Chapter 683 - 10,000 Mile Raid

Chapter 683 – 10,000 Mile Raid

Above the South sea, the massive Giant Leviathan shot forth at a terrifying pace. Even the clouds and sea were blown away by the sonic speed of the Giant Leviathan.

The four scouts from Storm Valley looked on with fear and trepidation in their eyes, their hearts gripped and their blood bubbling with excitement.

This was a counterattack on the South Sea Demon Region!

Ever since war broke out in the South Sea, this was the first time that anyone from Divine Phoenix Island or the Five Element Region saw someone fighting back against the South Sea Demon Region!

“Hurry up and transmit the news!” A scout said in hysterical elation.

“Mm, let’s pass the news!”

The four of them all pulled out sound transmitting talismans at once and sent out a message. After passing through several secret relay points of the South Horizon Region, the news took less than an hour to reach the Five Element Region. And at this time, important figures from the Five Element Region were gathered at the seven sect meeting hall.

After Zhan Yunjian heard the message from the sound transmitting talisman, he was utterly shocked.

After the fire flickered and disappeared, Zhan Yunjian didn’t speak for a long period of time. Huo Ruyan couldn’t help but say, “Zhan Yunjian, what message did you receive?! You’re giving me a heart attack ...

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