Chapter 695 - All Daggers Drawn

Chapter 695 – All Daggers Drawn

Hu - !

In Xing Yang’s hand, the high-grade earth-step saber flared with a faint crimson flame, as if the entire blade had been heated up to a scorching degree.

This saber could increase Xing Yang’s fire-attribute cultivation method by 10-20%. Having paid a hemorrhaging price to forge this weapon, now that it was in his hands, Xing Yang could feel the burning flames emanating from it suddenly emboldening him.

“My saber is called Scarlet Flame, and my name is Xing Yang!”

Xing Yang pointed his saber straight towards Duanmu Qun, issuing this official challenge.

Naturally, Duanmu Qun didn’t fear this sort of challenge. A young outstanding elite like Xing Yang would count as just one of the mob on Skysplit Tower’s third floor.

He drew his sword to meet Xing Yang. However, at the same time, sudden rambling footsteps sounded outside the courtyard. About seven or eight Yin Yang Profound...

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