Chapter 689 - Meeting Once Again

Chapter 689 Meeting Once Again.

Deep within the South Sea, 70 thousand feet underwater in an underground trench, the water pressure reached a terrifying level. Even a Revolving Core master would find it difficult to protect themselves with their true essence this far down. If their bodily true essence were to be broken then their mortal body would suddenly be exposed to the entirety of this horrible pressure. Their eardrums would shatter, their organs would rupture, their heart would stop beating, and finally they would die a miserable death.

In the deepest parts of this trench, there was an artificial space opened up by an array formation. A thick shield of energy isolated all of the seawater outside. A dim light emanated from here, seeming particularly bright in the deep darkness.

Within this space, a man was sitting naked on a bed made of polar jade, in deep meditation.

His left and right arms had been turned into ground meat and even his bones were shattered into a fine powder. But, what was strange was that there wasn’t any blood leaking out.

If one looked carefully, one could see that this ground meat was actually constantly growing. From its mashed face, it slowly reorganized itself…

This was Xuan Wuji, who was currently crossing the fourth stage of Life Destruction.

He had now been in closed-door seclusion for over four months. His legs and waist were already completed, and now he was in the process...

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