Chapter 681 - Mu Qianyu’s Worries

Chapter 681 – Mu Qianyu’s Worries

After two and a half years, not only did Mu Fengxian’s cultivation not rise, but it tended to fall instead. Her appearance was even older, and her eyes were no longer as bright as they were in the past.

This was a sign that one’s life was reaching its later days. But, the truth was that with Mu Fengxian’s mere 700 to 800 years of life, even if she didn’t break through to the second stage of Life Destruction, she should still be able to live for several hundred more years. The reason that she was in such a situation was because she had truly overdrawn her mind and body in the South Sea war, repeatedly taking action, all of this at the cost of wounding her own life source.

On Mu Fengxian’s left hand side was the red-dressed Mu Yuhuang. Mu Yuhuang’s cultivation had gone even further, and now she had stepped foot into the Life Destruction realm.

When Lin Ming had first completed his 100% Tempering Marrow, he hadn’t used up the entire Nirvana Dragon Root; it still had 20% of its essence energy remaining. He had given this greatly weakened Nirvana Dragon Root to Mu Qianyu, and Mu Qianyu had in turn given it to Mu Fengxian. Mu Fengxian didn’t use it for herself, but instead gave it to Mu Yuhuang.

Mu Fengxian was well aware that she had reached the limits of her potential. Even if she swallowed...

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