Chapter 679 - Severely Wounding Xuan Yuqie

Chapter 679 – Severely Wounding Xuan Yuqie

Against this giant beast that was nearly a hundred miles long, just what had Lin Ming done in order to wound it? Duanmu Qun found this hard to believe. When Lin Ming had used that exquisite movement technique to escape the all-encompassing attack of the Giant Leviathan, he had only been able to sigh in admiration. Then, and even now, he still didn’t fully understand what Lin Ming had done.

The Giant Leviathan was still roaring in the air, its sonic voice making the sea tremble as if hundreds of thousands of thunderclaps were exploding together!


The Giant Leviathan’s tail suddenly pounded the sea surface, directly raising a massive wave ten miles high!

The turbulent waves actually rushed into the sky and washed away the clouds. They callously drove towards Divine Phoenix Island, submerging a massive expanse of the palace ruins!

Seeing this scene, even the normally indifferent Feng Shen was secretly flabbergasted. This was the terror of a super Saint Beast. Just that great body was already an unstoppable weapon!

“This really is a super war machine. Perhaps it isn’t too extraordinary in a one on one battle, but if it were used to seize the headquarters of a sect, any sect below the fifth-grade would be directly rolled over!”

Duanmu Qun said with sincere emotion. If there wasn’t a number of third stage Life Destruction and above powerhouses banding together, then it really would be impossible to stop the energy impact of this Giant Leviathan!

At this time, within the Giant Leviathan the battle between Lin Ming, Xuan Yuqie, and the rest had reached its superheating phase.

Xuan Yuqie and the three great Elders were flushed red, their foreheads dripping with sweat.

This was a direct confrontation of soul force with the Giant Leviathan’s spiritual sea as the battlefield. Even so, Xuan Yuqie and her group were the ones losing.

Now Xuan Yuqie had already retreated to the final destination of the soul mark. She sent out her soul force, shaping it into a phantom that wore black war armor, an almost exact replica of herself.

And then in front of her, holding a white spear, Lin Ming also began to slowly appear.

Seeing Lin Ming, Xuan Yuqie gnashed her white teeth together, “Lin Ming! You’ve got guts! Do you really want to become mortal enemies with my South Sea Demon Region!?”

Lin Ming thought this was quite funny, he nearly laughed out loud. “Listening to Sovereign Xuan’s words, if I were to give up now, then would I no longer be the sworn enemy of the South Sea Demon Region?”

“You…!” Xuan Yuqie’s voluptuous chest furiously rose up and down, “What a good Lin Ming! Since you want to die so badly, then I will fulfill your wish. Just you wait until Elder Xuan comes out of seclusion. Once he reaches the fourth stage of Life Destruction and emerges, then I’d like to see just how you’ll avoid him!”

“Fourth stage of Life Destruction… I hope he doesn’t fail in his cultivation.” Lin Ming indifferently smiled and then pointed his long spear straight at Xuan Yuqie, thrusting directly at her!

This was a weapon formed from his soul force. A battle spirit could also increase the power of soul force. With the battle spirit’s strength in addition to Demonshine’s support, the might of this spear strike caused Xuan Yuqie’s beautiful face to pale with dread!

She instantly judged that it was impossible for her to block this spear. But, right behind her was the soul mark that Xuan Wuji had left behind. If she didn’t fight and ran away instead, then this soul mark would be destroyed by Lin Ming!

Xuan Wuji was the true ruler of the South Sea Demon Region and the Giant Leviathan was one of his greatest tools to challenge the world. If she were to lose the Giant Leviathan here, she couldn’t imagine just how she would survive Xuan Wuji’s anger!

In this brief flash of hesitation, Xuan Yuqie tried to dodge, but it was already too late!

Lin Ming’s soul spear had already pierced towards Xuan Yuqie.


Xuan Yuqie gave a loud shout and completely exhausted all of her soul force, slashing down her sword onto Lin Ming’s spear!

However, the difference was too great. Demonshine’s soul force was already much stronger than Lin Ming’s. Now with both gathered as one, this was not a force that Xuan Yuqie and her three great Elders were able to contend with.

In the exchange of moves, there was only a snapping sound as Xuan Yuqie’s sword snapped apart. Without slowing down at all, Lin Ming’s long spear pierced through Xuan Yuqie’s chest!

Blood bloomed like a crimson lotus. Xuan Yuqie’s face instantly paled and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Ahhhh! You little devil, I will remember you!”

Xuan Yuqie’s voice was thick was hatred as she spat out these words. Atop Lin Ming’s long spear, her body began to be destroyed, slowly fading away.

After Xuan Yuqie vanished, the soul mark that Xuan Wuji left behind was right in front of him. Now there were no longer any barriers stopping him.

Lin Ming fixed his eyes on this black flame-like mark. It was the size of a palm, and around this black mark, soul force had formed into chains of runic ropes, spreading out like an octopus as it imprisoned the Giant Leviathan’s spiritual sea.

“Lin Ming, destroy this and then make a brand with your own soul mark. With that, the Giant Leviathan will be yours! This silly big fellow doesn’t have much potential for growth, and of course compared to this saint it is like mud to the heavens. Still, the advantage is that it’s already grown up; you don’t need to bother with raising it. This beast should be enough for you while you’re still at the Sky Spill Continent. Once you enter the Realm of the Gods, you will be able to swap it out for a new contract beast.”

“Mm, understood.” Lin Ming faintly smiled as he heard Demonshine’s boastful words. With his long spear in hand, he approached Xuan Wuji’s soul mark.


At this time, within a dimension of the Giant Leviathan, Xuan Yuqie gave a miserable cough before she slumped to the ground. There was not even a hint of blood left in her face and her lips were extremely pale, sweat streaming down her entire body.

If one’s soul force was damaged, then the body wouldn’t be harmed. But, injury to one’s soul force was even more troublesome. Without a top heavenly soul nourishing treasure, it was simply an impossible wound to heal.

“Sovereign Xuan, are you alright?”

The other three Elders were alarmed. They had consumed a massive amount of their soul force. As for the damage to their spiritual seas, they were only a bit better off than Xuan Yuqie.

At this moment, they finally began to realize just how serious the situation was!

Lin Ming had used some unknown means to reverse all odds and defeat the four of them combined!

They believed they had paid the price for underestimating their enemy. But the truth was that even if they didn’t overestimate Lin Ming, nothing would have changed the result of this battle.

“Sovereign Xuan, what should we do now?” An Elder asked as he grit his teeth.

“Escape, we’re running away right now!” Xuan Yuqie dragged herself off the floor and swallowed a red pill.

This was not a soul recovery pill, but rather a blood poison pill that stimulated one’s potential to the limit. It was similar to the Scarlet Blood Pill Lin Ming had taken before to combust his blood essence. It had enormous side effects on the body!

Xuan Yuqie’s soul was already injured. If she were to swallow this blood poison pill too, then the miserable state she would end up in after this could be imagined. It would exacerbate her wounds and damage her life source; it was highly likely that even her cultivation would be damaged.

As the three great Elders saw Xuan Yuqie swallow down this blood poison pill, all of them were greatly shocked. “Sovereign Xuan, what are you doing? If we lost then we just have to escape. You don’t need to use a blood poison pill in order to do so. That said, if we were to run away, what would we do with the Giant Leviathan?”

“Giant Leviathan?” Xuan Yuqie mirthlessly laughed. These three Elders didn’t know what happened and kept thinking about the damned Giant Leviathan. “The Giant Leviathan is no longer ours. If we run away too late, then we won’t be able to escape anymore!”

As Xuan Yuqie spoke, the medicinal efficacy of the blood poison pill had restored the majority of her strength. Because she had to stimulate her blood essence, her face was flushed with an abnormally red color.

Without hesitation, she opened the channel out of this dimension with a secret skill. Her buxom figure flashed, and she shot towards the distant horizon at full speed!

Her only regret facing Lin Ming just now was that she had hesitated. If she had firmly decided to escape then she wouldn’t have had her soul injured and she also wouldn’t have to bear the side effects of the blood poison pill.

As the three Elders saw Xuan Yuqie escape, all of them of glanced at each other in chagrin. The Giant Leviathan no longer belonged to them? What did that mean?

“We must keep up!” An Elder said as he rushed out of the dimension. Now was no longer the time for thinking about what had happened. No matter what, the situation was absolutely worse than any of them had imagined!

“Elder Zhou…” The two other Elders called out. But, as they saw his figure fading away into a black dot, both of them bitterly sighed and began to chase after him.

The two of them had a cultivation at the first stage of Life Destruction. Although they completely released their energy to rapidly escape, they didn’t use the blood poison pill that had so many side effects.

If the Giant Leviathan didn’t belong to them… was it being controlled by Lin Ming?

That was… impossible…

The two Elders thought this. When Xuan Wuji had taken control of the Giant Leviathan, he had to spend a massive amount of effort. Not only did he arrange a massive array, but he also used a secret skill to innervate his soul as well as having a great number of masters supporting him together. Only under these conditions was he then able to successfully place a soul mark brand on the Giant Leviathan.

That had been on the Giant Leviathan’s spiritual sea that hadn’t yet had a master. If the Giant Leviathan had a master, then this would be much more difficult!

No matter how powerful Lin Ming was, it was impossible for him to so effortlessly and quietly seize control of the Giant Leviathan. At most he would destroy the soul mark that Xuan Wuji had left behind with some sort of secret skill.

Without the soul mark, the Giant Leviathan would fall into a deep slumber. Fortunately, within the Sky Spill Continent, only Xuan Wuji had obtained the Demon Emperor’s letter that detailed the method to control it. If the Giant Leviathan could be recovered, then they wouldn’t suffer too much of Xuan Wuji’s anger for losing the beast.

“I really have no idea just what means Lin Ming used to isolate or destroy Elder Xuan’s soul mark!” An Elder said with disbelief.

“Mm, we’ve underestimated Lin Ming!”

Another Elder echoed. He couldn't understand why Lin Ming had suddenly become strong to such a degree. Just what secrets did he hold on his body?

A young man in his early twenties had been able to beat four Great Elders into the ground? Was this possible?

As the two Elders were lost in their thoughts, they suddenly heard a savage roar echoed out from behind them. A terrifying shockwave washed over their body, stunning them, making their veer off from their original flight path. Below them a massive wave crested up, nearly engulfing the two of them!

“What is going on!?”

The two great Elders were shocked. As they looked back, they suddenly felt as if their souls had fled their bodies!

The Giant Leviathan that should have lost all ability to act was actually flying towards them at high speed. As for those several thousand tentacles near its mouth, all of them were dancing in the air like the hands of a demon, rushing to surround them both!

These terrifying tentacles could shatter space and split apart the ocean. They contained a vast energy that made it difficult for one to summon any courage, scattering all thoughts of resistance!

“What is going on!? Without the soul mark the Giant Leviathan should have fallen into a deep sleep!” An Elder paled as he saw these tentacles drawing closer to him.

“Even if it didn’t sleep, it still shouldn’t be aiming at us!”

Another Elder broke out into a cold sweat. By all logic, compared to this Giant Leviathan, they were nothing but ants to an elephant. An elephant shouldn’t start attacking ants!

As the two people were dazed, the thousands of tentacles finally caught up to them, weaving a terrifying net around them and sealing off every path of escape. The two of them realized that they were now in the exact same situation that Lin Ming was in just a quarter hour ago.

But the difference was that Lin Ming had a way to deal with this. As for these two South Sea Demon Region Elders, they were beginning to drown in despair!

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