Chapter 676 - Revolving Core Mu Bingyun

Chapter 676 – Revolving Core Mu Bingyun

“Sovereign Xuan, to deal with just a mere Lin Ming, not only will you yourself go, but you must also send out the Giant Leviathan? Isn’t that just making a big deal out of nothing?”

An Elder couldn’t help but suggest.

The Giant Leviathan was the super weapon of the South Sea Demon Region.

Within the Sky Spill Continent, there was a wide range and variety of Saint Beasts and there was no uniform classification; it was all a fuzzy and jumbled mess. A Flood Dragon, a Vermillion Bird – these creatures could be called Saint Beasts, but all of these Saint Beasts had differing degrees of bloodline purity and richness.

These were divisions formed by limited vision. To the martial artists of the Sky Fortune Kingdom and even the Seven Profound Valleys, to them a Vermillion Bird was an unattainable sacred existence. Thus, being labeled a Saint Beast was undeniable.

However, within the Realm of the Gods, the Vermillion Bird of Divine Phoenix Island was barely passable to be called a Saint Beast at all. As for the God Beasts of the Realm of the Gods, those were existences that could destroy worlds at whim.

The title of a Saint Beast was a bit ambiguous; it wasn’t a completely appropriate term to describe the Giant Leviathan. The Giant Leviathan was...

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