Chapter 674 - The Fifth Opening of the Magic Cube

Chapter 674 – The Fifth Opening of the Magic Cube

When he had first gone to Thundercrash Mountain, by pure chance, Lin Ming had encountered Mu Qianyu as she was battling the Thunder Flood Dragon. After, when Mu Qianyu had been wounded and was in trouble, Lin Ming had helped her recover within the nameless cave. With his past humble and low status, this was the first time he had ever come into contact with such a proud daughter of heaven. Three days later, Mu Qianyu had left without a word, leaving behind only a message. Finally, Mu Qinghong had visited the Seven Profound Valleys and had taken notice of Lin Ming during the Total Faction Martial Meeting. Then, in the sect training program, Lin Ming had been chosen as the only heaven-step talent…

All of this seemed as if it had happened just yesterday.

During Lin Ming’s early period of growth, Mu Qianyu and Divine Phoenix Island had helped Lin Ming many times.

Thundercrash Mountain, nameless cave, tens years time, the appointed meeting…

Lin Ming traced his hand over these letters and quietly clenched his fists. Ten years was the promise that he had originally made, but now, he had come back over seven years early. Since he had come back, he would no longer allow the situation in the South Sea to continue as it was.

He absolutely would not allow Mu Qianyu and the martial artists of Divine Phoenix Island to drift...

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