Chapter 672 - Soul Search

Chapter 672 – Soul Search

After being called out by his name, Lin Ming was startled. As he fixed his eyes on that Life Destruction Elder, he suddenly had a memory of him. This Elder had been part of the South Sea Demon Region party that had entered the Demon God Imperial Palace. Luckily for him, he was also one of the few South Sea Demon Region Elders that had managed to survive.

At the Demon God Imperial Palace, Lin Ming had created a false illusion of his own death before he left. Although Xuan Wuji, Abbot Whitebrow and those other old fellows were all monsters that had lived for over a thousand years, all of them had been fooled by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s age and strength were his best cover. No matter how suspicious or cautious Xuan Wuji and the others were, none of them suspected that someone as weak as Lin Ming had bamboozled them. Finally, they decided that there must have been some powerful expert that had come to steal the Nirvana Dragon Root and had perfectly calculated events to outmaneuver them.

But now, Lin Ming was actually alive!

Not only was he alive, but he had also broken through to Revolving Core!

It had to be known that Lin Ming was only 20 years old!

A 20 year old Revolving Core master… this was too shocking!

All sorts of questions began to rise within that Life Destruction Elder’s heart like a stormy sea. Just how had...

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