Chapter 671 - You Are Lin Ming?

Chapter 671 – You Are Lin Ming?

These young women that had been captured for use as incense burners were all from nearby small sects. From the small countries they originated from, a fourth-grade martial arts talent could already be called a proud daughter of heaven.

However, after the eruption of the beast tide and their nations were destroyed, these young girls had no choice but to hide in underground secret passages in order to escape the disaster.

But hiding underground wasn’t a long-term plan. Eventually they would have to come out to look for help or look for food. The result of this was that they were captured by the South Sea Demon Region martial artists for their obscene purposes.

The demonic realm sexual path was also divided into two different sorts. One was complementary Yin and Yang, where both man and woman would mutually benefit. The man would profit the woman, and the woman would profit the man. The other was where one person savagely and barbarically pillaged the other, sucking up their vitality. The South Sea Demon Region used this second type. They were of no mind to train them, but would rather suck up their life force and strength, rapidly accelerating their aging.

“Haha, little beauties, after we go back, this big brother will love you well!” The leader of the squad lasciviously smiled as he greedily...

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