Chapter 697 - Hall of Flowing Blood

Chapter 697 – Hall of Flowing Blood

How…how could this be?

Xing Zizan covered his right chest, the blood thickly flowing through the cracks of his fingers. As he looked at his blood-soaked hands, his eyes filled with panic and disbelief.

Xing Zizan had instantly been defeated!

Behind Xing Zizan, Xing Yang was shocked speechless. He couldn’t bother to figure out how Lin Ming had done this. He just knew that chills were crawling down his back. With Lin Ming’s strength, killing him would only take an instant.

And before now, Lin Ming had already revealed a thick killing intent against him.

This was also natural. If Xing Yang was in Lin Ming’s position and someone had thoughts to take his woman, then he too would kill or castrate his enemy.

Moreover, Lin Ming, Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin all had heaven-step weapons and likely originated from a Holy Land. In front of a Holy Land descendant, he was the same as a beggar in front of a rich young lord. For these types of people, killing commoners over things like jealousy or disputes was nothing unusual!

It could said that even if Lin Ming killed him, with the absolute suppressive strength from a Holy Land, there was nothing his parents would be able to do.

Thinking of this, Xing Yang was extremely horrified. That impact of energy just now was so amazingly intense that...

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