Chapter 691 - A Night Of Tender Warmth

Chapter 691 – A Night Of Tender Warmth

In the rumors that Mu Qianyu had heard, the so-called Divine Kingdom Crown Prince had the strength to kill a first stage Life Destruction martial artist.

By himself, he stirred up the South Sea Demon Region, upheaving their world. He killed over a thousand disciples of the South Sea Demon Region and forced Xuan Yuqie into a miserable state where she couldn’t even fight back.

And now she asked Lin Ming because their two strengths seemed similar. Such a coincidence would certainly have Mu Qianyu associate them.

Hearing Mu Qianyu’s question, Lin Ming was a bit surprised. He never tried to deliberately hide his identity; he assumed that the people of Divine Phoenix Island would have already known about him. But now it seemed that the South Sea Demon Region had set up a blockade of all news, afraid that Great Zen Temple, Black Flood Dragon, or some other fifth-grade sect would try and partake in the share of Lin Ming.

Thinking about this, Lin Ming only sneered. The South Sea Demon Region had thought he was a lamb to be butchered, but they never imagined they would already be ruined before they could taste the meat.

Lin Ming said to Mu Qianyu, “Senior-apprentice Sister, I returned to the South Horizon Region one month ago yet I couldn’t find you. I learned that Divine Phoenix Island had been destroyed, and in sadness, I went to Divine Phoenix Island to search for clues. There, I discovered...

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