Chapter 682 - Counterattacking the South Sea Demon Region

Chapter 682 – Counterattacking the South Sea Demon Region

The Giant Leviathan’s strength lay in its massive size. Because of its size, normal attacks weren’t even able to scratch it. The total energy contained within its attacks was also extremely terrifying; even a sect’s great protective array wouldn’t be able to resist it.

Mu Yuhuang never thought that anyone could kill the Giant Leviathan. Unless, this person was a fifth or sixth stage Life Destruction master, or even an Emperor level powerhouse.

But in the entire Sky Spill Continent, there were only several widely known Emperor powerhouses. With those that remained hidden all around the world, the total number amounted to around 100. But, most of these people were centered in the central regions of the mainland, so it was impossible for them to have some conflict with the South Sea Demon Region.

Mu Fengxian said, “It seems that there is some strong expert behind these outstanding heroic youths. If they are a fourth stage of even fifth stage Life Destruction master, then there would be a turning point in the South Sea war! Even if nothing happens to the Giant Leviathan, it’s good enough for that Xuan Yuqie to take a loss.”

Mu Fengxian didn’t believe that there was an under 30 year old youth out there capable of dealing with Xuan Yuqie; there had to be some powerful expert assisting them from behind.

Mu Yuhuang said, “Talking about this further is useless. Let us wait for this battle to end before we make further plans. Now, it’s better if we consider the future reconstruction of Divine Phoenix Island. Yin Yang Profound Palace has the heart of a wolf. Without a doubt, they want to subvert our Divine Phoenix Island. I fear that they even covet the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ and the ‘Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code’!”

As Mu Yuhuang spoke of Yin Yang Profound Palace, her voice became somewhat chilly. The truth was that when she decided to seek refuge within Yin Yang Profound Palace, she had already expected that the situation would turn out like this. However, at the time, she really had no other choice.

If things continued at this pace, then it would be impossible for Divine Phoenix Island to separate itself from Yin Yang Profound Palace in 100 years.

Mu Yuhuang certainly wouldn’t idly sit by and wait for this to occur. She had a secret card in her hand, the greatest X factor that she had placed her every bet on. That was… Lin Ming!

Mu Yuhuang had pinned her every hope on Lin Ming. Lin Ming was a dragon in a pool. 10 years from now, as long as he was able to safely return, then he should have strength near the Life Destruction realm or even above that. A few more years after that, if his strength could reach the third stage of Life Destruction, then he could be the pillar that shouldered the heavens for Divine Phoenix Island!

At that time, it would no longer be difficult for Divine Phoenix Island to reconstruct itself. It was exactly because of this reason that Mu Yuhuang had dared to seek asylum within Yin Yang Profound Palace.

At the same time that Yin Yang Profound Palace was secretly trying to swallow up Divine Phoenix Island, Divine Phoenix Island was also using Yin Yang Profound Palace.

“Everything will depend on Lin Ming. If he can return safely after those 10 years and have the strength to challenge the Life Destruction realm, then we can be considered as having reached the calm after the storm. Otherwise…”

As Mu Yuhuang spoke to here, Mu Qianyu felt her heart ache.

‘Otherwise’. This word was truly terrifying.

She silently prayed in her heart for Lin Ming’s safety and that nothing tragic would befall him. 10 years from now, even if Lin Ming had exhausted all of his potential and wasn’t able to live up to Mu Yuhuang’s expectations, everything would be fine as long as he was safe…

Mu Yuhuang, Mu Fengxian, and Mu Qianyu all had various concerns and doubts weighing down on their minds. After a day of restlessness, a stunning piece of news suddenly arrived to them in the evening.

Xuan Yuqie had gathered three great Elders, using the Giant Leviathan to attack that mysterious party led by the enigmatic youth. But in the end, they had actually been the ones to be defeated!

Moreover, the most shocking news was that control of the Giant Leviathan had been stolen away. In a stunning reverse, the great beast had instead attacked the four great Elders of the South Sea Demon Region, killing two Elders from the Sun Clan and Zhou Clan!

As Mu Yuhuang obtained this news, she stood there stunned for a long period of time before she was able to shake herself out of her daze. Although she already expected that this mysterious force had some backing since they dared to face Xuan Yuqie and the Giant Leviathan, she never imagined that they would also have a method to erase the soul mark left behind by Xuan Wuji and take control of the Giant Leviathan!

It had to be known that the Giant Leviathan was controlled by Xuan Yuqie and three other great Elders. If the four of them noticed this happening, they absolutely would have launched a counterattack.

However, that mysterious force had not only forcefully broke through their counterattack, but also successfully captured the Giant Leviathan!

What sort of terrifying ability was this? What level of master could this be?

Fourth stage Life Destruction? Perhaps even fifth stage Life Destruction?

Mu Yuhuang was extremely shocked. This mysterious youth that was less than 30 years old, as well as that mysterious power behind him, both began to become increasingly wrapped in an aura of secrecy.

She thought about this for a long time, and then mumbled, “I really have no idea where this force came from and why they would attack the South Sea Demon Region…”

“Perhaps it might be the mortal enemies of the South Sea Demon Region, or even Silent Demon Emperor City…” Mu Yuhuang slowly said, her old eyes shining. “No matter what sort of situation this is, it is a favorable turn of events for us. However, don’t be too optimistic. Even if the South Sea Demon Region has lost the Giant Leviathan, they still have Xuan Wuji. That Xuan Wuji is strangely terrifying! During the trip into the Demon God Imperial Palace, Lin Ming ruined his calculated plans. But afterwards, he was still able to obtain the Giant Leviathan. After leaving the Demon God Imperial Palace, he found reinforcements from those clans of the deep sea, and then launched a total attack on the entire South Sea. Now, he has collected enough resources to break through to the fourth stage of Life Destruction. Once he leaves his seclusion, that is when the true battle will begin…”


As Mu Yuhuang obtained news that this mysterious force had completely routed Xuan Yuqie, this news also spread through the entire South Sea. Mu Bingyun had returned three days earlier to Yin Yang Profound Palace. As for the seven great sects of the Five Element Region, they had now gathered together and were deliberating on how to jointly deal with the South Sea Demon Region and other relevant matters.

Although the current South Sea Demon Region had united the various deep sea clans and still held a position of absolute superiority, this good news at least allowed everyone to see a glimmer of hope. It wasn’t like before where the others simply didn’t have the courage to even think of resisting.

It had to be known that the Giant Leviathan wasn’t too extraordinary in one on one combat. But, when facing an entire sect, its massive energy beam was able to destroy even a sect’s great protective array. Even Divine Phoenix Island, with its 3000 year legacy, was no exception to this.

Then, if even they fell, who else dared to fight with the South Sea Demon Region directly?

In the joint meeting hall of the Five Element Region’s seven great sects, the Sunfire Princess Huo Ruyan was fanatically saying, “This mysterious youth is just too cute. I have no idea what Holy Land this genius came out from for adventuring, but if I see him then I really, really have to thank him.”

As Zhan Yunjian saw Huo Ruyan’s crazed expression, he laughed and said, “Ruyan, please don’t tell me that you’ve fallen in love with him. Then again, your age is a good match; you’re also in your mid twenties!”

Hearing Zhan Yunjian’s teasing words, Huo Ruyan blushed as she said, “Really, such a filthy mouth can’t speak any good words. I haven’t even seen him. Then again, he is most likely a Holy Land descendant, so how would he even look at me…”

As Huo Ruyan spoke to here, there was a tinge of exasperation in her voice. She was only at the Xiantian realm, but this mysterious youth was already at the Revolving Core realm. Not just that, but an exceptional Revolving Core master who was said to have strength comparable to a Life Destruction master’s combat strength. How could anyone not be bothered hearing this?

But, there was nothing she could do about it. This was the difference of background and talent. She only came from a tiny fourth-grade sect, so how could she compare with a Holy Land?

“Haha, I was just messing around with you. But it really seems that you have this intent, hmm? You know, us martial artists don’t care too much about appearance. If this fellow’s character isn’t too bad, then I’ll ask him for you!”

Zhan Yunjian teased. This meeting was basically all juniors participating. As Zhan Yunjian joked with Huo Ruyan, this immediately elicited laughs from everyone, making Huo Ruyan’s face even redder. Ever since the South Sea Demon Region destroyed the South Sea Wartime Alliance and the flames of war had burned all the way to the Five Element Region, it was rare for everyone to laugh as they did now.

“Alright, let’s not tease little sister Ruyan anymore. If this mysterious force really is from a Holy Land, then the South Sea Demon Region really will be in trouble. We should have someone speak with that mysterious youth to see what plans he has.” Arctic Ice Palace’s Bai Aoxuan said. These sect talents had gradually grown up. Although most of their cultivations were at the middle Xiantian realm, because of their amazing talent they had a combat strength equal to a half-step Revolving Core master. In addition, with their growing mentality and maturity, they were now able to take on some responsibilities.

“Yes, yes, that’s right! We should approach him. I really have no idea how the South Sea Demon Region managed to offend such a great power, but no matter what, this is a great help to us!” Thundercrest Sect’s Zhou Lie echoed. “Brother Zhan, your Storm Valley has scouts near Divine Phoenix Island. Let’s leave the matter of contacting this mysterious youth to Brother Zhan. The earlier the better, it’s best not delay this matter further.”

“Mm, Brother Zhou is right. I’ll hurry and send the orders now. If this mysterious party can directly help us then that would be wonderful!” As Zhan Yunjian spoke he immediately took out a long distance sound transmitting talisman. This sound transmitting talisman would pass through several relay stations; it would be able to reach the scouts that Storm Valley had stationed in the South Sea in less than an hour.

Storm Valley had four scouts in the South Sea, all of them with an extreme Xiantian cultivation. They were proficient in wind attribute concealment techniques and also had supportive secret skills that used the Concept of Wind to hear distance voices. They were very well suited for being scouts.

The four scouts immediately set out and carefully headed towards Divine Phoenix Island. However, just as they reached the border of Divine Phoenix Island and were preparing to make contact with that mysterious force, they happened to see that massive floating Giant Leviathan suddenly shoot into the sky!

The 90 mile long Giant Leviathan rushed into the skies, causing monstrous waves and turbulent gales in the entire area, and making all the heaven and earth origin energy in the surrounding several hundred miles restlessly move. Being close to this tremendous pressure made one feel as if they were nothing more than a leaf in a storm.

“Mm? They’re flying away!”

“This direction is… the south!?”

Two scouts helplessly gazed on as they watched the Giant Leviathan fly towards the south. The Giant Leviathan was extremely large, and thus its acceleration was very slow. But, given enough time to reach its maximum speed, its speed would be no worse than that of a Life Destruction powerhouse!

When such a massive Giant Leviathan flew in the sky at high speed, it would causing a terrifying wind pressure that would sound out like a moving thunderstorm, forcefully ripping apart the sea beneath and forming a massive canyon in the water. After this ‘canyon’ was formed, it would fall back down like two great waterfalls, creating a massive splash of water that sprayed several miles into the sky.

“What are they doing?” As a scout saw the Giant Leviathan’s speed increase, he couldn’t help but ask this question out loud.

“South… south of Divine Phoenix Island is the South Sea Demon Region! They shouldn’t be… are they… are they attacking the South Sea Demon Region!? Heavens!”

Another scout sucked in a breath of cold air. In these past few years, the South Sea Demon Region had acquired too great a reputation. Now, they were the same as an Asura hell in everyone’s eyes. That mysterious force actually wanted to rush into the lair of the South Sea Demon Region? Did they not care about their lives?

“No, think about it some more… Xuan Wuji is in seclusion and Xuan Yuqie has been severely wounded. Now even the Giant Leviathan has been wrested away by that mysterious youth. This would be… the best time to attack the South Sea Demon Region!” As a scout suddenly realized this, everyone began to look at each other in shock.

This was too crazy!

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