Chapter 702 - Xing Ji Arrives

Chapter 702 – Xing Ji Arrives

The youth that stood  atop the Giant Leviathan didn’t have too high a cultivation but when the black-clothed Elder looked at the monster that was beneath his feet, he couldn’t conjure the least bit of resistance.

Moreover, based on the circumstances, the black-clothed Elder highly suspected that this youth in front of him was the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince that had been making such an uproar for nearly the entire last month.

Or at least a subordinate of the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince.

“Isn’t that Mu Qianyu and Mu Yuhuang?”

The black-clothed Elder saw the two red dressed women beside Lin Ming and gulped. He could feel a strange nagging sensation at the back of his mind. How could Divine Phoenix Island possibly be together with the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince? And from their appearance, they were obviously close to each other.

Upon seeing the massive amount of energy condensing within the Giant Leviathan’s body, the black-clothed Elder quickly said, “Great expert, mercy!”

Then he quickly turned to the two middle Revolving Core Protectors at his side and roared out,

“What are you two doing? Hurry up!”

To the Giant Leviathan, the Yin Yang Profound Palace’s great protective array was no different from paper. If they opened...

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