Chapter 684 - What Is There To Discuss?

Chapter 684 – What Is There To Discuss?

Xuan Yuqie’s complexion immediately changed. She paled, “What did you just say!?”

“I… I said that Lin Ming is now controlling the Giant Leviathan and he has already flown it to the entrance of the sect. Now he is storing energy, possibly to attack us!”

The black-clothed martial artist slowly and carefully repeated himself.

Xuan Yuqie suddenly felt dizzy, almost falling down where she stood. Her soul was already injured, and now after hearing this news, she almost lost her last breath.

She never imagined that Lin Ming would actually take the Giant Leviathan and step into their South Sea Demon Region!

It had to be known that after Xuan Yuqie and the other Elder fled back in distress, neither of them had publicly released the news that the Giant Leviathan of their sect had been stolen away.

This was because this was far too great a loss of face. Once this news spread out, she would never be able to recover from the effect this would have on her esteem as Sovereign. After all, she had gone out with three great Elders, and finally ended up with the Giant Leviathan being taken away. This really couldn’t be justified.

Also, this was to maintain the stability and morale of their troops. Now that Xuan Wuji was still in closed-door seclusion, it was unknown just how many more months he would need before he exited. Although this South...

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