Chapter 692 - Negotiations

Chapter 692 – Negotiations

During that time in Thundercrash Mountain when Mu Qianyu and Little Flame had encountered trouble, Lin Ming had looked after Little Flame, even cooking up some deer meat for him to eat. In the relatively long life of a Vermillion Bird, Little Flame was only a child and still somewhat naïve and innocent. Although Lin Ming had only known Little Flame for a brief period of time, he still had a very good impression of this silly and foolish Vermillion Bird.

Little Flame was Mu Qianyu’s life Vermillion Bird. Both beast and person had extremely deep feelings towards each other. And now, Little Flame was actually taken by Yin Yang Profound Palace?

“What are they planning to do with the Vermillion Birds?” Lin Ming said, a bit incensed. Listening to Mu Qianyu’s words, Yin Yang Profound Palace were obviously taking advantage of Divine Phoenix Island while they were suffering, demanding such an outrageous price. Not only did they want two Vermillion Birds, but they also desired the secret techniques of Divine Phoenix Island and even had thoughts of subtly annexing Divine Phoenix Island.

Listening as Lin Ming spoke, a trace of sadness flashed across Mu Qianyu’s eyes. She said, “They want the Vermillion Birds in order to extract their blood essence and transplant it into the bodies of the male disciples of Yin Yang...

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