Chapter 679 - Severely Wounding Xuan Yuqie

Chapter 679 – Severely Wounding Xuan Yuqie

Against this giant beast that was nearly a hundred miles long, just what had Lin Ming done in order to wound it? Duanmu Qun found this hard to believe. When Lin Ming had used that exquisite movement technique to escape the all-encompassing attack of the Giant Leviathan, he had only been able to sigh in admiration. Then, and even now, he still didn’t fully understand what Lin Ming had done.

The Giant Leviathan was still roaring in the air, its sonic voice making the sea tremble as if hundreds of thousands of thunderclaps were exploding together!


The Giant Leviathan’s tail suddenly pounded the sea surface, directly raising a massive wave ten miles high!

The turbulent waves actually rushed into the sky and washed away the clouds. They callously drove towards Divine Phoenix Island, submerging a massive expanse of the palace ruins!

Seeing this scene, even the normally indifferent Feng Shen was secretly flabbergasted. This was the terror of a super Saint Beast. Just that great body was already an unstoppable weapon!

“This really is a super war machine. Perhaps it isn’t too extraordinary in a one on one battle, but if it were used to seize the headquarters of a sect, any sect below the fifth-grade would be directly rolled over!”


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