Chapter 709 - Opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates Again

Chapter 709 – Opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates Again

Demonshine controlled the Giant Leviathan and rose from 350,000 feet to 30,000 feet. At this depth, the water pressure was still terrifying.

Xuan Wuji was standing guard at the seabed 100,000 feet deep. If the Giant Leviathan rose again then they would most likely meet Xuan Wuji’s attacks.

“Lin Ming, what do you plan on doing?” Demonshine asked. Although Lin Ming’s strength had suddenly shot up, he was still far from being able to compare to Xuan Wuji. Facing Xuan Wuji head on was no different from walking into the jaws of death.

Lin Ming said, “They can guard here as much as they want. I’ll go to their headquarters and see just how long they can stay. If they don’t go back, then they can watch as their entire lair is destroyed and everyone killed.”

Lin Ming had already formed his Black Hole Revolving Core and broken through to the middle Revolving Core realm. His strength had risen to yet another level. He estimated that with his current abilities, he should just barely be able to defeat a second-stage Life Destruction martial artist. But as for his true combat strength, he would need to fight with a second-stage Life Destruction martial artist to find out. Just from this, ruining their headquarters yet again wouldn’t be too difficult.

“Massacre their headquarters?” Demonshine’s eyes brightened. “Hahaha, I like! Boy, your tastes suit this Saint perfectly! Don’t worry. With this Saint managing this Giant Leviathan, it shouldn’t be difficult to stay here for half a year. Let go of your limits and destroy everything around you! I can’t wait to see just what expression those damn brats will have! Hahahaha!”

The more Lin Ming thought about it, the happier he was with this idea. This would place those bastards in a dilemma. If they continued to stay here and guard this area, then Lin Ming would ruin their entire headquarters. But, if they left, then he could calmly order the Giant Leviathan to return to sea level and restore itself to its best condition. This was truly a good move.

Lin Ming said, “Don’t worry. I’m going to temper my body first.”

As he spoke, he took out a gold fruit from his spatial ring. This was the profound gold divine fruit!

The profound gold divine fruit was similar to a mushroom of the mortal world. But, while a mushroom grew atop old wood, this profound gold divine fruit had grown atop a Demon God Bone.

It was known that a millennium-old Lingzhi that grew from old wood was considered a wondrous medicine. Then, having absorbed the essence of the Demon God Bone, the value of the  profound gold divine fruit could be imagined.

When Lin Ming had gone into the 1000-mile forbidden zone within the Eternal Demon Abyss, he had encountered four corpse devils. The corpse devils had bodies as durable as a heaven-step treasure. This had made it so Duanmu Qun’s and the others’ attacks couldn’t even scratch them.

If it weren’t for Lin Ming’s battle spirit, which he was able to pour into the Purple Comet Spear and substantially increase his striking power, then even he wouldn’t have been able to do anything to those four corpse devils.

When Lin Ming had chased a corpse devil back to its den, he had gone into that tomb and discovered the secrets within.

The reason they had such a terrifying defense was all because of this profound gold divine fruit.

The profound gold divine fruit was an extreme Yang and extreme light-attribute body transformation treasure. With those four corpse devil’s cultivations, they naturally couldn’t swallow it. But they absorbed the root of the profound gold divine fruit. When the profound gold divine fruit grew, it would absorb the essence within the root of the Demon God Bone. Thus, the energy within the root was naturally much weaker. The four corpse devils were just about able to absorb this with their cultivation.

“Lin Ming, you want to swallow this?” Demonshine was startled. The profound gold divine fruit could be classified as a Lingzhi grown using a Demon God Bone as nourishment. The inherent energy within was extraordinary. Demonshine wasn’t absolutely sure that Lin Ming would be able to withstand its effects. Not just that, but a profound gold divine fruit was a top-grade material of materials. If it was directly eaten then the effects would be quite lacking in comparison.

“Lin Ming, don’t you intend on becoming a top alchemist in the future and refining this profound gold divine fruit? If you do, then the effects will be several times better.”

Lin Ming shook his head, saying, “If I become a top alchemist, I fear it will take several years to do so. At that time I’ll already have new lucky chances. It’s not worth it to save this profound gold divine fruit and waste my own potential. For me, there is no heavenly treasure that is as valuable as time.”

“Hehe, well said, boy. You really don’t need to care about something like a mere profound gold divine fruit. This is a top-grade body transformation medicine. After eating it, it will greatly enhance your body’s defensive powers. Perhaps you might even become as durable as a top earth-step treasure or a heaven-step treasure!”

A human’s body couldn’t be compared to a corpse devil’s. Even having the durability of a top earth-step treasure was freakish.

At this time, Lin Ming was not just tempering his body and increasing his defensive power, but he was also trying to take advantage of this opportunity to open the second of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates—the Gate of Limit.

At this time, a long time had already passed since Lin Ming opened the Gate of Healing. His body transformation foundation had become very solid since then. With a quality body transformation medicine like this profound gold divine fruit, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to breakthrough to the Gate of Limit.

“Black Hole Revolving Core, middle Revolving Core Realm, and the Gate of Limit opened too. Just what degree will my combat strength reach?”

Lin Ming clenched his fists together, a thick fighting spirit rising inside him. He was thoroughly anticipating fighting a second-stage Life Destruction powerhouse. In fact, he even wanted to go out right now and test out his abilities.

Taking the profound gold divine fruit in hand, Lin Ming could clearly feel the terrifying energy contained within. There was no need to mention eating it, just smelling its rich fragrance made him feel refreshed, as if all the cells in his body were being revitalized.

Lin Ming no longer hesitated. He swallowed the profound gold divine fruit down his throat. As soon as it entered his mouth, it turned into a surge of heat that melted into his body.

After several quiet breaths of time, the energy began to boil up like hot water, recklessly entering into Lin Ming’s blood vessels, running rampant everywhere!

Lin Ming’s blood vessels and body had already been tempered many times; it was as tough as a treasure. Even so, with such a terrifying influx of energy rushing into his body, it was still a bit difficult to withstand.

This sort of situation was well within Lin Ming’s expectations. All this time, Lin Ming had undergone similar scenarios many times. He bore the deep pain and calmly revolved the “True Primal Chaos Formula,” manipulating the energy of the profound gold divine fruit such that it smashed into the Gate of Limit at his spine.

The spine was also called the dragon bone. It was central axis and main pillar of the human body. It supported all other bones, including the head, chest, abdomen, and all limbs. Everything depended on their connection to the spine. When a person used any strength, this first had to pass through the spine.

The spine was like a bow. The more taut a bow, the tougher it was. The more flexible a spine was, the stronger a person was. However, the truth was that a martial artist’s spine often became one of their weaknesses.

This was because the spinal nerves were also located within the spine. The body of nerves was extremely complex and fragile. If these nerves were struck and cut off, then a martial artist would in essence become a cripple unless they had cultivated to an ever-living boundary. Otherwise, even with top heavenly treasures it would still be difficult to restore the contorted spinal nerves.

These characteristics of the spine made it so it was difficult to train it. A martial artist could train their muscles, organs, and bones, but it was difficult to train the nerves and marrow.

Lin Ming had completed to perfection Marrow Tempering and had also completed an initial tempering of his spinal cord. This was enough to fight those at Revolving Core and below, but when facing those at the Life Destruction realm and higher, it was still lacking.

Within the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Gate of Limit was used to train the supplementation of marrow.

The Gate of Limit gathered energy to enhance the defensive strength of the spine. Then, taking the spine as the center, it would guide a martial artist’s entire body, allowing their strength to multiply severalfold. Besides strength, a martial artist’s explosive force, bearing capacity, balance, and defensive power would all significantly increase.

Pa pa pa!

Lin Ming’s back cracked and crackled. An invisible stream of origin energy rapidly twisted around Lin Ming’s body, forming small storms. During this fierce collision of energy, Lin Ming’s clothing was not able to withstand the impact and quietly disintegrated into dust, revealing his solid and fit back, like that of a graceful leopard.

At this time, the skin and muscles of Lin Ming’s back had become a strange, translucent, jade-like color. Lin Ming’s entire spine was highlighted through this. The vertebra and the blood vessels were clearly visible and every single nerve could be made out. Starting at the bottom, from the base of the spine, a bright surge of crimson light crawled up. This bloody light gathered together, forming a bean-sized pearl of blood.

This was where the Gate of Limit was located!

Lin Ming was now heavily sweating. His breath was labored, and many of his meridians and blood vessels had burst apart, unable to withstand the tyrannical pressure and energy that ran recklessly through him. But he was completely unaware of this. He grit his teeth, gathering all the energy in his body and thrusting it towards where the energy of the profound gold divine fruit was, ramming both energies into the Gate of Limit.

Failure occurred again and again. Sweat streamed down Lin Ming like rain.

Two hours…

Four hours…

Slowly, Lin Ming’s sweat began to mix with rivulets of blood. If it weren’t for the strong regenerative powers of the Gate of Healing, then there would have simply been no way he could have supported himself for such a long time.

Even so, his face became incomparably pallid and his lips were deep purple. Because of the severe pain and twitching in his hands, the stone bed beneath his hands had been crushed to bits.

Even Demonshine was alarmed by this terrifying scene. Lin Ming was someone who cultivated with body and energy. At only a young 21 years of age, he had swallowed a profound gold divine fruit, constantly pushing the limits of his body. This resulted in him frequently having to bear enormous pain in the name of progress.

Another two hours passed. Lin Ming’s lips were torn from his biting and both his eyes were bloodshot.

“Break for me!”


In that instant, all of the energy and blood vitality within Lin Ming’s body rushed into that spot at the base of his spine. Then, it was like something exploded there. Following that, blood shot out from that spinal area, blasting out hundreds of feet away like a crimson arrow.

After this blood shot out from him, Lin Ming collapsed. He fell onto the broken stone bed, covered with sweat, without even an ounce of strength left.

On his back, that strange jade-like sheen slowly disappeared and his skin became solid again, his muscles going back into hiding. After breaking through the Gate of Limit, he had used up too much strength.

“Lin Ming, I have to say I’m quite jealous of you and yet, strangely, I want you to succeed. You’ve reached the middle Revolving Core at only 21 years of age and you’ve also opened the second of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Even the Demon Emperor of the past is far inferior to you!”

Lin Ming didn’t even have the strength to answer. He was only able to crawl up and sit straight. His arms trembled as he took out a pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it, meditating afterwards.

Meanwhile, the Revolving Core in Lin Ming’s dantian crazily sucked in heaven and earth origin energy, helping to restore Lin Ming’s physical strength.

Two hours later, Lin Ming opened his eyes. Those dark eyes seemed to contain all the thunder of heaven and earth, making those who saw them tremble with fear.

“Let’s go.” Lin Ming stood up. His vision was like a keen sword as it shined with an icy killing intent.

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