Chapter 697 - Hall of Flowing Blood

Chapter 697 – Hall of Flowing Blood

How…how could this be?

Xing Zizan covered his right chest, the blood thickly flowing through the cracks of his fingers. As he looked at his blood-soaked hands, his eyes filled with panic and disbelief.

Xing Zizan had instantly been defeated!

Behind Xing Zizan, Xing Yang was shocked speechless. He couldn’t bother to figure out how Lin Ming had done this. He just knew that chills were crawling down his back. With Lin Ming’s strength, killing him would only take an instant.

And before now, Lin Ming had already revealed a thick killing intent against him.

This was also natural. If Xing Yang was in Lin Ming’s position and someone had thoughts to take his woman, then he too would kill or castrate his enemy.

Moreover, Lin Ming, Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin all had heaven-step weapons and likely originated from a Holy Land. In front of a Holy Land descendant, he was the same as a beggar in front of a rich young lord. For these types of people, killing commoners over things like jealousy or disputes was nothing unusual!

It could said that even if Lin Ming killed him, with the absolute suppressive strength from a Holy Land, there was nothing his parents would be able to do.

Thinking of this, Xing Yang was extremely horrified. That impact of energy just now was so amazingly intense that it should have been sensed from the main peak. But could he persist until his parents arrived?

If he died because of something like jealousy, then he really would die in an unjustified manner.

‘Capture Mu Qianyu first!’

This thought suddenly flashed through Xing Yang’s mind. He was close to Mu Qianyu, and after Lin Ming used that Chasing Thunder spear skill to severely wound Xing Zizan just now, he was now several hundred feet away.

Xing Yang grit his teeth, a fierce light suddenly bursting out from his eyes. Mu Qianyu’s cultivation was only at the early Revolving Core realm and Xing Yang was at the late Revolving Core realm. In terms of talent, Xing Yang was above Mu Qianyu, and in terms of strength, he far exceeded her.

Quietly, with the slightest movement, he took a step backwards. He sent a true essence sound transmission to the eight Revolving Core Protectors, then he suddenly launched forwards!

Mu Qianyu was Lin Ming’s lover. Naturally, he would especially care for her safety. As long as he could capture Mu Qianyu then he wouldn’t need to fear being randomly harmed or killed, and he would be able to last until his parents came.

Xing Yang was not weak. He was an Emperor-level talent with a late Revolving Core cultivation. He could be said to be a powerhouse that had reached the limits of power beneath the Life Destruction realm!

Xing Yang’s sudden attack surpassed everyone’s expectations. Lin Ming, Mu Yuhuang, and everyone else were very far from Mu Qianyu now. Since Xing Yang was the first to move, he naturally held an advantage in speed.

“Yu’er, be careful!”

Mu Fengxian cried out in alarm. At this time, Mu Fengxian was the closest to Mu Bingyun. Because her life source had been damaged, she had stood far back from the battlefield with Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun. Now that she saw Xing Yang suddenly rush towards Mu Qianyu she had no other choice but to block him!

In terms of strength, Mu Fengxian was no longer Xing Yang’s match. But if she could delay him for even just a single breath of time that was enough for Lin Ming to catch up!

However, just as Mu Fengxian made her move, Xing Yang’s eight Revolving Core Protector guards also made theirs!

Just now they had received Xing Yang’s true essence sound transmission and were already prepared. The eight of them had trained together for a very long time and had incomparably tacit understandings with each other. As soon as one moved, all of them moved in unison.

These eight guards all had a cultivation at the mid or late Revolving Core. If they were able to set down a formation on the battlefield, then they could use this to delay even a first-stage Life Destruction master for at least ten breaths of time.

Eight saber lights fused into one, cutting towards Mu Fengxian. Right now, Mu Fengxian was only equal to an ordinary late Revolving Core martial artist. There was no way she would be able to withstand this attack!

As Mu Yuhuang saw this she became full of anxiety. “Honorable Master!”

Mu Yuhuang was still 70-80 feet away from Mu Fengxian. As a first-stage Life Destruction master, she could quickly cross this distance in a brief moment. However, no matter how fast Mu Yuhuang’s steps were, it was still impossible for her to respond in time to that saber light!

As Mu Yuhuang’s feet began to move, the eight Revolving Core Protector’s saber lights had shot in front of Mu Fengxian. At the same time, Xing Yang had also appeared in front of Mu Qianyu, his hands reaching out for her soft, jade-white neck!

Mu Qianyu had experienced battles both great and small; she did not panic in the least. She revolved all of her true essence to the limit and flew out towards Lin Ming. But the difference in strength was too great and Xing Yang also had the advantage of surprise. In that instant, Xing Yang was only a foot away from Mu Qianyu.

Xing Yang’s eyes flashed with brutal light. In order to ensure the absolute success of grabbing her, this hold contained enough strength such that it was certain injure her.

“You want to die!?” Lin Ming’s eyes widened as an unparalleled, pure killing intent flashed in them. His feet pushed off and then unbelievable scene occurred. He was hundreds of feet away, but distance seemed to lose all meaning beneath Lin Ming’s movements. He flash stepped right to Xing Yang’s side, the spear in his hand already slamming down into Xing Yang’s wrist.

The heaven-step treasure struck Xing Yang’s flesh and blood body.


With a light sound, Xing Yang’s wrist was crushed broken!


With severe pain streaking throughout his body, Xing Yang grasped his wrist with a miserable scream as he tumbled away. Lin Ming didn’t even bother caring about him. Because behind him, not too far away, Mu Fengxian’s sword was about to collide with the saber light of those eight Revolving Core Protectors.

As for Lin Ming, not only was he far away from Mu Fengxian but he had just used his momentum now to stop Xing Yang. In this case, no matter how skilled Lin Ming was in the Concept of Space, he still wouldn’t have enough time to make it.

If Mu Fengxian bore the brunt of this attack, at most she would be injured; it wouldn’t endanger her life. But Mu Fengxian was already old and had damaged her life source. Even a minor wound now was not a trivial matter.

Lin Ming fiercely clenched his teeth and condensed his true essence. With the support of his battle spirit, the Asura force field erupted!

A force field was a special existence. In a vacuum without resistance, it traveled at the speed of light. To this force field, a 70-80 foot distance held no significance!


Under the fires of Lin Ming’s anger, the force field’s energy spread out like an unstoppable tsunami.

Within the Asura force field, all power was suppressed. This included organs, muscles, bones, true essence, and even the soul!

The eight Revolving Core protectors were swallowed up by the surging waves of this Asura force field. Immediately, all of them felt as if they had smashed into an invisible brick wall.

Lin Ming’s strength was in-between the first and second stage of Life Destruction. Now, with the increased power of his battle spirit, his Asura force field was comparable to the original force field within the King’s Cage. If a weak martial artist were trapped within this force field they would simply perish on the spot!

Although the eight Revolving Core Protectors had formed a battle array, this battle array’s function was only to combine their saber light attacks together. As for this overwhelming force field that came instantly crashing down on them, they had no defense against it at all!


Several middle Revolving Core martial artists couldn’t withstand such an immense pressure suddenly weighing down on them. They fell over, gurgling blood!

This was just like an ordinary person suddenly appearing on one of the Sky Spill Continent’s stars where gravity was dozens or even hundreds of times stronger. Their organs, skeleton, dantian, spiritual sea, everything that comprised them would instantly come under a massive wave of pressure several dozen times greater than normal!


A mid Revolving Core martial artist’s Revolving Core suddenly shattered, all of the true essence in his body suddenly vanishing. At his side, another mid Revolving Core martial artist’s heart stopped beating because of the heavy pressure. All of the blood vessels in his body burst apart and blood gushed out of his head!

Soon after, for all those Revolving Core martial artists, whether it was their dantian, heart, or spiritual sea, underneath the immense pressure of the Asura force field, everything began collapsing, instantly killing them all. Even the guard captain was bleeding from his ears. His face was paler than death and his body was limp as he almost fell to the ground.

After being devoured into that Asura force field, the battle formation of those eight Revolving Core Protectors naturally broke. As for that attack that was aimed towards Mu Fengxian, it no longer held any real threat and was easily countered by her.


That late Revolving Core guard captain kneeled on the ground, barely supporting himself with his saber. He bit his lips as he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes full of fear and horror.

An uncaring expression remained in Lin Ming’s face. A blood-red light flashed in his eyes.

The Death God force field erupted!

The Death God force field superimposed onto the Asura force field. Although this was simply stacking them together, it was still enough to multiply their strength.

The guard captain only felt as if he had fallen into a blood pond from hell, drowning in its bloody waters, the manifested killing intent so thick and pure that it was swallowing him alive.

This so-called killing intent was in truth the will and desire of a martial artist to utterly extinguish the life of an enemy.

When martial artists desired to kill someone, they would first produce this will within their hearts, thus sending out a thick killing intent. When this killing intent coalesced into material essence, one could directly cut off the life of another without even moving a step!

The Asura force field could be said to be a crushing suppression of a martial artist’s body, true essence, dantian, energy, and spiritual sea.

As for the Death God force field, that was the will to snuff out a martial artist’s source of life. If one’s will wasn’t firm or their cultivation was insufficient, then once enveloped by this Death God force field, they would immediately be killed where they stood.

As the guard captain was simultaneously covered by the Death God force field and Asura force field, he vomited a mouthful of blood and his eyes turned white. He crumpled onto the ground, his fate unknown.

As Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian saw this, both of them were shocked speechless.

Just how was this possible?

How had Lin Ming done this? Mu Bingyun also looked at Lin Ming, her indifferent eyes now filling with awe, horror, and complete disbelief.

When Lin Ming had sent a late Revolving Core Elder flying back with just a flick of his finger, that was still a movement, and he might have possibly even used his spear energy to wound him. Although it was truly the ability of a monstrous genius, it was still understandable.

But just now, Lin Ming had only turned around with death in his eyes, and that entire group of guards had suddenly and inexplicably died!

That was a battle array that could withstand a first-stage Life Destruction powerhouse for a period of time!

This had completely surpassed their understanding.

“Lin Ming, you…” After seeing this terrifying strength, Mu Fengxian looked at Lin Ming as if she didn’t recognize him anymore. This young man had surpassed all reckoning. In just two and a half years, Lin Ming had actually protected her, whereas she should be protecting him as he was her junior!

Not too far away, Duanmu Qun sucked in a deep breath, secretly admiring Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s Heavenly Demon force field had already gained a standard of proficiency at which he could freely use it and control it to a minute degree. In that moment when the force field had erupted like a devastating tsunami, it had instantly killed several Revolving Core Protectors. But as for himself, who had been standing just a few dozen feet away, all he felt was a light breeze without even a hint of suppression.

Lin Ming’s absolute control of his force field was bewildering!

Without a doubt, this was all because of Lin Ming’s powerful soul force and also because of his battle spirit.

Because he had formed his own battle spirit, Lin Ming’s will was exceedingly powerful. The will was in itself a kind of force field, and the battle spirit was a manifestation of that energy. Thus, a battle spirit could easily be fused into the Heavenly Demon force field, drastically increasing its strength.

At this time, the broken-handed Xing Yang was still rolling on the ground, crying in pain. Lin Ming sneered, angled his long spear, and slowly walked towards Xing Yang….

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