Chapter 694 - Absolute Disparity

Chapter 694 – Absolute Disparity

Elder Jiang had only rushed out halfway when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. He had run out with Elder Sun, but Elder Sun had suddenly disappeared in the blink of an eye. The next moment, he was hanged up on the outer courtyard fence like a piece of cured meat.

The great human-shaped hole was still rustling with falling dust. As for Elder Sun, his entire body had gone soft; it was unknown whether or not he had fainted.

The entire meeting venue fell in absolute silence. Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian were stunned. Although they had guessed that Lin Ming’s strength had sharply risen after breaking through to Revolving Core and that it should be easy for him to jump ranks when fighting, they didn’t think that Lin Ming could send a late Revolving Core martial artist flying with just a flick of his finger.

Even Mu Qianyu, who had heard about Lin Ming’s strength from the person in question, was bewildered, her beautiful eyes wide and bright. Hearing Lin Ming’s words was one thing, but seeing it happen in front of her was another.

“Elder Sun!’

Xing Yang was frightened. He had never even dreamed that such a scene would occur. He quickly used his soul force to investigate what the dangling Elder Sun’s situation was like.

His bodily true essence had shattered...

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