Chapter 677 - Fighting the Giant Leviathan

Chapter 677 – Fighting the Giant Leviathan

“Could this just be a smokescreen released by the South Sea Demon Region?” Behind Sage Sunfire, the Sunfire Princess suddenly spoke up. Normally, in such a small meeting, juniors would rarely speak up in front of their elders.

Zhan Youyun shook her head, “There’s no reason for the South Sea Demon Region to play tricks like this. Do they think that Divine Phoenix Island would return to the South Sea just because they heard this news? This matter is most likely true. Although I have no idea what sort of power did this, if they could completely destroy the Divine Phoenix Island Branch then they are more than capable of destroying any sect within our Five Element Region. Moreover… according to some reliable sources of mine, the Demon Region’s Western Faction Sovereign, Xuan Yuqie, will be personally moving out. She will be presiding over the Giant Leviathan to go towards Divine Phoenix Island.”

“Giant Leviathan?”

Sage Sunfire heard Zhou Youyun’s words, he was unnerved, “The Giant Leviathan is an overwhelming war weapon; its ability to break through any defense or siege is almost unstoppable, but… the other party is not a fool. If Xuan Yuqie is personally taking action then those mysterious strangers must have already evacuated...

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