Chapter 686 - Pillage

Chapter 686 – Pillage

The Giant Leviathan’s giant tentacles were like a group of locusts. Wherever they traveled, they caused ruination as they recklessly looted everything. All of the valuable things that could be taken away were carried off, and as for those that couldn’t, they were destroyed with beams of energy.

In just a single incense stick of time, buildings throughout the entire South Sea Demon Region were put into an absolute mess with a massive number of palaces and temples destroyed, flames rising from all directions.

Beside Lin Ming, Lan Xin looked on, a bit dumbfounded. Killing, burning, robbing, this was no different than the actions of a bandit.

In truth, to Lin Ming, being cavalier or being a bandit, he really didn’t care about either one. His actions and conduct were all dependent on being able to smoothly flow through his mind and not betraying his heart.

As for his methods, it was all the same to him. The grudge from the looting of Divine Phoenix Island naturally had to be returned, and in the most striking and graphic manner possible.

“Doesn’t seem like there’s anything valuable.” As Lin Ming was using the Giant Leviathan to devastate everything around him, he was also rapidly inspecting all the treasure he picked up. There wasn’t anything of too much value. This was also within his expectations. After all, those sorts of things were usually carried by the Life Destruction Elders, or placed in some secret hidden location so they were hard to find.

In the buildings of the South Sea Demon Region, besides some great array formations for training, there wasn’t much else. Since these great array formations couldn’t be taken away, Lin Ming simply destroyed them all. He didn’t plan on leaving any resources to the enemy so that they would be able to recover in the future.

“Lin Ming, go to the medicine garden. There’s definitely something good there.” Demonshine suddenly said.


As Demonshine mentioned this, Lin Ming remembered that fresh medicinal plants couldn’t be placed in a spatial ring; they had to be planted in a medicine garden with rich origin energy.

Spreading out his perception and with the support of the Giant Leviathan, Lin Ming was able to quickly scan every nook and cranny of the South Sea Demon Region. He soon discovered where the medicine garden was located.

There was a defensive array formation here. But for Lin Ming, ripping it open was easy.

Several dozen tentacles pulled up. In less than a quarter of an hour of time, the array formation was torn apart. This was because Lin Ming cared about the plants within the medicine garden, thus his actions were much gentler. Otherwise, he would have broken through the array formation even quicker.

After the array formation was sundered, an incomparably pure origin energy dispersed into the air. As Lin Ming looked within, he soon found that the herbs in the medicine garden were much richer and more valuable than those of Divine Phoenix Island!

In addition, there were several herbs that were far more valuable that the Demon Heart Flower.

Because Lin Ming had inherited the memories of the Realm of the Gods’ alchemist, he had a very keen understanding of the multitude of medicinal herbs. Within the Realm of the Gods was where the richest and rarest herbs were found. Everything within the Sky Spill Continent could be found within the Realm of the Gods, but not everything in the Realm of the Gods could be found in the Sky Spill Continent.

Lin Ming soon classified all of these herbs, dividing them by their different pharmacological properties. He plucked out some and organized them, and as for those medicinal herbs that were more difficult to transport, he directly ripped them up and sealed them in a jade box.

There were even some that could be transplanted. He picked them up with their soul and moved them into the Giant Leviathan’s dimension.

Generally speaking, these herbs were all inferior to the 10,000 Year Corpse Grass that Lin Ming had found in the Eternal Demon Abyss. But, high level alchemy didn’t always use high grade materials for medicines; sometimes low grade materials were required to direct, catalyze or support the medicine. Moreover, training as an alchemist wasn’t done in one day – the start was the most difficult. At the beginning, Lin Ming would have to practice in order to lay down his foundation as an alchemist. At this time, using these medicines to practice his technique would be useful.

If the Elders of the South Sea Demon Region knew that Lin Ming was brutally and violently looting everything they had built as well as gathering all of the medicinal herbs they had planted with care, classifying them as ‘low level medicinal herbs for practice’ so that he could train his technique, then they would probably be vomiting blood in a mad rage.

In the South Horizon Region, all of these things were considered rare heavenly materials; even a Life Destruction Elder would covet them.

However, Lin Ming, who had seen the Nirvana Dragon Root and profound gold divine fruit, simply didn’t care much for these things.

All the medicinal herbs, spatial rings, and other resources were completely taken away. Before leaving, Lin Ming also didn’t forget to have the Giant Leviathan shoot out a massive beam of golden light to level the South Sea Demon Region’s true essence stone mine.

Although it was impossible to destroy the true essence stone mine like this, it was still enough to bother them. They wouldn’t be able to mine anything for at least an entire month.

With all of this completed, Lin Ming controlled the Giant Leviathan and slowly flew away from the South Sea Demon Region.


The South Sea Demon Region had lost over a thousand martial artists in a single day. As for Xuan Yuqie and the many other Elders, they fled deep into the South Sea. The news of the South Sea Demon Region being pillaged soon spread throughout the entire South Horizon Region.

At first, people couldn’t believe this incredible news. But later, the information became increasingly intense and known. The South Sea Demon Region didn’t come out with any intention of clarifying this issue, and not just that, but they also had their outer encirclement troops retreat, making a few threats before retreating back deep into the South Sea.

Suddenly, all of the aggression and activities of the South Sea Demon Region within the South Horizon Region came to a complete halt.

The entire time, this was just too difficult to believe!

If in the past the South Sea Demon Region was known as being so extraordinarily powerful that no one was able to bring up a thought of resistance, then that South Sea Demon Region had now become a joke. Someone killed their way into their sect, breaking apart their great protective array, razing all their buildings to the ground, recklessly looting all of their resources and scorching everything else. The martial artists of the sect didn’t even have pots to use. This was something that would normally occur only at the annihilation of a sect.

If the South Sea Demon Region didn’t have Xuan Wuji still supporting them from his closed-door seclusion, then their entire sect might have really been stamped out of existence!

It was simply unimaginable that all of this was done by a single youth!

Within Yin Yang Profound Palace, The Xing couple inevitably heard this news.

“Husband, what do you think?”

Within a magnificent temple, a woman in a white robe said as she closed an ancient book, placing it on a table.

She looked to be around 40 years old, but one couldn’t find any weariness of time on her face. Her features were beautiful and her body was mature and full, containing all sorts of subtle flavors.

This woman was one of the Twin Stars of the Yin Yang Profound Palace, Xing Can. She was the wife of Xing Ji. Together, the two of them held the position of the Yin Yang Profound Palace’s Palace Masters.

Within Yin Yang Profound Palace, many positions were held by couples. This was because of the unique features of their cultivation methods. Often, a couple would train and fight together. Only this way, by combining their powers, would they be able to display their mightiest combat strength. Thus, whether it was training, missions, or adventuring, both husband and wife would often go together.

Xing Ji said, “This youth must be a peak Emperor level talent from one of the four Divine Kingdoms. Perhaps he might even be a Divine Kingdom’s Crown Prince. I estimate that he is 30 years old. I heard his cultivation is at the Revolving Core realm, so I assume he must be mid or late Revolving Core. For him to have such a cultivation at this age, this is truly horrifying! This is a cultivation that only a peak Emperor level talent can have.”

“As for his combat strength, there is no need to speak of it further. He can kill a first stage Life Destruction powerhouse! Not defeat, but kill! For someone at the Revolving Core to jump ranks and fight a Life Destruction master is far more difficult than someone at the Xiantian realm fighting someone at the Revolving Core realm. This person is without a doubt from a Holy Land and he also must have top resources and supreme masters supporting him from behind. His talent in itself is amazing, and he might possibly be one of the most extraordinary geniuses that the entire Sky Spill Continent has seen in the last thousand years.”

“Husband, why do you think this sort of character would come to our South Horizon Region?”

After Xing Can obtained this news, this was her greatest doubt. The mainland of the Sky Spill Continent was shaped like a cake with its center dug out; it was in the shape of a ring. The center was an inland sea, and this sea was surrounded by four Divine Kingdoms.

Because most of the landmarks were focused in this central region, this area had a much higher concentration of spiritual mountains and forests.

The more spiritual lands there were, the thicker and purer the heaven and earth origin energy was, and the more heavenly materials and true essence stone mines there were. Most of the Holy Lands were also located in this area.

By all reasoning, a favored son of heaven of the Divine Kingdoms would not come to the South Horizon Region. This area was simply too remote. The only exception was the inexplicable appearance and rise of Silent Demon Emperor City three thousand years ago. Somehow, the Netherworld Great Emperor had appeared with strength equal to a Divine Kingdom Holy Land’s Holy Lord. This was the only time that the South Horizon Region ever entered into the vision of the four Divine Kingdoms. For the rest of the time, the South Horizon Region was nothing at all to the four Divine Kingdoms; it was the difference between a great city and a small mountain village.

This was also reason that the South Sea Demon Region wanted to gradually make their way back towards the mainland – the resources at the sea were always somewhat barren.

“Is he here for adventure and experience? Or has he taken a liking to something from the South Sea Demon Region and wants to steal it?” Xing Can said after deeply thinking about it.

“How could he want to steal anything? I doubt there is anything within the entire South Horizon Region that would enter into the eyes of such a son of heaven. My guess is that there is some old hatred or revenge involved. 3000 years ago, the Netherworld Great Emperor needed the young girls with special physiques in order to further cultivate his devil arts. But after looking and looking, he finally ended up laying his eyes on the youngest daughter of one of the four Divine Kingdom’s Holy Lords. He actually planned on secretly kidnapping her; what a crazy idea that was. Finally, this matter was exposed and the Netherworld Great Emperor was killed by the combined forces of several Holy Lords.

“From then on, the South Sea Demon Region was not welcomed by the Divine Kingdoms. It was just that the other party had withdrawn to the South Sea and kept a low profile, and the rank of their sect wasn’t high either so the Divine Kingdoms simply didn’t bother to deal with them. Now that they wish to re-enter the Sky Spill Continent and invade the South Horizon Region once more, there must be some individuals in the Divine Kingdoms that aren’t too happy about this. Perhaps a Crown Prince from one of the Divine Kingdoms has chosen this period to go out and gain some experience.  He could annihilate the South Sea Demon Region at the same time while he journeyed around. It appears that this mysterious youth truly is a young dragon! He is far too horrifying!”

“Mm, Husband, what you said is reasonable, it should be mostly true. What should we do now?”

“We don’t do anything. The affairs of the Divine Kingdoms are not something we can meddle with. It’s better for us to seize this opportunity to contact this Divine Kingdom Crown Prince. If we can be on good terms with him, then we will have infinite profit in the future.” Xing Ji said.

“Although you say that, for a low level fifth-grade sect like us to know such a character is far too difficult!” Xing Can shook her head. How could she not want to form a good relationship with a Divine Kingdom?

“Everything depends on your own effort, there is always a chance. If we don’t try, then we’ll never know what could have happened. Speaking of this, Divine Phoenix Island, Dire Space Sect, Supreme Mystery Temple, and the seven sects of the Five Element Region really ran into a stroke of good fortune. With a Divine Kingdom helping them, they might not even need to worry about the South Sea war anymore.

As Xing Ji mentioned Divine Phoenix Island, Xing Can’s eyes brightened. “Husband, that’s right, how has the research into extracting the Vermillion Birds’ blood essence and integrating it into our bodies been going?”

The reason that Yin Yang Profound Palace was willing to take in Divine Phoenix Island was in large part because of the two Vermillion Birds. They wanted to use the blood essence of these Vermillion Birds to enhance their own cultivation methods. If the Vermillion Birds worked out, then they would continue to test with the Blue Luan.

As Xing Can mentioned this, Xing Ji’s face darkened. “That old hag Mu Fengxian, she would rather die than reveal the secret skill to transplant the Vermillion Bird blood essence.”

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