Chapter 669 - News of Divine Phoenix Island

Chapter 669 – News of Divine Phoenix Island

The Scarlet Dawn Strait was located tens of thousands of miles southeast of Divine Phoenix Island. In between two great islands that were close to each other was a great current that flowed through them. Because the water deep underneath was ripe with precious minerals, there was a very rich stock of fish within the Scarlet Dawn Strait. There were even many low level monsters and vicious beasts that gathered here to look for food.

Thus, this land had become a paradise for common mortals and martial artists. Those people that lived on these islands could simply go to the sea once to obtain a rich harvest of food, enjoying a quiet and comfortable life of peaceful days.

During a tranquil afternoon at the Scarlet Dawn Strait, a light mist permeated the sea. The Scarlet Dawn Strait was often foggy. When the sun set, the fading light would reflect onto this mist, making it seem like red clouds floating atop the water. From afar, it was like the entire strait was covered by a sea of fire. Thus, this was how the Scarlet Dawn Strait had acquired its name.

As mist rose into the air like ethereal smoke, several strange and plump species of fish leapt up from the water, sucking in deep gulps of the fresh air. As these fish leapt back into the water, everyone seemed harmonious and ausp...

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