Chapter 704 - The Terrifying Defense of the Giant Leviathan

Chapter 704 – The Terrifying Defense of the Giant Leviathan

Lin Ming took advantage of the time when Xuan Wuji was in closed door seclusion to use the Giant Leviathan to sweep across the South Sea Demon Region. Besides Xuan Wuji, the next strongest martial artist in the area was Xuan Yuqie, who had already been grievously wounded. The powerful and almighty South Sea Demon Region was in truth just an empty shell.

Sweeping away the South Sea Demon Region seemed like some astonishing event, but if one thought about it carefully, it was not much at all.

Without ascertaining if Xuan Wuji’s words were true or false, fearing the Giant Leviathan to this degree and allowing Lin Ming to take away their Yin Yang Profound Palace’s medicine garden… if Xuan Wuji’s words were really found out to be lies, then they truly would be laughed at to death.

“Maybe once the Giant Leviathan is attacked by a high-level Life Destruction martial artist, it would be enough to rip apart its flesh, causing it to die from massive blood loss?”

Xing Ji’s mind raced as he spoke to his wife with a true essence sound transmission.

If the husband and wife combo combined their forces, they would be capable of contending with a third stage Life Destruction powerhouse. In addition, with the ultimate final move they had created in recent years, the power of their strike would be immense....

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