Chapter 690 - Kiss

Chapter 690 – Kiss

Ever since Lin Ming left and Divine Phoenix Island had encountered disaster after disaster, Mu Qianyu had imagined countless times in her mind just what her reunion with Lin Ming would be like.

In her most ideal dreams, it was nothing more than Lin Ming returning back stronger. He would return to her, help her hold up the skies, shelter her from wind and rain, and do his best to turn the tide.

However, this was nothing but her wishes.

When Lin Ming left, he had only been at the Xiantian realm. As for Xuan Wuji, he would soon reach the fourth stage of Life Destruction. If just a short 10 years, even if Lin Ming’s talent far surpassed everyone else within the Sky Spill Continent, a genius that had never been seen since ancient times, it would still be impossible to reach such a formidable degree.

10 years was simply too short a time for the growth of a top master. Moreover, there was the possibility that Lin Ming’s potential would be exhausted. After all, there were many variables in the growth of a genius. Just because they were rising stars in their youth didn’t mean they would absolutely become top masters in the future.

What Mu Qianyu cared about was not what degree of strength Lin Ming could obtain, but whether or not he would be able to return...

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