Chapter 696 - Broken Blade

Chapter 696 – Broken Blade

Xing Yang’s face was filled with a gloomy uncertainty. As for Mu Yuhuang, she was panicking. She had no idea just how this situation would end.

“Prepare a sound transmission talisman, report what is happening!”

As the guard captain spoke, several Revolving Core Protectors quickly reacted, their fingers tracing their spatial rings. After all, this was the territory of Yin Yang Profound Palace. As long as they called for more manpower, they would be the ones with the advantage.

Seeing a Revolving Core Protector light up a sound transmitting talisman in front of her, Lan Xin sneered. She instantly flash-stepped in front of that martial artist, her sword slashing at the wrist!

Having stayed in Skysplit Tower for several years, although Lan Xin looked like a beautiful sun-dappled girl, in truth she was a decisive person with no soft corners. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for her to survive in Skysplit Tower.

“Evil girl, you dare!?” The guard captain’s eyes flashed with anger. He slashed with his saber at Lan Xin’s neck.


Lan Xin showed no weakness. Her sword slashed upward, intersecting with the saber. True essence collided, and the guard captain’s saber light was ripped to shreds by Lin Ming, followed by Lan Xin’s sword light...

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