Revolving Core martial artist I’ve killed. With this, on top of my own speed, I should be able to easily escape this catastrophe.”

The yellow-robed Elder simply never expected Lin Ming to chase him in order to kill him. After all, out of all the Elders there, he was one of the weakest; Lin Ming shouldn’t be attracted to him. And, in terms of speed, he was one of the best here. If one or two Elders were to die, then it likely wouldn’t be his turn.

“That Lin brat can’t be possessed by a ghost or something. He shouldn’t do something as unreasonable as chasing me. I hope that he chooses to bother with the Eastern Faction Sovereign. With that old man stalling for time, I’ll be much safer.”

As the yellow-robed Elder was thinking about the possible scenarios, he suddenly heard the rustling...

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