Chapter 684 - What Is There To Discuss?

Chapter 684 – What Is There To Discuss?

Xuan Yuqie’s complexion immediately changed. She paled, “What did you just say!?”

“I… I said that Lin Ming is now controlling the Giant Leviathan and he has already flown it to the entrance of the sect. Now he is storing energy, possibly to attack us!”

The black-clothed martial artist slowly and carefully repeated himself.

Xuan Yuqie suddenly felt dizzy, almost falling down where she stood. Her soul was already injured, and now after hearing this news, she almost lost her last breath.

She never imagined that Lin Ming would actually take the Giant Leviathan and step into their South Sea Demon Region!

It had to be known that after Xuan Yuqie and the other Elder fled back in distress, neither of them had publicly released the news that the Giant Leviathan of their sect had been stolen away.

This was because this was far too great a loss of face. Once this news spread out, she would never be able to recover from the effect this would have on her esteem as Sovereign. After all, she had gone out with three great Elders, and finally ended up with the Giant Leviathan being taken away. This really couldn’t be justified.

Also, this was to maintain the stability and morale of their troops. Now that Xuan Wuji was still in closed-door seclusion, it was unknown just how many more months he would need before he exited. Although this South Sea Demon Region seemed very powerful at this moment, in truth there were many unnerving factors. If the subordinates were to suddenly find out that the Giant Leviathan was stolen away and two great Elders had died, this would surely lead to serious repercussions.

At this moment, the martial artists of the South Sea Demon Region were also in the dark. Thus, they had no idea that Lin Ming was the one who brought the Giant Leviathan knocking on their door!

Could there be a worse situation than this?

Also, as Xuan Yuqie’s mind raced with different scenarios, she still couldn’t think of anyone present in the South Sea Demon Region that could stop the bombardment of the Giant Leviathan.

How could Xuan Yuqie not panic at this time!?

She could no longer care about her injuries. She swept up all the bottles of soul recovery pills in the hidden chamber into her spatial ring, and then breathlessly rushed outside.


“Hey… look at that, the Giant Leviathan came back. It seems that it used up too much energy because Sovereign Xuan brought it out too many times. Does it need to rest in the deep sea for a few months?”

Somewhere in the South Sea Demon Region, a middle Revolving Core Protector began talking as he saw that massive shadow of the Giant Leviathan’s head loom over him.

“I have no idea. There might be a change in the situation. Perhaps the Great Elder has left his seclusion ahead of schedule.”

Another Protector thought that Xuan Wuji might be leaving seclusion early, “Let’s go and take a look.”

“Mm, alright.”

The two Protectors soared upwards.

At this moment, a black-clothed man and woman rushed into the skies at high speed. The woman was Xuan Yuqie, and the man was an Elder with a silver mask covering his face. He was the other present second stage Life Destruction master of the South Sea Demon Region, and also the Sovereign of the Demon Region Eastern Faction. Of the Demon Region’s four great clans, he was the head of the Zhou Clan.

“Everyone! Hurry up and escape far away!” Xuan Yuqie shouted out loud. At this time, her mind and heart were already a mess. With her status as the Demon Region Western Faction Sovereign, she had gathered three other great Elders of the different clans and with four people in total had chased after Lin Ming, with even the Giant Leviathan supporting them. Such a powerful lineup of Elders actually lost to Lin Ming. Not only that, but the Giant Leviathan was taken away from them, and now it was being used by others to break through their entrance. Just where did she have face to see anyone anymore?

But now was not the time to consider these matters. Several tens of thousands of feet high in the air, the Giant Leviathan was storing energy. Soon, it would launch a devastating blow against the South Sea Demon Region!

No one was more aware than Xuan Yuqie of just how terrifying the Giant Leviathan’s strength was. Its process of gathering strength was very slow, but once it was able to finish, even the great protective array formation of the South Sea Demon Region wouldn’t be able to withstand a few attacks!

That was a natural inborn war monster!

“What? We need to escape far away?” Xuan Yuqie’s voice spread through the entire sect. These demonic path martial artists weren’t idiots, they soon realized that something was wrong. As they looked up into the skies, they could see that the heaven and earth origin energy within a range of several hundred miles was being stirred up by the Giant Leviathan, forming a cataclysmic vortex of origin energy as it swallowed it all!

Could this be…

The South Sea Demon Region martial artists all paled at once. At this time, the shout from the Demon Region Easter Faction Sovereign confirmed their suspicious…

“Young Hero, do not start! Let us discuss this first!”


All of the demon region martial artists were stunned, and then slowly began to react. The Giant Leviathan had been taken away, and now it was actually being used to attack their South Sea Demon Region!

Everyone turned to look at Xuan Yuqie. Just several days ago, Xuan Yuqie had taken the Giant Leviathan on a punitive expedition, bringing with her a powerful lineup of Elders towards Divine Phoenix Island. Later, she and another Elder had returned, and then she had declared to everyone that the Giant Leviathan had gone to rest in the deep sea in order to recover its energy. As for the two other Elders, they had gone to accompany and take care of the Giant Leviathan.

Now it appeared that there had been an accident. Several days ago, Xuan Yuqie must have suffered a crushing defeat; she even lost control of the Giant Leviathan!

Just who had such a great ability to do this?

The Demon Region martial artists all had increasingly confused expressions appear on their faces. Within the entire South Sea Demon Region, besides Xuan Wuji, she was the number one master. Just who was this other party?

Feeling the puzzled eyes of thousands of people on her, their stares filled with confusion and disbelief, Xuan Yuqie grinded her shining white teeth together and clenched her fists. In her entire life, she had never received such humiliation!

This damned Lin Ming!

Xuan Yuqie’s hate caused her to gnash her teeth together. If Lin Ming was in front of her, she would undoubtedly try to tear him apart with her teeth. But Lin Ming was currently within the Giant Leviathan. With the protection of the Giant Leviathan, there wasn’t anything she was able to do to him!

Beside Xuan Yuqie, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign could see the energy stored within the Giant Leviathan becoming increasingly potent and violent. His face turned as white as paper. For him to stop the attack of the Giant Leviathan was simply unrealistic. If the sect’s great protective array were to be ripped apart then the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Young Hero, don’t be rash! Let us discuss this…”

The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign was also feeling anxious enough that he felt sick in his stomach. He was hoping to reach a settlement with Lin Ming in exchange for resources. At least, he should first try to stabilize this situation with Lin Ming first.

However, just as he spoke, there was suddenly a massive explosion in the skies!

It was like 10,000 thunderbolts gathering together, making the entire world lose color. All of the heaven and earth origin energy with a range of several hundred miles was completely gathered up by the Giant Leviathan, forming a massive golden beam as thick as a giant tree. It was like an unrivalled vorpal sword, cutting directly down onto the South Sea Demon Region’s great protective array!


“Hurry and dodge!”

“Help me!”

All of the South Sea Demon Region martial artists were aware of how terrifying the Giant Leviathan was. Before this, Divine Phoenix Island, the Wartime Alliance, and afterwards also the Dire Space Sect and Supreme Mystery Temple, none of them had an array formation that was capable of dealing with the Giant Leviathan’s barrage of attacks!

The entire South Sea Demon Region was thrust into absolute chaos!

Bang bang bang!

A sound filled the world as if the earth itself was breaking apart. In the skies, a thick red barrier suddenly appeared, stiffly resisting the Giant Leviathan’s great golden sword!

A massive and violent explosion set off great surging tsunamis. At the Demon Temples, the island began to collapse all around them. Large tracts of land sunk into the sea, immediately causing all the islands to shrink a size!

Great waves of rock and water thousands of feet high smashed into the great protective array, generating explosive sounds of thunder. It was like the apocalypse was occurring at this moment!

Underneath that brutal golden beam of light, the red barrier fiercely twisted. With a deafening crackling sound, as if space itself was breaking apart, a shocking crack appeared in the barrier.

The great protective array was beginning to collapse!

“How can this be!?!?”

Xuan Yuqie’s beautiful face immediately changed. Although she had guessed that the South Sea Demon Region’s great protective array formation was basically unable to stop the barrage of the Giant Leviathan, it should be able to withstand two attacks at least. After all, the South Sea Demon Region’s great protective array formation was several times more powerful than Divine Phoenix Island’s!

But now, with just a single attack it had begun to collapse!

This great protective array had not weakened. Then, there was only one other possibility. That was… underneath Lin Ming’s control, the Giant Leviathan had become that much stronger!

As Xuan Yuqie realized this, her lips began to tremble. How? How could it be like this!?

Even if it were Xuan Wuji personally controlling the Giant Leviathan, he still wouldn’t be able to achieve such devastating power!

Who was Lin Ming? Was he really only a mere 20 year old youth?

Why had he been able to erase Xuan Wuji’s soul mark? Why, in just a short two and a half years, was he able to jump from the Xiantian realm to the Revolving Core realm? Why was he able to stimulate the potential of the Great Leviathan to such a degree?

In this moment, a deep sense of fear and helplessness emerged within Xuan Yuqie’s heart. When she had first obtained the news that Lin Ming had returned, she had been secretly pleased with this sudden discovery. She had thought that she would finally be able to capture Lin Ming and torture all of the secrets out of his body. But now that she thought back on this, she realized just how laughable an idea this was.

Lin Ming was simply a vicious demon from hell. She didn’t even try to evade him, but rather took the initiative to walk straight up to his doorstep.

“Sovereign Xuan, what is going on here? You must give me an explanation about how you lost the Giant Leviathan!” The Demon Region Easter Faction Sovereign breathlessly shouted at Xuan Yuqie. The Giant Leviathan was originally a beast that belonged to the Xuan Clan, so when they lost it, he had nothing he could say about it. But now the Giant Leviathan had actually ended up in Lin Ming’s hands instead, and it was returning to the South Sea Demon Region as a fatal catastrophe. Naturally, she had to pay the price for this.

Xuan Yuqie grit her teeth and coldly said. “I will naturally be responsible for all of the consequences from this!”

“Responsible? Humph, just how will you be responsible?” The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign’s voice was cold. Because he was wearing a silver mask it was impossible to see his expression.

“Then what do you want? At this time do you want to fight with me?”

As Xuan Yuqie spoke, she unconsciously released her aura. Her strength was above this masked Elder, so she simply didn’t fear him at all.

At this time, the South Sea Demon Region’s great protective array could no longer withstand this immense barrage. With a final cracking sound, the barrier completely disintegrated!

The massive space barrier turned into fragments in the skies. The leftover energy of the golden light beam fell onto the Netherworld Demon Mountain, crashing through the mountainside. The majestic palaces that were several hundreds of feet tall suddenly toppled to the ground, instantly turning into ruins!

“Hurry and run!”

It was unknown who shouted this out, but all of the Demon Region martial artists began to react at once. Everyone began fleeing in all directions!

What a joke. If even the great protective array shattered, just how could they resist the Giant Leviathan’s attacks?

“Don’t go off alone! Everyone listen to my command!” Xuan Yuqie shouted out in midair. However, these martial artists didn’t even bother listening to her. Instead, they ran away at an even faster pace! The Demon Region martial artists always took themselves as the center of their every action. At this time, who could bother caring for others?


Xuan Yuqie cried out in consternation. If she was able to organize everyone, then even if it was impossible to defeat the Giant Leviathan, everyone would still be able to retreat in a systematic order, thus preserving the greatest amount of strength for the entire South Sea Demon Region. But now, with everything and everyone in chaos, it would be easy to be chased down and killed!

And sure enough, Xuan Yuqie saw the Giant Leviathan rush forwards, already caught up to the rear of the escaping martial artists. Several thousand tentacles wantonly flew through the air, like countless massive snakes!

The massacre had begun!

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