Chapter 698 - Threaten

Chapter 698 – Threaten

The heaven-step white spear, along with the battle spirit fused into it—just what sort of terrifying smashing strength did it have? From Xing Ying’s elbow and downwards, his entire arm had been ruined. All of his bones there had been crushed to smithereens and his arm looked like a pile of gooey mud; even the tiles had been shattered by the force.

Xing Yang held onto his wrist as he howled in excruciating pain. If he had top-quality medicines, then it would still be possible to rejoin his hand. But he would have to slowly readjust in order to restore it to its original level. This would require require a large amount of time and would greatly hinder his growth.

“You! You will pay for this!” Xing Yang spat out between clenched teeth as he saw Lin Ming walk towards him. But in truth his heart was quaking with immense fear. He was afraid that Lin Ming would kill him or castrate him on a sudden impulse. It wouldn’t be strange for a powerful young lord of a Holy Land to do so.

Seeing Lin Ming near, the aura that Lin Ming exuded gave a deep sense of suppression at Xing Yang.

Xing Yang tried to be angry, but his voice still trembled as he said, “What are you going to do!? The disciples of Divine Phoenix Island are currently within Yin Yang Profound Palace! If you kill me then none of them will leave here alive!”

When Lin Ming heard Xing Yang’s threat, he merely sneered and raised his spear. Ever since he had experienced the Blood Slaughter Steppes for over two years, Lin Ming was inevitably affected by the killing aura there, even though his mind was firm. This resulted in a more bloodthirsty and vicious him than previous.

Just now, Xing Yang had attacked Mu Qianyu, and those eight other Revolving Core Protectors had jointly attacked Mu Fengxian. In this critical situation, all of the anger and murderous feelings that Lin Ming had been suppressing had suddenly erupted. He hated beyond measure those who attacked people important to him. For this, he was willing to completely unleash his strength and annihilate all of this enemies. This was also the reason that he had suddenly turned hostile against Yin Yang Profound Palace.

“Lin Ming, don’t be so rash.” Mu Qianyu’s figure flashed and she appeared in front of Lin Ming. She said to him with a true essence sound transmission, “If you kill some Protectors of Yin Yang Profound Palace, that won’t yet place you in an irreconcilable position. But if you kill Xing Yang, then this will become an absolute blood feud with Yin Yang Profound Palace. For better or worse, Yin Yang Profound Palace is a fifth-grade sect. No matter how strong you are, it’s impossible for you to protect everyone at once. Once Xuan Wuji leaves his seclusion, it will be dangerous if we don’t have some reliable foothold. You are not yet Xuan Wuji’s match!”

“Also, if news of you leaving leaks and Nanyun Wang or Great Zen Temple finds out, and you also have a deep enmity with Yin Yang Profound Palace, you will probably be backstabbed by your enemies….” Mu Qianyu nervously spoke.

Although Nanyun Wang wouldn’t engage in some life or death battle with Lin Ming just because of some resentment from the past, it would still inevitably lay down in a knot in his heart. If Lin Ming provoked Yin Yang Profound Palace now, that was the same as simultaneously offending the four great influences of the South Sea Demon Region, Great Zen Temple, Nanyun Wang, and Yin Yang Profound Palace. That was the same as Lin Ming becoming enemies with all of the powerful forces near the South Horizon Region! How would he still continue living!

Even Duanmu Qun joined in with some advice. “Brother Lin, this Xing Yang is the child of Yin Yang Profound Palace’s Palace Master? If you kill him then Divine Phoenix Island and Yin Yang Profound Palace will become as irreconcilable as water and fire. We and you might be safe, but there are many Divine Phoenix Island disciples who are at the Houtian realm and Xiantian realm. They will not be in a safe position.”

After Lin Ming listened to Duanmu Qun’s words, he appeared neutral. Suddenly, from a static position, he shot out, his fist crashing into Xing Yang’s chest. Lin Ming’s vibrating true essence poured into Xing Yang’s meridians, causing Xing Yang to vomit a mouthful of blood and his eyeballs to bulge.


Xing Yang pointed a trembling finger at Lin Ming, his mouth flapping like a dying fish even as fear filled his widened eyes.

Lin Ming rubbed his spatial ring and took out a pill. With a flick of his finger, it directly shot into Xing Yang’s mouth.

Xing Yang wasn’t even able to respond before he swallowed this pill.

His expression changed, his hue turning pallid as he asked in a panic, “What did you make me eat!?”

Lin Ming didn’t bother responding. This medicine that he just force fed Xing Yang was an energy scattering pill he had taken from the corpse of an Imp High Lord. The Imps were experts at soul techniques as well as all sorts of alchemical skills and medicines. Their alchemy system was immensely different from those of humans’. Finding or creating a cure for this poison would be difficult.

This sort of energy scattering pill was used to make the user’s body completely weak and useless. The level wasn’t too high. If Xing Yang ate this pill in his peak form, it wouldn’t have too great an effect. But, if Lin Ming repeatedly “cared” for Xing Yang, making it so that he remained seriously injured, the effects of this pill would be obvious.

“Lin Ming, what are you planning on doing!” Mu Yuhuang was worried to death. As soon as Lin Ming met Xing Yang, a fierce melee had suddenly broken out and then turned into a group battle. She didn’t even have time to dwell on what was happening before a great disaster had occurred. Now it would be difficult for this to end in any good way.

“Honorable Sect Master, it is too late for me to elaborate in detail. Please have all the disciples pack up their belongings and stand by for further orders. The Life Destruction Elders of Yin Yang Profound Palace will soon catch up.”

“Pack their belongings? You want to hold Xing Yang hostage to leave Yin Yang Profound Palace?” Mu Yuhuang’s thin eyebrows shot up. This really was an absurd idea.

Currently, Divine Phoenix Island basically didn’t have anywhere to go. Nearly all of the available spiritual lands were occupied by other sects. The higher level a spiritual land, the higher grade of people stationed there. Without a spiritual land, Divine Phoenix Island would lose the faith and will of the people. Then it would only be a matter of time before everything fell apart.

At this time, she felt several powerful energies quickly approaching. Mu Yuhuang’s expression changed. She was worried that Lin Ming would stay here. Still, she first lit a sound transmitting talisman to spread Lin Ming’s orders to everyone.

As for Xing Yang, who was lying on the ground, as he sensed the energies of those Yin Yang Profound Palace powerhouses close in, he was overjoyed. The high level characters had finally arrived!

And judging from the fluctuations of these energies, one of them was his mother.

He was saved. He was finally saved!

Xing Yang cried out. As long as his mother arrived he could be saved. Although his arm was cut off, it could still be joined back together. Thus, as he withstood the pain and mental anguish, he firmly decided to pay back Lin Ming ten times his due.

Thinking of this, Xing Yang looked at Lin Ming, his eyes suffusing with a manic hatred. “Boy! You are done for! If you kneel down and beg for mercy, then cut off your hands and legs, I will leave you your cheap life!”

Xing Yang’s mind had long fallen into madness and fury. He only wanted to waste Lin Ming now. And the reason he said he would leave Lin Ming his cheap life was to keep him alive after he was crippled with his limbs cut off. And then, in front of Lin Ming, he would wantonly ravage Mu Qianyu and also Mu Bingyun. What revenge was more cruel and depraved then completely crippling a person and then raping their wife in front of them?

‘Just you wait! I will make you experience such suffering that you will bite off your own tongue to commit suicide!’

All sorts of cruel and insidious thoughts crossed through Xing Yang’s mind.

Lin Ming could also feel this. He coldly glanced at Xing Yang, his eyes filling with killing intent.

Originally, he hadn’t planned on beating Xing Yang into this condition. However, because Xing Yang had tried to grab Mu Qianyu to make her a hostage, Lin Ming had become incensed. As a result, he had cut off Xing Yang’s arm, making Xing Yang’s hatred towards him even deeper.

Once hatred reached this degree, it would be extremely difficult to resolve. Lin Ming was also disinclined to fix it. The most simple, direct, and ideal solution would be to eliminate him as soon as he found a chance. But this was not the time.


The other side of the courtyard exploded. Xing Can appeared there, leading a group of four old men behind her. The high-speed flight here had stirred up a massive cloud of dust and dirt in the air.

Because all the structures here had nearly been destroyed in the previous fight, Xing Can was able to see Xing Yang’s sorry state.

Seeing her own son’s hand cut off and the eight Protectors dead on the floor, her face became as cold as the arctic frost with killing intent surging outwards from her.

Before she had even spoken, Xing Yang was already trying to crawl towards her, struggling on the floor as he writhed towards her, “Mother! Mother, save me!”


A cold spear edge suddenly touched Xing Yang’s neck, drawing a fine line of blood. Xing Yang stiffened, no longer daring to crawl any further.

Like this, Lin Ming indifferently held his spear down, resting it against Xing Yang’s cold and pale neck.

“What do you want?” Xing Can’s eyes blazed as she looking at Lin Ming, the frostiness in her eyes seeming as if it came from the ninth level of the abyss. Although she was furious, she still noticed many details. The spear in Lin Ming’s hand was actually a heaven-step treasure; it was even better than her own weapon.

In addition, Xing Zizan had been at the first stage of Life Destruction for a hundred years already. Yet, he had a hole through his chest and was lying prone on the ground, grievously wounded. By all reasoning, the strongest person in Divine Phoenix Island right now was Mu Yuhuang. But, even Mu Yuhuang would absolutely not have the strength to do this. And, looking at the wound on Xing Zizan’s chest, it seemed to be from a spear. Had that been done by that boy?

Looking at him, he seemed just over 20 years old and his cultivation was at the early Revolving Core realm. It shouldn’t have been possible, but no matter the case, this boy was undoubtedly a top-level genius. One that surpassed even Xing Yang.

Xing Can’s feelings mixed anger and killing intent. If Xing Yang didn’t have a spear pointed at his neck, then she would have already tried to kill Lin Ming. If she allowed such an extraordinary young elite like Lin Ming freely grow, then in just a few dozen years he would definitely become a terrifying enemy.

“Don’t move. Otherwise, I may tense up and my hands might tremble,” Lin Ming calmly said as he kept his spear pointed at Xing Yang. In terms of strength, Xing Can had been in the second stage of Life Destruction for over a hundred years. He was likely not her match. But the key issue here was Mu Qianyu, Mu Bingyun, and everyone else. In front of Xing Can, they wouldn’t have any ability to resist her.

“I hate others threatening me the most. Release him now and I will leave you your life!” Xing Can drew out the sword from her spatial ring, pointing it straight at Lin Ming. Suddenly, her aura erupted like a billowing tide. If normal Revolving Core martial artists faced this aura they would be hard pressed to move and wouldn’t even be able to steady themselves, let alone keep their spear pressed against Xing Yang’s neck as a threat.

However, against this pressure, Lin Ming only felt as if a cool spring breeze had skimmed past his cheek, simply not even feeling it at all. He merely said in a chilling tone, “Move again, and prepare to gather your son’s corpse.”

As Lin Ming spoke he released an invisible killing intent; this was the Death God force field. Although he wasn’t activating it with his full strength, it was still enough for Xing Can to feel as if she had fallen into a bloody pond of hell, leaving her feeling afraid. Even the two first-stage Life Destruction Elders and two late Revolving Core Elders felt scared. They looking at each other, traces of fear in their eyes.

Was this really the aura of an early Revolving Core martial artist? And just why wasn’t he even remotely affected by Xing Can’s pressure just now?

“Who are you? Where did you come from?” Xing Can asked with a grimace. She felt as if this situation was becoming complicated. This fellow obviously wanted to stall for time. As for what he was waiting for, she had no idea.

“I am Lin Ming, from Divine Phoenix Island,” Lin Ming calmly replied. He had never planned on hiding his status to begin with, nor could he have.

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