Chapter 708 - Breaking Through To Middle Revolving Core

Chapter 708 – Breaking Through To Middle Revolving Core

A barrel-thick beam of black light tore through the seawater, turning into a devilish black spear that thrust straight towards the Giant Leviathan’s auditory organs. This was one of Xuan Wuji’s fatal finishing blows. Once this move had left his hands, all of the surrounding seawater instantly heated up to the temperature of magma. However, under the immense deep-sea pressure, it didn’t actually vaporize, but instead roiled and churned around. The black spear surged with a massive spiral of utterly hot water as it smashed toward the Giant Leviathan’s ears.

Demonshine’s heart tightened. Perhaps the Giant Leviathan really wouldn’t be able to withstand such an attack. The Giant Leviathan’s auditory organs were similar to a normal person’s eardrums. No matter how powerful its defenses were, these eardrums were still a great weakness.

With a stir of his thoughts, Demonshine no longer sent the Giant Leviathan to attack. Instead, he made it gather most of its tentacles to cover and protect its ears.


The black spear smashed into the thick meat wall formed by hundreds of tentacles. Most of the outer tentacles were cut straight off, blood pouring into the waters.

However, Xuan Wuji’s attack had also been offset. He would no longer be able to harm the...

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