Chapter 709 - Opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates Again

Chapter 709 – Opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates Again

Demonshine controlled the Giant Leviathan and rose from 350,000 feet to 30,000 feet. At this depth, the water pressure was still terrifying.

Xuan Wuji was standing guard at the seabed 100,000 feet deep. If the Giant Leviathan rose again then they would most likely meet Xuan Wuji’s attacks.

“Lin Ming, what do you plan on doing?” Demonshine asked. Although Lin Ming’s strength had suddenly shot up, he was still far from being able to compare to Xuan Wuji. Facing Xuan Wuji head on was no different from walking into the jaws of death.

Lin Ming said, “They can guard here as much as they want. I’ll go to their headquarters and see just how long they can stay. If they don’t go back, then they can watch as their entire lair is destroyed and everyone killed.”

Lin Ming had already formed his Black Hole Revolving Core and broken through to the middle Revolving Core realm. His strength had risen to yet another level. He estimated that with his current abilities, he should just barely be able to defeat a second-stage Life Destruction martial artist. But as for his true combat strength, he would need to fight with a second-stage Life Destruction martial artist to find out. Just from this, ruining their headquarters yet again wouldn’t...

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