Chapter 678 - Lin Ming’s Counterattack

Chapter 678 – Lin Ming’s Counterattack

Every single Giant Leviathan tentacle contained an extremely terrifying energy. As Lin Ming brushed past the tentacles at high speed he could feel his entire body tremble. If he were to be lashed by one then he would absolutely suffer severe injuries!

Although Lin Ming’s movement technique was ghostly and superb, there were just far too many tentacles. Every time they shot past they would cause disorder in the surrounding power of space. If it were a normal martial artist, even one at the Life Destruction realm, they would find it hard withstand this.

“This boy’s got quite the ability.” A South Sea Demon Region Elder said.

“Hehe, no matter how capable he is, he won’t be able to last forever. He will slowly consume his energy, but the energy stored within the Giant Leviathan is unimaginable. Sooner or later we’ll catch him.”

To the Elders of the South Sea Demon Region, with the Giant Leviathan’s incomparably massive body, Lin Ming simply didn’t have the ability to wound it. Now, they were in an invincible position; they didn’t even fear if Lin Ming decided to run away. Xuan Yuqie had already fused her mind with the Giant Leviathan and was using its spiritual sea to lock onto Lin Ming. The...

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