Chapter 688 - Towards the Yin Yang Profound Palace

Chapter 688 Towards the Yin Yang Profound Palace.


The four scouts from Storm Valley were shocked. This mysterious youth actually knew of their Storm Valley?

This other character was likely some Divine Kingdom Crown Prince or a Holy Land’s Holy Son. As for them, they were from a tiny fourth-grade sect that didn’t even have a Life Destruction Elder. In front of a Holy Land, they were just a little ant.

In addition, the Five Element Region was far, far off from the central region of the Sky Spill Continent. By all reasoning, they would barely even know of them. But, they never imagined that this mysterious youth would speak of their Storm Valley.

Could it be that the Five Element Region’s seven sects were somewhat famous?

Thinking of this, the four scouts’ hearts filled with bravado. “Reporting to Great Expert, us four are indeed from the Five Element Region’s Storm Valley.”

There was silence for a moment, and then, “Enter!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The four scouts were overjoyed as they began to respectfully walk through the entrance.

As the four of them passed through rows of ruining buildings, they finally made it to a great temple. Upon entering this temple, they could feel a powerful energy emanating from within.

As they entered the temple, they...

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