Chapter 683 - 10,000 Mile Raid

Chapter 683 – 10,000 Mile Raid

Above the South sea, the massive Giant Leviathan shot forth at a terrifying pace. Even the clouds and sea were blown away by the sonic speed of the Giant Leviathan.

The four scouts from Storm Valley looked on with fear and trepidation in their eyes, their hearts gripped and their blood bubbling with excitement.

This was a counterattack on the South Sea Demon Region!

Ever since war broke out in the South Sea, this was the first time that anyone from Divine Phoenix Island or the Five Element Region saw someone fighting back against the South Sea Demon Region!

“Hurry up and transmit the news!” A scout said in hysterical elation.

“Mm, let’s pass the news!”

The four of them all pulled out sound transmitting talismans at once and sent out a message. After passing through several secret relay points of the South Horizon Region, the news took less than an hour to reach the Five Element Region. And at this time, important figures from the Five Element Region were gathered at the seven sect meeting hall.

After Zhan Yunjian heard the message from the sound transmitting talisman, he was utterly shocked.

After the fire flickered and disappeared, Zhan Yunjian didn’t speak for a long period of time. Huo Ruyan couldn’t help but say, “Zhan Yunjian, what message did you receive?! You’re giving me a heart attack here!”

Zhan Yunjian took a deep breath and said, “This is incredible news. Even I couldn’t believe it when I received it – it was just too crazy to take in.”

“Zhan Yunjian, at this time are you still going to keep us guessing?” Huo Ruyan angrily beeped out, her entire body huffing and puffing with anger.

“I’m not trying to keep you guessing, I just find this hard to accept; I needed some time to digest this news.” Zhan Yunjian slowly stood up, glanced at everyone present, and then solemnly said, “The message from the sound transmitting talisman just now is… that mysterious youth has already controlled the Giant Leviathan to plunge directly into the South Sea Demon Region. They want to wage war against the South Sea Demon Region…”


With these words, everyone was struck dumb with amazement!

“Isn’t that just too reckless!?” Deep Earth Sect’s Shi Yun couldn’t help but say.

“Yeah! To penetrate alone into enemy territory, that is the ultimate taboo of any military plan! Moreover, there are countless masters within the South Sea Demon Region; it could be said to be a fatal danger zone. That mysterious youth may be fierce, but this is just far too dangerous!” Zhou Lie echoed. However, even as he finished, he seemed to have missed something…

After thinking about it further, the current South Sea Demon Region’s situation was… Xuan Wuji was still in seclusion and Xuan Yuqie was severely wounded. The Giant Leviathan was also captured, and now they were greatly weakened because of this… this was the most opportune time to make a counterattack!

None of the heroic youths present were slow of mind. As they all realized this, all of them couldn’t help but look at each other with blank shock on their faces.

For a time, a deep silence fell over the entire meeting hall.

Ever since the South Sea Demon Region had spread out news that Xuan Wuji had gone into seclusion to break through to the fourth stage of Life Destruction, the entire South Horizon Region had been devastated. They all had a premonition that once Xuan Wuji made his breakthrough and left his seclusion, that was the day when the South Sea Demon Region would bring a great apocalypse upon all of them.

Their days after knowing the time of their death had were no better!

For this half year, regardless of whether it was the Five Element Region’s seven great sects, Divine Phoenix Island, Dire Space Sect, or Supreme Mystery Temple, all of them were thinking of ways of how they could survive this upcoming catastrophe. But, none of them had ever thought of counterattacking the South Sea Demon Region.

This idea was far too crazy!

If that mysterious youth could actually cause great losses to the South Sea Demon Region, then he would become a living legend!

This was a less than 30 year old youth that was able to reverse the entire war of the South Sea with just his own strength! Looking through the last 10,000 year history of the Sky Spill Continent, just who was able to forge such a mythic legend!?

“Crazy, too crazy…”

Shi Yun mumbled to himself. Just who was this strange youth? Someone that was able to have some achievements was definitely not unknown!

Perhaps in the future, this person might even stand at the highest peak of the Sky Spill Continent, showing disdain for all rivals!

“No kidding, this sort of existence has already surpassed our understanding. To counterattack the South Sea Demon Region… what a powerful and bold great lord!” A direct disciple from Golden Bell Mountain said with a sigh.

“Mm… although we know that the South Sea Demon Region is in its weakest state right now, analyzing this is one thing, and deciding to counterattack the South Sea Demon Region after living under the pall of their shadow is another! If it was me, there was no way I would have the courage to do this simply because I would never think of it.” Bai Aoxuan sighed. Compared to this mysterious youth, whether it was strength, courage, or foresight, she was far too inferior. These past years, because of the absolute superiority shown by the South Sea Demon Region, all of them had already subconsciously formed a line of thinking that none of them were able to resist the South Sea Demon Region.

One couldn’t blame the Five Element Region and the South Horizon Region. Even when all of their sects were combined together, they didn’t even have enough Life Destruction Elders to count on more than a single hand. As for the South Sea Demon Region, they had once been a Holy Land after all. After recovering over thousands of years, their strength had now exceeded everyone’s expectations.

At this time, Huo Ruyan’s cheeks were red. Her dark black eyes had widened and it was unknown what she was thinking. She muttered, “What Holy Land has this mysterious youth come from? Because of him, the entire South Sea war is now in upheaval…”

“Little Sister Huo, you really didn’t fall in love with him, right?” As Bai Aoxuan saw Huo Ruyan’s appearance, she was slightly surprised for a moment before she laughed.

“I’m fine, stop making fun of me!” Huo Ruyan said, a bit embarrassed. “We should consider whether or not we should send out some masters to assist this mysterious youth.”

Since ancient times, beautiful women had always loved heroes. This was especially true in the world of martial artists. To contend with the entire South Sea Demon Region with just his strength, reversing the disastrous war and saving them from the descending dangers, this sort of extraordinarily brave and strong hero was easily able to touch the heart of a girl. Let alone Huo Ruyan, even Bai Aoxuan couldn’t help but feel her heart tremble. But, they were well aware that the difference in their status was far too great.

“It would be too late for us to send out masters. The distance from the Five Element Region to the South Sea Demon Region is too great. Then again, even if we could send people, their strength simply wouldn’t be of help.” Zhan Yunjian said as he sighed, a bit frustrated. The seven great sects of the Five Element Region were only ordinary fourth-grade sects. Most of them didn’t even have Life Destruction powerhouses, so how could they possibly help?

“It’s fine. We shouldn’t worry over him. We only need to wait for the results. This mysterious youth’s ability has far surpassed our imaginations, he should be from one of the Divine Kingdoms from the central mainland. I have no idea why he decided to fight the South Sea Demon Region, but this time we’ve really hit the jackpot.” Zhan Yunjian said.

The South Horizon Region was located at the very south of the Sky Spill Continent. The sea here bordered the mainland; it was a relatively remote area. Here, ordinary fifth-grade sects like Great Zen Temple and the South Sea Demon Region were considered supreme powers.

But in the central region of the mainland, there were four Divine Kingdoms. These Divine Kingdoms each occupied an area that was five or six times larger than the Great Zen Region. As for the several Holy Lands of the Sky Spill Continent, most of them were located there. And when it came to fifth-grade sects, there were even more of those within the borders of these four Divine Kingdoms.

This was why Zhan Yunjian believed that this mysterious youth originated from these four Divine Kingdoms. If he was one of those legendary Crown Princes of a Divine Kingdom, then he would just barely be able to accept this…


At this time, one million miles away, at the South Sea –

Lin Ming was within a miniature dimension of the Giant Leviathan. In front of him, there were two black-clothed old man respectfully standing there. These two were the South Sea Demon Region Elders that had submitted to Lin Ming – Elder Sun and Elder Zhou.

For convenience, Lin Ming called them Demon One and Demon Two.

“Demon One, how many Life Destruction masters are there altogether in the South Sea Demon Region?” Lin Ming asked.

“Reporting to Master, in these past 3000 years, the South Sea Demon Region has been recuperating and accumulating its strength, developing its forces. Especially several hundred years ago, Xuan Wuji discovered an ancient ruin within the South Sea and obtained the ‘Ancient Devil Tome’ as well as many resources. With this, the South Sea Demon Region was able to develop many masters.”

Lin Ming slightly nodded. He also knew of that ancient ruin that the Demon Emperor had left behind. Xuan Wuji had obtained the ‘Ancient Devil Tome’ as well as the Demon Emperor’s letter from there. From the Demon Emperor’s letter, he had obtained the location of the Demon God Imperial Palace as well as the method to open it.

Xuan Wuji had prepared for that trip into the Demon God Imperial Palace for many, many years. He didn’t even hesitate to launch a war in the South Sea for this very reason. As long as he was able to obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root and the Giant Leviathan, then he really would have a chance to break through to the Divine Sea realm given enough time, becoming the ultimate ruler of the Sky Spill Continent's southernmost tip.

All of his schemes were perfect. But, there had been a single unknown factor – the appearance of Lin Ming.

Xuan Wuji had never imagined that a mere youth that hadn’t even broken through to the Xiantian realm would ruin his plans of so many years, flushing it all down the drain!

Demon One said, “In these last several hundreds of years, because of those resources and relics found from the ancient ruins, the South Sea Demon Region has been able to cultivate eight Life Destruction masters. In addition to original number, that is a total of 16. Afterwards, because they kept dying off, not counting us, there are only seven left. Of these seven, two are at the second stage of Life Destruction and Xuan Wuji is nearing the fourth stage of Life Destruction. The other four remaining are all at the first stage of Life Destruction.

“Mm… I see.” Lin Ming nodded. This strength wasn’t enough to make him feel any fear at all.

“What about the South Sea Demon Region’s allies? How strong are those clans from the deep sea?”

“Reporting to Master, this servant is not too clear about this. The deep sea clans are very mysterious; normally only Xuan Wuji has contact with them. This time, they only sent out a single Elder to help us start a deep sea beast tide.” After having a slave seal planted within him, Demon One could be described as unwaveringly loyal with absolute devotion.

“Mm, I got it.” Lin Ming responded.

Then, as he passed his perception outside of this dimension, he saw that the Giant Leviathan was nearing the center of the South Sea Demon Region.

The South Sea Demon Region was located on three islands deep within the South Sea. This was a point where the shallow waters met with the deeper water. The heaven and earth origin energy here was very thick.

As the Giant Leviathan arrived, its massive form caused monstrous waves to rise through the entire sea, forming surging tsunamis that rolled towards these islands.

In the Netherworld Demon Mountain’s main temple, Xuan Yuqie was sitting within a hidden chamber. In front of her were a number of precious soul recovery medicines. After she had fled in panic and distress, her soul had been injured and she also swallowed down a blood poison pill. Her origin energy had been extremely damaged. Without closing up for several months, there was no way she would be able to restore herself.

She had already gone into seclusion to heal herself, when she suddenly heard a great rumbling sound outside. At this time, all of the heaven and earth origin energy around the Netherworld Demon Mountain began to be stirred up in intense agitation.

“Mm? What’s going on?”

Xuan Yuqie was shocked. A faint foreboding feeling began to grow in her heart. She was about to step outside to take a look, when at this time, a black-clothed martial artist crashed into her hidden chamber, his face pale as he panted from exhaustion.

“Sov… Sovereign Xuan, something disastrous has happened. Lin Ming has brought the Giant Leviathan to our sect’s entrance. The Giant Leviathan is now storing energy, preparing to break through the great protective array!”

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