Chapter 701 - Come, Let’s Go And Pick Them Up

Chapter 701 – Come, Let’s Go And Pick Them Up

After this fall out with Yin Yang Profound Palace, Lin Ming no longer planned to stay here. Entering the Giant Leviathan’s body was the safest. Moreover, it could ascend into the heavens or descend into the seas, unassailable wherever it went.

“You… ” Xing Can felt weak in her heart. She could faintly guess what Lin Ming was doing. Once Lin Ming was freed from his constraints, what else could she use to fight him with?

In front of the Giant Leviathan, their Yin Yang Profound Palace was nothing more than an egg.

Taking the treasure sword in her hand, Xing Can quietly took a step forwards.

“I said not to move!” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up and his right hand sank a little bit. The spear point immediately pierced into Xing Yang’s neck, resting against his bones as more blood poured out!

“Mother, save me!”

At this time, Xing Yang was miserable and his suffering was beyond compare. His confidence had been completely ruined by Lin Ming. From the very start, he had been suppressed by Lin Ming. Finally, he had lost in strength and deterrent ability and all other aspects. Now, he was nothing more than a chicken in Lin Ming’s hands. As long as Lin Ming wanted to, then his life would instantly end.

Xing Can’s eyes widened as she glared at...

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