Chapter 680 - Subdue

Chapter 680 – Subdue

“Let’s attack together!”

An Elder loudly shouted as he faced the Giant Leviathan’s tentacles, extracting a ruler from his spatial ring at the same time.

The other Elder took out a heavy sword. The two of them began revolving their true essence to the limit, using their ultimate abilities!

Two storms of black true essence erupted. Under the minute control of the two Elders, the two attacks fused as one, heavily smashing into the net of tentacles.


Flames exploded. Several shining tentacles that bore the brunt of the attack dimmed down, rapidly shrinking back. However, more and more tentacles rushed forth to take their place, leaving no room for the two Elders to run as before.

“This is bad!”

Seeing the tentacles that were filled with energy rush towards them, the two great Elders’ eyes turned blood red. With their insignificant first stage Life Destruction strength, resisting this net made of the Giant Leviathan’s tentacles was impossible.

“I’ll use up my life!”

The two Elders thought of this idea at the same time. However, something happened that shocked them. As the great tentacles rushed towards them, they actually began to slow down, wrapping around them without even the slightest intent of piercing through their bodies.

Ka ka ka!

The two Elders felt as...

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