Chapter 699 - Traveling Far and Wide, Only To Find It So Easily

Chapter 699 – Traveling Far and Wide, Only To Find It So Easily

“Lin Ming…you are Lin Ming!?” Xing Can was stunned as she heard Lin Ming give his name. Then she suddenly recalled everything at once. Two and a half years ago, the South Sea Demon Region had desperately searched for a youth called Lin Ming who had shaken the foundations of the South Sea, even posting a massively astronomical reward for him. The reason for this was that Lin Ming had entered into the Demon God Imperial Palace with a gaggle of Life Destruction old monsters, and then had bizarrely gone missing. The two immeasurably precious treasures of the Demon God Imperial Palace had also disappeared along with him.

The South Sea Demon Region believed it was highly likely that Lin Ming had taken these treasures.

But Divine Phoenix Island had announced that Lin Ming had died. Nanyun Wang and Great Zen Temple seemed to think this too, and didn’t desire to waste time searching for Lin Ming. Only Xuan Wuji had been willing to use an immense amount of manpower and over half a year of time to do so. Finally, after the search was other, nothing had come from it and it had been acknowledged that Lin Ming had truly died.

Now, as Xing Can heard this youth suddenly call himself Lin Ming, she thought up a slight possibility. Lin Ming had likely tricked Xuan Wuji and all those others in the Demon God Imperial Palace those two and a half years ago. Then he had somehow escaped and found an isolated hiding spot where he had gone into closed-door seclusion for over two years, his strength rapidly rising.

Thinking of this, Xing Can sucked in a breath of cold air. It was said that Lin Ming had been a peak Houtian martial artist. In front of those old Life Destruction monsters, he was nothing more than a little newborn baby. Yet how had managed to capture two precious treasures and also safely escape the Demon God Imperial Palace?

In this mere two and a half years of time, how did he reach Revolving Core from the peak of Houtian?

All sorts of thoughts and scenarios flashed through Xing Can’s mind. Currently, this Lin Ming in front of her was an incomparably mysterious existence. He was absolutely not some simple youth!

But on the other hand, now that she knew Lin Ming’s identity that meant that he also didn’t have any relations with a Holy Land. Thus, she had no need to fear his origin.

“Lin Min…I see. Xuan Wuji wants to tear you to shreds, and yet you dare to appear before me! You truly love striding to your death! I will warn you one last time. Immediately release my son, otherwise, I won’t even let you have a complete corpse left over, and all of the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island will also be buried along with you! Your lover, your family, everyone you ever knew or loved will be sent to the South Sea Demon Region! I’m sure that Xuan Wuji will be very, very happy to see them.

Xing Can’s lips curved into a cruel and sinister smile. The unknown enemy was the most fearful. But now she knew Lin Ming’s background. Although Lin Ming’s talent was extraordinary and he did indeed have some ability, a commoner was still a commoner. Without a powerful background, just what waves could a merely 20-something youth make when facing the millennium-long legacy of a fifth-grade sect?

Underneath Lin Ming’s spear, Xing Yang felt exceptionally wronged as he heard Lin Ming’s identity. If he had known that he was just a little, young disciple of a fourth-grade sect, then he never would have feared him to begin with.

If it were a Holy Son of a Holy Land who had beaten him into this state, then he would have been able to acknowledge that. After all, against a Holy Son, he was inferior in background, talent, resources, and tutelage. The Holy Son’s status would also have been much loftier and nobler. If so, then he could accept it.

But as for Lin Ming…he was only a commoner of humble origin. To think that some little boy from Divine Phoenix Island had made him into such a mess…Xing Yang felt a fire raging in his soul.

“Lin Ming! So it was you all along! So you just wanted to show your anger? I have to say that you are an absolute idiot! Because of you, Divine Phoenix Island will no longer obtain the refuge of Yin Yang Profound Palace! On the contrary, Yin Yang Profound Palace will join forces with the South Sea Demon Region to completely annihilate Divine Phoenix Island! Your master, your little lover, all of them will die a miserable death because of you! Hahahahaha!”

Xing Yang wantonly laughed, his face twisted gruesomely. Only by verbally attacking Lin Ming like this would he be able to soothe his state of mind.

“You think that with the little strength you have you can fight on behalf of Divine Phoenix Island and obtain more benefits from us? How ridiculous! Because of your stupid approach, Divine Phoenix Island will pay the ultimate price!”

Lin Ming remained expressionless as Xing Yang spat out these words. But Mu Yuhuang’s and Mu Fengxian’s complexions became much uglier. What Xing Yang said was true. If Lin Ming could only form a stalemate like this by holding Xing Yang hostage, then that was basically a meaningless action. Sooner or later, Lin Ming would have to admit defeat. Then Yin Yang Profound Palace would certainly chase him down and kill him. Moreover, he had now given Yin Yang Profound Palace a righteous and valid reason to deal with Divine Phoenix Island. Before this, Yin Yang Profound Palace could have been considered an orthodox sect. In order to peacefully coexist with the other sects around it, it didn’t dare to forcefully plunder all of Divine Phoenix Island’s resources. But now, even ravaging them would be justified!

If Lin Ming didn’t compromise, then he could only continue to take Xing Yang hostage and lead all the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island in leaving Yin Yang Profound Palace. For such a massive group of people, it was simply a dream to think that they could hide from Xing Ji and Xing Can, whose combined power could compare with a third-stage Life Destruction martial artist. Moreover, if they left, then Divine Phoenix Island wouldn’t have any place they could settle. Their only choice then would be to dissolve the sect, everyone going their own away. They would either be forced to return home or join some other sect to continue their path of martial arts.

If so, then Divine Phoenix Island would be no more.

Relative to the anxious and worrying Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian, Lin Ming was actually very calm. He didn’t even bother to return Xing Yang, instead keep his posture and remaining still, not revealing what he was planning at all.

For Xing Yang, Lin Ming’s silence was nothing but a sign of his fear and signal of defeat. His laugh became increasingly loud and carefree. At this time, it was as if Lin Ming wasn’t the one pointing the spear at his neck, but he instead was the one with the spear to Lin Ming’s neck.

“Are you feeling guilty now? Are you planning on taking me hostage and leaving? Does your Divine Phoenix Island have a place to go? Even if it does, can you handle the South Sea Demon Region hunting you down? Hahahaha!” Xing Yang taunted, giving vent to all of his pent-up hate and anger. The more miserable Lin Ming became, the more smooth his thoughts would be.

Xing Can also stepped forward and coldly warned, “Immediately release my son and I might only cripple all your martial arts and let you keep your whole corpse. I might even let your Divine Phoenix Island continue staying in Yin Yang Profound Palace. Otherwise, there won’t be a chicken or dog left in Divine Phoenix Island once I’m finished!’

Xing Can’s voice was relentless. No one doubted she had the courage to follow up her words.

In terms of the battlefield, Yin Yang Profound Palace obviously held the upper hand. It was impossible for Lin Ming to continue this stalemate.

Xing Yang depravedly smiled at Mu Qianyu as he heard his mother issue out this threat. He could see that Mu Qianyu was still a virgin. This was far too perfect. With Lin Ming rousing up so much trouble, it was the same as gifting both Mu sisters to him together. As for the secret techniques of Divine Phoenix Island, they would be successively obtained now.

Mu Qianyu frowned as she felt Xing Yang’s eyes on her, her face filled with absolute loathing and disgust.

But, when Xing Yang saw Mu Qianyu’s expression, he was even happier.

‘Mu Qianyu, I really feel sad for you. You actually ended up liking someone like Lin Ming, a stronger but stupid idiot. If you are willing to serve me with your sister in the future, then perhaps I might allow Divine Phoenix Island some shelter here.’

As Xing Yang thought this, the scene of both women serving him in bed appeared in his mind. Not only would he receive the service of the two talented twin sisters, but he would even be able to make love to them. Xing Yang was thoroughly anticipating this, not least that he would also receive the bloodline inheritance from the two Mu sisters.

If he weren’t afraid of angering Lin Ming and having Lin Ming kill him and drag him down just before Lin Ming’s own death, then Xing Yang would have already described this dream-like scene to Lin Ming.

But as Xing Yang was weaving this beautiful dream in his mind, his eyes suddenly shrank. On the distant horizon, he could see a vague shadow rapidly approaching. It started off the size of a palm, but in the blink of an eye, it was the size of a house.

“Mm? What is that?”

It wasn’t just Xing Yang that noticed the shadow on the horizon, but everyone else did too. It was obviously very far away from everyone, but its body already seemed as big as a palace.  Because of its terrifying size and its fast flying speed, all of the surrounding clouds were wiped away.

Xing Can and the others were all stunned. This seemed like a massive, deep sea monster, but they could clearly make out fishlike fins, massive wings, and even the mouth of a whale.

“What is that thing?”

Xing Can and the others weren’t sure, but Mu Yuhuang’s and Mu Fengxian’s expressions had already greatly changed.

In their entire lives, they would never forget this creature. Its attack had ripped open Divine Phoenix Island’s great protective array, destroying the 3000-year-old inheritance of Divine Phoenix Island in a single stroke.

“Giant Leviathan!!!”

Mu Yuhuang shouted out in fright as she reflexively unsheathed her sword, her expression grim. She had already been conditioned to associate this great beast with the attacks of the South Sea Demon Region. But, as she thought about it some more, the Giant Leviathan had already been conquered by that 30-year-old Divine Kingdom Crown Prince, so why was it coming here at this time? Was this an enemy or a friend?

“Giant Leviathan?” Xing Can’s eyebrows shot up. “So this is the Giant Leviathan! It truly lives up to its name!”

In these past few years, the Giant Leviathan had made too great a name for itself in the South Sea battlefield.

In terms of one-on-one combat, the beast was lacking. The Giant Leviathan’s uniform speed and attacks made it so that it couldn’t prevent a second-stage Life Destruction master from escaping.

But, in terms of its ability to destroy a sect, the Giant Leviathan could be called an invincible war beast. Even if it were the fifth-grade South Sea Demon Region, they also didn’t have any strength to resist, equally being destroyed by this Giant Leviathan.

“The Divine Kingdom Crown Prince should be riding the Giant Leviathan. Why would he come to my Yin Yang Profound Palace?” Xing Can was alarmed. Within the Profound Province, the only fifth-grade sect here was the Yin Yang Profound Palace. The Divine Kingdom Crown Prince was definitely looking for them.

‘Could it be that the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince needs us to help with some matter?’

As Xing Can thought of this, Xing Can couldn’t help but look forwards to this. The Divine Kingdom Crown Prince was indeed strong, but if he wanted to search for something within the Profound Province or handle some other matters, then it would certainly be easier to use some of the local powers.

Several days ago, they hadn’t been able to make contact with the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince to form a relationship with him. But now, the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince had actually walked right up to their door!

If they could establish good relations with this Divine King Crown Prince, the benefits to their Yin Yang Profound Palace were obvious.

‘To think we’ve searched so far and wide for nothing, and yet it’s so easily found here!’

As Xing Can thought this, she was prepared to immediately solve the problem that was Lin Ming. If the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince saw what was happening here, then she feared his first impression of them would be greatly damaged. If even the Little Palace Master was captured, how could the Divine Prince still trust their sect?

“First, several Elders should seal up Little Swallow Mountain with an array. Do not let the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince see what is happening here!”

Xing Can sent a true essence sound transmission to the four Elders behind her. Currently, solving this problem in a short time was clearly impossible. She could only cover it up first.

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