Chapter 700 - Divine Kingdom Crown Prince

Chapter 700 – Divine Kingdom Crown Prince

“Yes, Palace Master!” The four Great Elders quickly laid down a simple array formation. This array formation could easily be broken by the likes of the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince, but he shouldn’t do something so impolite to begin with.

The four Elders linked their fingers and waggled them together, forming a series of array symbols that shot forth and formed a massive barrier of light that enveloped the entire Little Swallow Mountain.

Lin Ming was a bit confused when he saw this; what were they doing?

Xing Can had spoken to the four Elders with a true essence sound transmission. As such, Lin Ming had absolutely no idea why they were setting up tricks like this.

“We’re good!”

The four Elders smiled confidently as they replied with a true essence sound transmission. They had great trust in the speed and the quality of the array formation they had laid.

“Mm, very good. Palace Master Xing Ji had some business to attend to, so he was away. However, I’ve already sent out the news about what’s happened here right now so he should be returning soon. This must all be handled to ensure the safety of the Little Palace Master. Also, nothing must go wrong with this meeting with the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince.”

Xing Can quickly told the four Elders with a true essence sound transmission. But then, her complexion suddenly changed. The Giant Leviathan was directly rushing towards Little Swallow Mountain and not the main peak of Yin Yang Profound Palace.

Little Swallow Mountain was only a hundred miles away from the main peak of Yin Yang Profound Mountain. By the time that Xing Can had discovered where the Giant Leviathan was heading, with its speed, it had already paused over the skies of Little Swallow Mountain.

With a body that was several dozens of miles long, the Giant Leviathan gave off a terrifying energy. This was truly a great sense of oppression.

“Damn!” Xin Can panicked. The Divine Kingdom Crown Prince was acting completely contrary to common sense. Little Swallow Mountain was so chaotic right now… how should she clean up this mess?

At this moment, Xing Can saw two black-clothed men jump down from the Giant Leviathan. Both of them had a cultivation at the first stage of Life Destruction.

“Those are the servants of the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince! To have first stage Life Destruction martial artists as servants, that is truly worthy of a Divine Kingdom Crown Prince!”

This was what everyone was thinking. It had to be known that within Yin Yang Profound Palace, there were only 10 Life Destruction powerhouses in total. Because there were so few, a majority of the Yin Yang Profound Palace’s Elders were substituted by late Revolving Core martial artists. This was also the reason that the Yin Yang Profound Palace had been mocked by Lan Xin.

Xing Can was about to fly up to meet them, but she suddenly stiffened. She could feel that these two black-clothed old men’s auras were mixed with a deep and heavy killing intent!


Xing Can was shocked. Could this Divine Kingdom Crown Prince have evil intentions in mind?

If so, then they were in trouble. But, that shouldn’t be right. The Yin Yang Profound Palace had been careful about its appearance for the last thousand years. Even if they had offended one of the four Divine Kingdoms somehow, it still shouldn’t be to the level where they would become so violent and murderous.

As Xing Can was surprised, unsure of what was happening, she suddenly glimpsed the mark of a demon on the two Elder’s chest. These black demon heads were surrounded by a flame-like pattern.

This… were these South Sea Demon Region Elders?

How was this possible?

As Xing Can was startled, she saw that Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian’s complexions had completely changed. They both drew out their swords, and their violent reactions confirmed Xing Can’s guess. These two were without a doubt South Sea Demon Region Elders!

“Be careful!”

Mu Yuhuang shouted as she pushed Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun behind her.

Could the South Sea Demon Region be attacking? They had just suffered a serious defeat so why would they recklessly attack Yin Yang Profound Palace? Did Xuan Wuji finally leave his seclusion?

Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian tightly grasped their swords, their faces pallid. Mu Bingyun was also on full alert.

The two South Sea Demon Region Elders were extremely fast. They were middle-upper first stage Life Destruction powerhouses that had been stranded there for 100 years now. They dove down like hawks, falling straight behind Lin Ming, not even glancing at Mu Yuhuang’s sword.

“Demon One and Demon Two greets master!”

The two South Sea Demon Region Elders, one left and one right, bowed to Lin Ming, then extracted their weapons and faced Xing Can.

Hearing them call Lin Ming master, everyone besides Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and Feng Shen were dumbfounded. Even Xing Yang’s chin nearly fell down.

Mu Qianyu understood how strong Lin Ming was, but she didn’t know why these two South Sea Demon Region Elders would call him master.

These were first stage Life Destruction powerhouses! Within the entire Yin Yang Profound Palace, there were only 10 Life Destruction martial artists. Even the South Sea Demon Region didn’t have that many.

Why would they take Lin Ming as their master? What was going on here?

Xing Can’s eyes widened, her eyelids jumping straight up. The sword in her hand faintly trembled. She was not an idiot. After connecting the dots, she suddenly realized a possibility!

“You… you are the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince!?”

These words shocked everyone present. Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian were dazed for a moment before they snapped out of it. Before now, the sudden changes in events had confused them all. They were only worried about how to manage the situation. But now that they thought about it, besides Lin Ming’s age, he really did have many similarities with the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince!

Mu Fengxian and Mu Yuhuang glanced at each other, disbelief scrawled on their faces. They knew that Lin Ming was a dragon in a pool, but they never thought that the truth would be so exaggerated. They had simply underestimated him far too much. Lin Ming had only left for two and a half years, but when he returned his cultivation had reached the Revolving Core realm. With just his strength, he stole away the Giant Leviathan, razed the South Sea Demon Region, and was now resisting the Yin Yang Profound Palace with the Giant Leviathan!

Mu Bingyun gave Lin Ming a deep look and then glanced at her sister before putting away her sword, not sure what to do.

“I am a Divine Kingdom Crown Prince?” Lin Ming asked, slightly puzzled. But soon enough, he was able to deduce just why everyone had assumed this. He didn’t show much expression, instead, he sent out some simple orders to the slave seals of the two South Sea Demon Region Elders. With these two Elders, in addition to himself, he wouldn’t fear Xing Can even if they fought. Moreover, he also had Xing Yang as his hostage.

Lin Ming had originally come to Yin Yang Profound Palace to reunite with Mu Qianyu and the others. He never knew that Yin Yang Profound Palace had been trying to subtly swallow up Divine Phoenix Island and had also forced them into this situation. The Giant Leviathan was massive so he naturally couldn’t bring it with him everywhere. When Lin Ming had visited Yin Yang Profound Palace, he had done so with a friendly mindset. Thus, he didn’t bring the Giant Leviathan here to intimidate Yin Yang Profound Palace, only letting it rest in the deep sea.

It was only after he met Mu Qianyu and learned about Divine Phoenix Island’s situation did he issue out an order that night, having the Giant Leviathan arrive at the Yin Yang Profound Palace. This was why he had stalled for time and had taken Xing Yang hostage to do so.

Xing Can grit her teeth, completely unsure of what to do. The sudden changes in events had completely surpassed her every expectation. She thought that everything was in her grasp and that Lin Ming would never be able to escape her reaches, but now that had suddenly changed and her Yin Yang Profound Palace was at an absolute disadvantage.

Thinking about this, Xing Can felt her heart twist with bitter regret. If she had known about all this earlier, she wouldn’t have dared to try annexing Divine Phoenix Island. Although the Giant Leviathan wasn’t extraordinary in single combat, it had a near invincible defense. Under the Divine Sea realm, it was extremely difficult to cause major damage to it. But, as long as this beast attacked, it would be able to completely destroy Yin Yang Profound Palace’s great protective array.

At this time, underneath Lin Ming’s spear, Xing Yang felt his heart fading away like a dying fire. He had never thought that the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince that he had been doing everything to form a friendly relationship with, was actually Lin Ming.

‘Heavens, were you playing with me?’

“You… what do you want?” Xing Can asked in a low voice. Under the immense pressure of the Giant Leviathan, she had no choice but to capitulate.

Lin Ming said, “First, return the Vermillion Birds. Second, all Yin Yang Profound Palace disciples that violated the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island will be turned over for punishment. Third, hand over one-third of the fire-attribute medicines and spirit earth from your medicine garden to help the Vermillion Birds restore their blood essence.”

Lin Ming unhurriedly spoke his request.

“You want one-third of our medicine garden? You think this is a dream or something?” Xing Can’s eyes flashed with a cold light, a caustic expression on her face. From Lin Ming’s three requests, the most she could agree with was the first. For the second, at most, they would punish their disciples in place of Divine Phoenix Island. But, the third was absolutely impossible!

“My conditions will not change. If you don’t agree, then I will take them myself.” Lin Ming said in a low voice.

“Hahaha!” Xing Can laughed furiously. “Who do you think you are? Do you really think you are a Divine Kingdom Crown Prince? Very well! It’s true that I’m afraid of the Giant Leviathan, but don’t think that you’re invincible just because you have that beast! The Giant Leviathan can deal with our Yin Yang Profound Palace, but it cannot harm me or my husband. Also, do not forget that behind you are 1000 more Divine Phoenix Island disciples. If you use the Giant Leviathan to attack my Yin Yang Profound Palace, then I will join forces with the South Sea Demon Region to annihilate Divine Phoenix Island! I want to see just where in this wide world will you be able to take shelter!”

Xing Can’s aura exploded as she spoke. She was a Palace Master and also had a strong character. She never liked succumbing to the threats of others, especially threats as excessive and ridiculous as Lin Ming’s.

She estimated that Lin Ming’s weakness was the 1000 disciples of Divine Phoenix Island. If these people left Yin Yang Profound Palace, there was simply nowhere for them to go. Moreover, it would be extremely easy to attack them. It was impossible for Lin Ming to guard them day in and day out.

Lin Ming sneered, “I gave you a chance. Since you did not cherish it, then don’t blame me!”

As Lin Ming spoke, the Giant Leviathan suddenly opened its massive maw, issuing forth a long and rumbling roar like a thunderstorm spreading over the entire horizon. From the Giant Leviathan’s mouth, countless tentacles fell down like limitless pythons snaking down from the sky.

Xing Can paled, “What are you doing!?”

She subconsciously thought that Lin Ming was about to fight. Although her words were tough, the truth was that she was afraid. If she truly did fight with Lin Ming until the bitter end, then that meant both sides would perish. If she completely destroyed Divine Phoenix Island here, then her Yin Yang Profound Palace would also be buried along with them.

Once Lin Ming turned crazy, she had no idea how this would end.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Over a thousand tentacles soared down into the back mountains of Little Swallow Mountain. This was where the disciples of the Divine Phoenix Island lived!

“Sect Master, please tell the others not to panic.”

“Ah?” Mu Yuhuang was startled. She faintly guessed just what Lin Ming was planning to do. Before this mess started, Lin Ming had her tell all the disciples to pack up their belongings, obviously to leave Yin Yang Profound Palace.

Could it be...

Mu Yuhuang didn’t question him any further; she immediately lit a sound transmitting talisman.

Quickly, under the direction of Lin Ming’s soul force, each of those tentacles would wrap around a Divine Phoenix Island disciple and pulling them into its mouth.

There were more than 10 dimensions within the Giant Leviathan, each one of these containing a space. Some of these dimensions were extremely large. Combined together, it was more than enough to accommodate a thousand Divine Phoenix Island disciples.

And, most importantly, the Giant Leviathan was a great beast that could swallow heaven and earth origin energy. A single gulp could suck in all the heaven and earth origin energy in the surrounding 100 miles. It could be said that the space within the Giant Leviathan was a natural spiritual land. Moreover, the grade was extremely high. It was more than enough for the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island to cultivate with!

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