Chapter 701 - Come, Let’s Go And Pick Them Up

Chapter 701 – Come, Let’s Go And Pick Them Up

After this fall out with Yin Yang Profound Palace, Lin Ming no longer planned to stay here. Entering the Giant Leviathan’s body was the safest. Moreover, it could ascend into the heavens or descend into the seas, unassailable wherever it went.

“You… ” Xing Can felt weak in her heart. She could faintly guess what Lin Ming was doing. Once Lin Ming was freed from his constraints, what else could she use to fight him with?

In front of the Giant Leviathan, their Yin Yang Profound Palace was nothing more than an egg.

Taking the treasure sword in her hand, Xing Can quietly took a step forwards.

“I said not to move!” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up and his right hand sank a little bit. The spear point immediately pierced into Xing Yang’s neck, resting against his bones as more blood poured out!

“Mother, save me!”

At this time, Xing Yang was miserable and his suffering was beyond compare. His confidence had been completely ruined by Lin Ming. From the very start, he had been suppressed by Lin Ming. Finally, he had lost in strength and deterrent ability and all other aspects. Now, he was nothing more than a chicken in Lin Ming’s hands. As long as Lin Ming wanted to, then his life would instantly end.

Xing Can’s eyes widened as she glared at Lin Ming with hatred. Yet, there was nothing she could do. She could only watch helplessly as Lin Ming calmly took away all the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island, not even leaving behind any of their possessions. Even Mu Qianyu’s cabin was brought along, surrounded with energy before being leisurely sucked up.

Moving everything together, including residences, was the most thorough and stable form of migration.

“Yu’er, Sect Master, please head up too.” Lin Ming held his spear, speaking without turning back to glance at Mu Yuhuang.

As Mu Yuhuang looked at Lin Ming’s back, her eyes jumped up. This situation, which she had thought was impossible to recover from, actually had such a bizarre change. Lin Ming obviously had a path to escape this place, otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to face Yin Yang Profound Palace.

Several tentacles shot down and floated atop the ground, the ends flattened. Mu Yuhuang, Mu Bingyun, Duanmu Qun, and the rest all calmly stepped onto these tentacles before the tentacles rapidly drew back upwards.

After everyone safely left, Lin Ming kicked up Xing Yang and held him up by his robe with his spear, his toes hanging off the ground. Then, he flew towards the Giant Leviathan.

When Xing Can saw this she was furious. “Lin Ming, what are you doing!? I let you leave already so why haven’t you released my son!?”

“You let me leave? How ridiculous.” Lin Ming sneered, “I already said before that I gave you the chance to choose. But, since you did not cherish that chance, now, I must apologize, because I have changed my mind.”

As Lin Ming spoke, his right hand suddenly arrived at Xing Yang’s back, smashing into him!


Vibrating true essence galloped into Xing Yang’s body, recklessly destroying him from within. Xing Yang vomited a mouthful of blood before flying backwards.

This strike of Lin Ming’s was a simplified version of the Pulse Cutting Palm; it wasn’t as ruthless or as cruel as the full version. This would at most ruin Xing Yang’s road of martial arts. Not to mention, Xing Yang’s heart of martial arts was already ruined by Lin Ming. From this point on, his thoughts would never be able to flow freely and this would hinder the true essence circulation in his meridians and dantian. This knot would be like a stone, continuously hindering Xing Yang’s cultivation.

This was the so-called ‘heart sickness’ or ‘heart demon’.

It could be said that Xing Yang’s road of martial arts was basically wasted. In the future, even breaking through to the first stage of Life Destruction would be questionable, let alone becoming a Peerless Emperor.

This was the effect that Lin Ming desired.


Xing Can’s heart blazed with fury. However, in front of the Giant Leviathan, she had no choice but to tolerate this insult. She flew up into the air to catch Xing Yang.

In the end, Lin Ming didn’t kill Xing Yang nor did he completely waste away his martial arts. The threat he used to compel Xing Can and Yin Yang Profound Palace was the Giant Leviathan. As long as the Giant Leviathan attacked, then it could raze the entire Yin Yang Profound Palace to the ground in just an incense stick of time.

But, Lin Ming couldn’t guarantee that Xing Can wouldn’t turn into the violent incarnation of a crazy mother after Xing Yang died. If a woman went crazy, then anything was possible. At that time, if she really decided to abandon Yin Yang Profound Palace and chase him down to kill him, then things would become rather difficult.

The Giant Leviathan was relatively poor in single combat after all. Although its attacks were powerful, it wasn’t flexible enough; it simply couldn’t strike a high leveled Life Destruction powerhouse.

Moreover, Xing Can was actually very strong. If she joined forces with her husband, the two of them together could contend with a third stage Life Destruction powerhouse.

Thus, Lin Ming didn’t use the complete Pulse Cutting Palm and also allowed Xing Yang to keep his life. As for partly ruining Xing Yang’s meridians, there would always be hope that he could be healed. This would be enough to distract them. As long as he didn’t touch Xing Can’s bottom line, then Xing Can wouldn’t succumb to madness and join the South Sea Demon Region to attack them.

Lin Ming had already flown towards the stomach  of the Giant Leviathan. Under his deliberate control, Mu Qianyu and Mu Yuhuang hadn’t entered the Giant Leviathan’s dimension yet.

“Yu’er, Sect Master, can you feel Little Flame and Fireshine’s energy?”

These were the names of the Vermillion Birds that were taken away.

As Mu Qianyu and Mu Yuhuang’s life’s Vermillion Birds, they naturally had a connection to each other.

“Yes…yes, I can!” Mu Qianyu quickly replied.

“Come, let’s go and pick them up.”

Lin Ming calmly said. His words carried an indescribable confidence and an absolutely domineering aura. This was not to steal or to take, but to pick up. This was the confidence brought about by absolute power.

Hearing Lin Ming say this, Mu Qianyu nearly cried a storm of tears. Ever since Little Flame was taken away, she had berated herself constantly, falling into an abyss of guilt. These past months, she had thought of reuniting with her life’s Vermillion Bird even in her dreams. But, she didn’t have the ability to do so. She hadn’t even dared to raise this thought for fear that she would place Mu Fengxian in an awkward position.

For the interests of the sect, she had to sacrifice her kind and innocent Little Flame. This was like a knife that had twisted itself into Mu Qianyu’s heart, making it hard to even sleep at night.

But this pain, this guilt, all of these tangled feelings together, with just a simple ‘come, let’s go and pick them up’ from Lin Ming, all of it had faded away.

Thinking that she would finally be able to see Little Flame again, Mu Qianyu couldn’t stop her tears from falling.

“Thank you, thank you so much, Lin Ming, thank you.” Mu Qianyu tightly hugged Lin Ming, repeating herself over and over again. As she clung to his shoulders, she felt an inexplicable sense of peace.

Even Mu Yuhuang’s eyes were wet. There was no need to mention her beloved Fireshine who had accompanied her for hundreds of years. The greatest pressure she felt came from the loss of the Divine Phoenix Island. Divine Phoenix Island, with its 3000 years of history and inheritance had suddenly been destroyed in her generation. No matter what the reason was, no matter how powerful her enemies had been, this didn’t change the fact that the sect had fallen when she was in charge. If she died, she would not have the face to greet the ancestors of Divine Phoenix Island. This entire time, Mu Yuhuang had withstood the pressure of this great burden. But now, because of Lin Ming, all of this pressure began to dissipate like mere smoke.

She was glad that she had received Lin Ming as her disciple. Placing her full support behind Lin Ming was the wisest and greatest decision she had made in her entire life.

“Let’s go. Between us, there is no need to give thanks.” Lin Ming bent down and whispered into Mu Qianyu’s ears. Then, he held her hand and flew towards the Giant Leviathan’s fins.

Standing on one of the Giant Leviathan’s wide fins, Lin Ming held onto the white spear with one hand and grasped Mu Qianyu’s hand with the other. He ordered the Giant Leviathan to fly towards the main peak of Yin Yang Profound Palace.

As the incoming winds blew against Lin Ming, it sent his long hair flying in the air, recklessly waving around. His black clothes flapped around. His figure was straight as he proudly held his long spear. Standing atop a massive sea beast dozens of miles long, he surveyed the world underneath him. An inexplicably heroic spirit emanated from him as if he was saying that at this moment, he was the king of all heaven and earth!

At this time, Mu Qianyu was quietly standing behind Lin Ming. As she saw her beloved Lin Ming’s handsome face and valiant profile, her heart brimmed with a surge of emotions. She had never felt this satisfied before. She now knew what this feeling was – absolute bliss.

Little Swallow Mountain was 100 miles away from Yin Yang Profound Palace’s main peak. To the Giant Leviathan, this only took a brief moment to cross. At this time, Xing Can was still stationed at Little Swallow Mountain as she helped her son heal his wounds.

After having his arm cut off, the sooner it was re-attached, the less negative side effects there would be. But, Lin Ming’s spear had contained the power of a battle spirit. Xing Yang’s right hand had been smashed into a mess, and the bones of his hand were nearly completely broken into pieces.

Thus, re-attaching his hand and fixing it was filled with difficulties. In addition, Lin Ming had struck Xing Yang with a simplified version of the Pulse Cutting Palm. This tore Xing Yang’s meridians to pieces, making it so that healing him was that much more difficult.

After Xing Can caught Xing Yang, her every thought was placed on her son’s body, she only wanted to help him heal up faster. It was only a good while later before she suddenly discovered that Lin Ming had ridden the Giant Leviathan and was flying it towards Yin Yang Profound Palace.

Xing Can froze for a moment. Then, she suddenly understood Lin Ming’s intentions. Shocked, she quickly lit a sound transmitting talisman.

At this time, in front of Lin Ming, there were seven to eight black-clothed Elders. Their cultivation were all at the mid and late Revolving Core. They were directly blocking Lin Ming’s path. This was their sect, so how could they allow such a massive monster to approach it so closely?

They did not recognize the Giant Leviathan, but they were absolutely aware that there was nothing they could do to stop such a horrifying fellow. Even though it pained their hearts and made them clench their teeth, they at least had to ask what this other party was approaching for.

Behind them, a giant barrier of light rose dozens of miles wide. This was their Yin Yang Profound Palace’s great protective array.

“This fellow martial arts cultivator, why do you come to my Yin Yang Profound Palace?”

The leader of the black-clothed Elders politely asked. This was only because he was absolutely terrified of the Giant Leviathan. If it were a common nobody, there was no way he would have been so polite.

Just as he spoke, a flame suddenly shined in front of the black-clothed Elder. It was a short message from Xing Can.

“Hurry and open the array!’

To have her home front destroyed and robbed by others, and now actually having to freely open her doors too, the mortification and vexation Xing Can felt could be imagined.

Lin Ming didn’t hear the contents of this sound transmitting talisman nor could he bother with these people. He faintly ordered the Giant Leviathan.

“Blow it up.”

Huu -!

With Lin Ming’s order, all of the heaven and earth origin energy in the surrounding 100 miles was sucked towards the Giant Leviathan, like seawater rushing into a massive whirlpool. Because of Yin Yang Profound Palace’s spirit vein, the heaven and earth origin energy here was incomparably rich. As soon as the Giant Leviathan started sucking up energy, the energy of the land seemed like it was instantly reduced, wilting away.

The leading black-clothed Elder’s complexion completely changed. “Wait…wait a second! The Palace Master has already given the order! We will immediately open the array!”

The black-clothed Elder was able to faintly guess just what this colossal beast was. If it was true, then it could mow down even 100 Yin Yang Profound Palaces! This sort of creature absolutely made one’s scalp tingle with fear.

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