Chapter 706 - Reaching Black Hole Revolving Core

Chapter 706 – Reaching Black Hole Revolving Core

“Xingxuan, what is it?”

“Ah, nothing’s wrong… ” Qin Xingxuan quickly shook her head. But, this action of hers seemed as if she hoped to hide something.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He wanted to say something but he eventually didn’t.

Qin Xingxuan carefully took the jade box and placed it in her spatial ring. With these treasures, in addition to her current talent, it wouldn’t be any problem at all for her to reach Life Destruction in the future.

Lin Ming said, “Xingxuan, it’s getting late; I’ll return to my room first.”

“Mm, alright.” Qin Xingxuan nodded and then escorted Lin Ming out.

A night passed without words. The next morning, Lin Ming took his parents, little sister, along with Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu to return to the Giant Leviathan’s dimension. The 90 mile long Giant Leviathan flew high in the sky, soaring towards the South Sea Demon Region.

Lin Ming’s plan was to go to the South Sea Demon Region and dig up their medicine garden. The last time he went there he had simply plundered away all the medicinal herbs, but he hadn’t taken away the spiritual earth. Lin Ming intended to go back and finish the job.

After the South Sea Demon Region had suffered such a catastrophe they had already learned from their mistakes. They created a formation of surrounding scouts, and when Lin Ming reached the 5000 mile border of the South Sea Demon Region, the scouts discovered him and relayed the news.

When Xuan Yuqie received this true essence sound transmission her face turned green with hate. She never thought that just after half a month, Lin Ming would ride the Giant Leviathan back here and attack the South Sea Demon Region again!

If this could be tolerated, what else could be too?


The chair Xuan Yuqie was sitting on burst into pieces from her anger. She was so mad that she could feel her stomach twisting into queasy knots. But this time, besides escaping, there was nothing else she could do.

Grinding her shiny teeth together, Xuan Yuqie calmly issued out an order. “All South Sea Demon Region martial artists heed my orders. Cease all training and immediately leave the three Demon Region islands and gather at the Abyssal Islands 1600 miles away!”

“Ah?” The Elder in charge of relaying orders was stunned. He was about to ask what had happened when Xuan Yuqie angrily shouted out, “What are you doing, hurry up!”

The Elder quickly relayed the orders, frightened.

After the only person left over was Xuan Yuqie, she felt nauseous from the anger raging in her heart. “Lin Ming, you have gone too far! You and I are irreconcilable enemies!”


By the time Lin Ming arrived at the South Sea Demon Region, all of the martial artists had already left. This surprised Lin Ming somewhat. He slowly ordered the Giant Leviathan to fly towards the South Sea Demon Region’s medicine garden and discovered that there weren’t many medicinal herbs left over. It seemed that almost everything had already been carried off by the South Sea Demon Region martial artists in their hasty retreat.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, not caring much. He didn’t come for those trash herbs to begin with. What he came for was the spiritual earth here.

The South Sea Demon Region’s medicine garden was already larger than the one in Yin Yang Profound palace; it was a full two square miles. Lin Ming sent out 400 to 500 tentacles, digging out the entire garden by the roots, and then took away as much as the Giant Leviathan could.

1600 miles away on a deserted island, Xuan Yuqie was watching all of this take place through the phantom shadows of an array disc. Her lungs nearly exploded with rage on the spot. Before she left, she had everyone pack up all their belongings and everything else valuable. It was only the medicine garden’s spiritual earth that she hadn’t thought to bring away, as it was impossible to do so to begin with. Now, even that was looted by Lin Ming.

He was simply a locust!

Wherever he went, everything was destroyed!

Her full milky white breasts fiercely heaved up and down. Xuan Yuqie roared out, “Lin Ming, I hope you f*cking die!”


Lin Ming commanded the Giant Leviathan to head tens of thousands of miles deep into the South Sea. There, the great beast began to slowly submerge downwards. The Giant Leviathan was a Saint Beast of the vast sea to begin with; it could dive hundreds of thousands of feet deep.

At such a depth, the water pressure was terrifying. Even if it were a first stage Life Destruction powerhouse, they would be greatly weakened if they had to fight in such an environment.

However, the Giant Leviathan was able to regulate the pressure within and outside of its body, freely moving in the deep sea.

At this time, in the dimension between the Giant Leviathan’s eyes, Lin Ming was sitting there, his eyes shut. In front of him were two high-grade earth-step Demon God Bones.

“Boy, are you planning to make a breakthrough in your boundary?” Demonshine’s voice asked in Lin Ming’s mind.

Lin Ming had broken into Revolving Core when he had first entered the Eternal Demon Abyss. Now, over half a year had already passed. In the ancient tomb of the goddess in the 1000 mile forbidden zone, Lin Ming had closed up and trained there for one month. He had reached the large success of the early Revolving Core realm. Afterwards, he had formed his 12-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo and his cultivation had reached the peak of early Revolving Core. Now, with the support of these high-grade earth-step Demon God Bones, it wouldn’t be any problem for him to breakthrough to the middle Revolving Core realm, thus Demonshine had asked this question.

However, Lin Ming actually shook his head and said, “No, I plan on forming a Black Hole Revolving Core first, then I will consider making a breakthrough. Every day I don’t form a Black Hole Revolving Core, will be another day that I don’t make a breakthrough.

The so-called Black Hole Revolving Core was when one’s foundation reached the pinnacle. All of the true essence pellets and other energies within the dantian would completely condense onto the crystal core without anything escaping. This would form the most perfect Revolving Core. This sort of Revolving Core was like a black hole; there was only entry and the attraction force was also much greater.

For a martial artist that reached Black Hole Revolving Core, not only was the total true essence in their dantian far greater than normal, but the speed they absorbed heaven and earth origin energy was that much faster than other martial artists. There was simply no comparison between the two.

“Heh! Well said! If your foundation is not solid then it will become easy to encounter bottlenecks in your future cultivation. The most important thing to you is not making a break through, but building up your foundation! I estimate that Xuan Wuji still has several months before he can leave his seclusion. That should be enough for you to reach Black Hole Revolving Core.“

Demonshine said with appreciation. These past years, although Demonshine was not able to help too much in the material world, he was still able to guide and direct Lin Ming so that he had to take fewer detours in his roads of martial arts.

Lin Ming sat down cross-legged and took out a high-grade earth-step Demon God Bone. Then, he began to absorb the incomparably pure energy contained within.

With the support of this energy, the scattered true essence crystals that freely floated in the gaseous energy around the Revolving Core began to slowly condense together, falling onto the surface of the Revolving Core.

This was an extremely arduous and time consuming process. This was because the true essence crystal pellets were like stars in the sky. Not only that, but once these crystal pellets fell onto the Revolving Core’s surface they could also fall off again, forcing Lin Ming to redo the process.

In order to overcome these difficulties, he had to continuously reinforce the compression process.

And in order to do all this, it required a massive amount of time and energy. If he didn’t have these high-grade earth-step Demon God Bones supporting him, then Lin Ming might have needed one to two years before he was successful.

Thus, no matter how much of a monstrous talent one was, it was impossible to continue without the support of resources. One would only waste their potential before completely vanishing.

Training was a boring and lonesome process. Day after day passed. Because Lin Ming entered the ethereal martial intent state, he was able to rid himself of outside distractions and completely concentrate his thoughts on consolidating his foundation. Because he had taken some fasting pills before this, Lin Ming didn’t even need to eat or drink. In fact, he didn’t even need to move.

Ten days…

One month…

Two months…

Lin Ming seemed to have turned into a statue. If it weren’t for the fact that there was no dust in the Giant Leviathan’s dimension, he would have already become covered with a thick layer of it.

Finally, after two and a half months, the last several true essence crystals, underneath the energy compression of the Demon God Bone, cleanly settled onto the Revolving Core.

In that instant, there was a sudden change!

That Revolving Core that was uniformly spinning suddenly seemed as if it couldn’t withstand its own attractive force and it began emitting crackling ‘ka ka ka’ sounds. Lin Ming’s Revolving Core had begun to break!

However, this breakage was not merely the appearance of cracks, but rather the entire crystal core collapsing!

In the moment that the Revolving Core began to collapse, Lin Ming gave a stuffy cough and his body shook. He felt as if his heart had been grasped by a demonic claw and was being squeezed to a pulp!

Because he had lost control of all the energy within his body. It furiously and violently raced through his meridians as if it wanted to break out. His hands, feet, muscles, everything seemed as if it would explode. In that instant, Lin Ming even thought he would die here.

“Lin Ming, don’t worry! This is because your Revolving Core broke apart and temporarily lost its function. Once it reforms, you will be able to control your energy again.” Demonshine’s voice sounded out in Lin Ming’s mind. After a martial artist reached the Houtian realm, true essence would fully fuse into their body. But, the area where true essence gathered and condensed, the dantian, would become a martial artist’s greatest weakness. Once the dantian broke apart then a martial artist would immediately die.

Lin Ming was now almost in this situation.

Soon, Lin Ming couldn’t even breathe. His heart stopped beating and all the blood froze in him. Lin Ming was distressed to the extreme. However, he couldn’t even form a painful expression because he had lost control of the muscles in his face.

This state continued for a full 10 breaths of time. When his perception began to fade away, the shattered Revolving Core in his body suddenly burst out with a blazing black light. From its original walnut size, it shrunk to the size of a quail egg. The speed it was spinning increased by several times, and it turned from a dark gray to an absolute black without even the least bit of shine.

After the new Revolving Core formed, the lost control flushed back into Lin Ming like a surging tide. The true essence within his meridians started circulating again and his blood flow returned to normal. His entire body trembled and he fell to the floor, panting and breathing in great gulps of air. That feeling just now was really the same as dying.

“Boy, you’ve really done it this time! When the Demon Emperor was still on this planet, even he hadn’t reached this level!” Demonshine’s tone was somewhat sour. He couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of Lin Ming’s talent and ridiculously solid foundation. In the future, Lin Ming’s achievements would truly be limitless.

Lin Ming sat on the ground for a while as he caught his breath. As he examined his dantian, he found the new Revolving Core there. It was pitch black without a single bit of sheen to it, as if it were a portal that led to another time and space.

A Revolving Core was similar to a star. If the total mass was the same and the radius was smaller, then the gravitational force would be comparatively stronger.

At this time, Lin Ming’s Revolving Core was now able to attract surrounding heaven and earth origin energy several times faster than before. Lin Ming could faintly feel the origin energy within the Giant Leviathan constantly gathering around him. Even if Lin Ming didn’t take the initiative to absorb it, this energy would still be swallowed up by the Black Hole Revolving Core, quietly settling on the surface and becoming a part of his cultivation.

This is the self-cultivation of the Black Hole Revolving Core?” Lin Ming was shocked. When a martial artist formed a Black Hole Revolving Core, because of its greater ability to attract energy, it could automatically train itself. In just this aspect alone, it completely left all other ordinary Revolving Core martial artists in the dust.

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