Chapter 703 - Xing Ji, Who Nearly Vomited Blood

Chapter 703 – Xing Ji, Who Nearly Vomited Blood

Before this, Xing Ji had left for some errands, and had not returned until now. At the time that Xing Ji returned to Yin Yang Profound Palace, Lin Ming had already directed the Giant Leviathan above the skies of Yin Yang Profound Palace’s medicine garden.

Yin Yang Profound Palace’s medicine garden had its own guardians. As these guardians saw the Giant Leviathan in the skies, its vast body which caused dark clouds to twist in the heavens, all of them gulped, before bracing themselves as they flew up.

“Just who do you think you are you that you dare break into my Profound Palace’s private grounds!” A late Revolving Core Elder gathered up the courage to say. Just now he had witnessed the two alchemists in the tower instantly ripped in half by the Giant Leviathan’s tentacles, dying a cruel and horrible death. If it weren’t for Palace master Xing Ji catching up right behind them, then he would have probably turned around and fled.

“Out of my way!” Lin Ming commanded. With the support of the Giant Leviathan, his voice was like a tsunami that spread out in all directions, echoing between the heavens and the earth. The several Revolving Core Elders were shaken up by this voice and nearly spat out mouthful of blood.

This was the disparity of absolute strength. Knowing that they...

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