Chapter 699 - Traveling Far and Wide, Only To Find It So Easily

Chapter 699 – Traveling Far and Wide, Only To Find It So Easily

“Lin Ming…you are Lin Ming!?” Xing Can was stunned as she heard Lin Ming give his name. Then she suddenly recalled everything at once. Two and a half years ago, the South Sea Demon Region had desperately searched for a youth called Lin Ming who had shaken the foundations of the South Sea, even posting a massively astronomical reward for him. The reason for this was that Lin Ming had entered into the Demon God Imperial Palace with a gaggle of Life Destruction old monsters, and then had bizarrely gone missing. The two immeasurably precious treasures of the Demon God Imperial Palace had also disappeared along with him.

The South Sea Demon Region believed it was highly likely that Lin Ming had taken these treasures.

But Divine Phoenix Island had announced that Lin Ming had died. Nanyun Wang and Great Zen Temple seemed to think this too, and didn’t desire to waste time searching for Lin Ming. Only Xuan Wuji had been willing to use an immense amount of manpower and over half a year of time to do so. Finally, after the search was other, nothing had come from it and it had been acknowledged that Lin Ming had truly died.

Now, as Xing Can heard this youth suddenly call himself Lin Ming, she thought up a slight possibility. Lin Ming had likely...

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