Chapter 707 - Xuan Wuji Leaves Seclusion

Chapter 707 – Xuan Wuji Leaves Seclusion

Lin Ming took a deep breath, overjoyed. Not only was the Black Hole Revolving Core able to autonomously cultivate, but it could also absorb heaven and earth origin energy at a pace far surpassing an ordinary Revolving Core martial artist. This alone would increase his endurance and recovery to another level. In addition, a Black Hole Revolving Core martial artist had a true essence several times thicker than normal. In front of a Black Hole Revolving Core martial artist, an ordinary person would not even have the chance to resist.

After reaching Black Hole Revolving Core, Lin Ming still wasn’t satisfied. He took out two more Demon God Bones and prepared himself to break through to the middle Revolving Core stage.

Currently, Lin Ming had been stranded at the early Revolving Core realm for nearly an entire year. His foundation was already stable enough; he just needed to seclude himself again and attack the middle Revolving Core in order to succeed towards the next step.

But while Lin Ming was in closed-door seclusion, 300 miles north of the South Sea Demon Region, a sudden loud noise exploded from the depths of the sea, causing all the surrounding waters to tremble. A faint rumbling sound lingered in the air...

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