Chapter 692 - Negotiations

Chapter 692 – Negotiations

During that time in Thundercrash Mountain when Mu Qianyu and Little Flame had encountered trouble, Lin Ming had looked after Little Flame, even cooking up some deer meat for him to eat. In the relatively long life of a Vermillion Bird, Little Flame was only a child and still somewhat naïve and innocent. Although Lin Ming had only known Little Flame for a brief period of time, he still had a very good impression of this silly and foolish Vermillion Bird.

Little Flame was Mu Qianyu’s life Vermillion Bird. Both beast and person had extremely deep feelings towards each other. And now, Little Flame was actually taken by Yin Yang Profound Palace?

“What are they planning to do with the Vermillion Birds?” Lin Ming said, a bit incensed. Listening to Mu Qianyu’s words, Yin Yang Profound Palace were obviously taking advantage of Divine Phoenix Island while they were suffering, demanding such an outrageous price. Not only did they want two Vermillion Birds, but they also desired the secret techniques of Divine Phoenix Island and even had thoughts of subtly annexing Divine Phoenix Island.

Listening as Lin Ming spoke, a trace of sadness flashed across Mu Qianyu’s eyes. She said, “They want the Vermillion Birds in order to extract their blood essence and transplant it into the bodies of the male disciples of Yin Yang Profound Palace. After the Vermillion Birds, they will want the Blue Luan in order to transplant its blood essence into their female disciples. These days, we nearly have to negotiate what price we have to pay to Yin Yang Profound Palace. Because we have no other choice, we are forced to continually give in. Yet, even when we give an inch, they want to take a yard…”

Before Divine Phoenix Island took refuge in Yin Yang Profound Palace, they hadn’t yet held bargaining talks concerning the resources and secret skills involved. These sort of negotiations were of significant interest to both sects, and they would often be conducted in a marathon-like manner. Even having talks for an entire year wouldn’t be strange.

In these past months, Yin Yang Profound Palace had already negotiated with Divine Phoenix Island over 20 times, repeatedly scrutinizing the details. Generally speaking, Divine Phoenix Island had to suffer increasing losses. Because they were weaker, they had no choice but to suffer these insults at the negotiations.

Lin Ming scowled. So this was it…

Yin Yang Profound Palace now had two Vermillion Birds. The blood essence of a Vermillion Bird was extremely precious. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that one or two drops of this blood essence, combined with some talent and secret skills, would be able to train a Divine Phoenix Island disciple into a Revolving Core powerhouse!

It was because of this Vermillion Bird blood essence that Lin Ming had been able to pull Qin Xingxuan back from the precipice of death.

Blood essence was incomparably precious, whether it was for a martial artist or Saint Beast.

Divine Phoenix Island’s Vermillion Bird blood essence was only withdrawn when a Vermillion Bird was nearing the end of its natural lifespan. Even then, this was only 20 to 30 drops of blood essence.

For a Vermillion Bird with vibrant blood vitality, Divine Phoenix Island wouldn’t risk damaging its life in order to extract its blood essence. After all, blood essence was extremely difficult to recover. Extracting one drop meant that there was one drop less.

Especially Little Flame. Little Flame was so young; just how could it bear having its blood essence taken out?

The smaller a Vermillion Bird, the more frail it was. If one extracted its life essence, then not only would its lifespan shorten but it would also greatly affect its strength.

Perhaps the Vermillion Bird might even directly die.

Looking at Mu Qianyu’s reddened eyes, Lin Ming suddenly became incensed with pure anger. “Yu’er, you said that they were trying to subtly annex Divine Phoenix Island. Just what is happening?”

Mu Qianyu sighed. She said, “Yin Yang Profound Palace’s cultivation method is focused on Yin and Yang, having both elements complement each other. As such, they specialize in water and fire origin energy, which is similar to Divine Phoenix Island’s ice and fire cultivation method. In these past months, there were some disciples of Yin Yang Profound Palace who perhaps used the temptation of benefits, coercion, intimidation, or maybe even drugs… but… of my Divine Phoenix Island disciples…they had sex with them. Both parties walked past the line of no return, and so they became married…”

Mu Qianyu had a very bad taste in her mouth when she spoke of this. In truth, only around half of Divine Phoenix Island’s disciples were deceived in some way. The other half were completely voluntary. Or at least they did so with a half-hearted resistance.

Divine Phoenix Island was still a fourth-grade sect. In truth, now they didn’t have many training resources, practice arrays, or medicine gardens…even the spiritual land underneath their feet, Little Swallow Island, was only equal to a third-grade sect’s spiritual land.

In such harsh conditions, just how could they attract new disciples?

Not to mention that Divine Phoenix Island was also facing an all-encompassing crisis from the South Sea Demon Region; even their very existence was in a precarious state. The majority of disciples from Divine Phoenix Island were mostly women. Even though they were martial artists, they were still naturally soft-hearted; they needed to feel protected by others. Drifting around in a displaced manner like destitute vagabonds in a situation where death loomed close to them made it very easy for them to be touched by the sweet talk and the honeyed words of men. From the first touches of love to going to bed, they finally became confused about what they wanted and ended up married.

Thus, for these past months, many female disciples of Divine Phoenix Island repeatedly lost their virginity. Some of them were even pregnant.

Once they married they would naturally stay in Yin Yang Profound Palace with their husbands. One reason was because Yin Yang Profound Palace was much stronger; another was because whether it was their practice arrays, resources, or spiritual land, everything was a higher grade, even better than when Divine Phoenix Island was at its peak.

If this continued, then Divine Phoenix Island would soon be hollowed out. And, the most exasperating problem was that the male disciples of Yin Yang Profound palace chose the most extraordinary and beautiful women to pursue. They wouldn’t consider those girls who were less fortunate, or perhaps might even sleep with them and then abandon them afterwards.

“Yu’er, you said that they used drugs?” Lin Ming’s voice became extremely cold.

“There were two who used drugs. We investigated this and requested that those two scumbags be punished. But I have no idea what Yin Yang Profound Palace did to them afterwards. As for those two girls who suffered, they didn’t pursue any further and instead accepted their fate….”

As Mu Qianyu spoke to here, she let out a deep sigh. She remembered that the one responsible for dealing with this matter had been Xing Yang and then her heart filled with utter hatred. She said with loathing, “Yin Yang Profound Palace’s Little Palace Master Xing Yang has intentions to seduce my little sister. He wants to marry her. Moreover, the Palace Masters have already officially brought this matter up with Honorable Sect Master. Although they were refused, the future days are long. It’s still possible that there might be some accident that happens.”

Mu Qianyu was very worried for her little sister. This was why she considered for a moment before informing Lin Ming of this matter. She didn’t mention that Xing Yang also coveted her, but just the matter with her sister was enough to make Lin Ming livid with rage.

The first one to have relations with Divine Phoenix Island’s Mu sisters would be able to inherit a touch of their Saint Beast bloodline. For Xing Yang, this was an unbelievably good plan!

Lin Ming said “Tomorrow morning, I will go to the peak of Yin Yang Profound Palace with you. I want to personally see just what sort of person that Little Palace Master of Yin Yang Profound Palace is like!”

Lin Ming’s voice was filled with a domineering tone that seemed as if it could change the destiny of others. This came from the absolute belief in his own strength. Lin Ming might not be Xuan Wuji’s match, but against this Yin Yang Profound Palace, he didn’t fear them at all!

This unquestionable aura warmed Mu Qianyu’s heart.

Although she didn’t care about how strong Lin Ming was, what girl didn’t hope that the one she loved would have extraordinary strength, being able to shelter her from the world’s pains and problems?

The two of them didn’t speak anymore. They paused, holding each other and enjoying this gentle moment as the night passed without words.


In the early morning, Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu rose from bed early. Outside, the bright sun was rising and the grass was heavy with new dew, the air fresh as if it had just been washed.

Lin Ming pushed open the door and walked out. Not too far away he could see two men and one woman standing. The three of them had amazing temperaments. One blue-clothed girl was looking at Lin Ming, a slight grin tracing her lips as humor twinkled in her eyes.

This young girl was Lan Xin. She clucked her tongue as she smiled and said, “Brother Lin, were you happy last night?”

Listening to the obvious question in these words, a strange blush colored his face. He didn’t want joke around with Lan Xin at this moment so he simply ignored this question.

Lan Xin stuck out her tongue, still devilishly grinning as before.

“Brother Lin, is this the sect you grew up in? Divine Phoenix Island?”

Beside Lan Xin, Duanmu Qun asked this question. Before the sun rose, he had already investigated Divine Phoenix Island and was able to approximate their situation. He had already expected that Divine Phoenix Island wasn’t some great sect, otherwise they wouldn’t have been destroyed by the South Sea Demon Region. But as he saw their current state, he really couldn’t help but think they were in extremely squalid circumstances.

There was just more than 1000 people in the entire sect, a mere 10 Revolving Core masters, and just two first-stage Life Destruction masters. Out of these two, one of them had already damaged her life source; she didn’t have much combat efficiency left.

This temporary land was only a third-grade spiritual land. Within the Holy Demon Continent, this would only be a small, off-the-road sect. It didn’t even have a medicine garden. It was truly quite hard to look at it.

Just how could this sort of sect raise such a monstrous genius like Lin Ming?

Whether it was Duanmu Qun or Feng Shen, neither of them could understand this.

“Mm….” Lin Ming nodded. This was his sect. Lin Ming didn’t have much attachment to the Seven Profound Valleys. But of Divine Phoenix Island, he actually thought of them as his second family.

“Brother Lin, if Divine Phoenix Island needs any resources, we can help look.”

In Duanmu Qun’s eyes, a fourth-grade sect like Divine Phoenix Island was limited in its ability to help Lin Ming find resources. Yet, it would be too rude to invite Lin Ming to join his Divine Wood Holy Land, thus he could only offer to help Lin Ming look for resources.

Lin Ming faintly smiled and said, “Thank you Brother Duanmu for your kind intentions. If I return to the Holy Demon Continent in the future, then perhaps I really must take you up on your offer.”

Lin Ming planned to travel down the path of alchemy in order to pave the way for opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates as well as the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. When that time came, he would inevitably need to purchase certain rare resources.

If he had a network of connections and was able to borrow the strength of a Holy Land to find resources, then Lin Ming’s road would become much easier.

“Brother Lin is too humble.” Duanmu Qun smiled in return.

At this moment, Mu Yuhuang, Mu Fengxian, and Mu Bingyun came walking by from not too far away. Because Lin Ming had been anxious to see Mu Qianyu yesterday, he had only hastily greeted Mu Yuhuang and the others; they didn’t even have time to exchange proper greetings.

Today, Mu Yuhuang wanted to talk to Lin Ming some more, but as she saw Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin, she was startled. These three didn’t seem like humans…what race were they? Where had they come from?

Mu Yuhuang hesitated for a moment before she sent Lin Ming a true essence sound transmission, “Lin Ming, are these three your friends?”

Lin Ming nodded.

Without a doubt, these three all had great backgrounds and stories behind them. Mu Yuhuang didn’t inquire further. What she wanted to do was ask Lin Ming what sort of adventures he had gone on these past two and a half years, and just how he was able to break through to Revolving Core so soon.

But at this moment, a spirit boat came whistling over their hands, falling into the meeting hall not too far away.

As Mu Yuhuang saw the twin water and fire symbol on the spirit boat, she suddenly grimaced. This was Yin Yang Profound Palace’s spirit boat. Naturally, they must have come to Little Swallow Mountain to negotiate matters.

She said to Lin Ming with a true essence sound transmission, “Lin Ming, you wait here. We absolutely must keep quiet about your safe return and not let anyone know. Otherwise, others might do something to you.”

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