Chapter 710 - The Death God Comes At Night

Chapter 710 – The Death God Comes At Night

300,000 feet down, there was such poor visibility that it wasn’t even possible to see one’s own hands. Lin Ming quietly left the Giant Leviathan, sneaking into the vast and endless sea. A massive wave of pressure enveloped Lin Ming. But, with his abnormal defensive ability comparable to a treasure, bearing such water pressure wasn’t too difficult at all.

Xuan Wuji had left a soul mark on the Giant Leviathan, but it was only to track its movements. As long as Lin Ming was careful, it wouldn’t be too difficult to evade Xuan Wuji’s perception.

Lin Ming swam 100 miles down the trench before turning upwards. As he restrained his energy, he quickly rushed towards the surface.

After reaching the surface in a single go, Lin Ming flew close to sea level, straight towards the South Sea Demon Region!

After being raided twice by Lin Ming and the Giant Leviathan, the South Sea Demon Region was entirely under total martial law. There was a massive scout line in the 5000-mile radius from the South Sea Demon Region. Once the Giant Leviathan’s approach was discovered, this news would quickly be reported to the main island. Thus, it was no longer possible for Lin Ming to control the Giant Leviathan and create another massacre in the South Sea Demon...

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