Chapter 668 - Returning to the South Horizon Region

Chapter 668 – Returning to the South Horizon Region

“…What?” Duanmu Qun paused. As someone who originated from a super Holy Land that was nearing a sixth-grade sect, he was considered very well informed. But he had never heard of anyone that had come from beyond the Holy Demon Continent before.

Thinking about it more carefully, there were indeed some extremely ancient texts within his Holy Land that spoke of the Realm of the Gods and also a world outside of the Holy Demon Continent. However, the texts were too old, they were faded and unclear. As for what these places were, what races lived there, and what it was like, Duanmu Qun had absolutely no idea.

“You come from outside the Holy Demon Continent?” Lan Xin’s eyes shined, immediately interested.

She had faintly heard that the world didn’t consist of just the Holy Demon Continent – there were lands far broader and more glorious. Lan Xin had thought these lands were too far away and it would forever be impossible for someone like her to go there. So, hearing that Lin Ming had come from such a land, how could she not be excited?

“Where is this place?”

“It is a world called the Sky Spill Continent. I come from the South Horizon Region over there.” Lin Ming didn’t hide anything. First, he had come to trust these people as his friends, and second, he was the only one who knew the position of ancient transmission array. Without Lin Ming’s knowledge of where it was and how it worked, no one would be able to access it.

“Sky Spill Continent?” Lan Xin’s charming eyes began overflowing with light. She really wanted to ask Lin Ming to bring her for a look, but she didn’t manage to bring it up.

For a Holy Land descendant to leave their Holy Land, the original reason for this was to go on adventures and gain experience. Walking 10,000 miles would always be superior to reading 10,000 books. If she could broaden her horizons and accumulate more knowledge and experience, this would be of great advantage to her cultivation and future growth.

“Brother Lin, how do you go to your world?” Duanmu Qun was completely interested in the Sky Spill Continent. In the hearts of these outstanding heroic youths, no one wanted to rule a tiny little corner off by themselves. If they didn’t experience the vastness that the world had to offer, they would forever be frogs in a well.

“Through a transmission array.” As Lin Ming saw that his friends were very interested in going to the Sky Spill Continent, he continued to say, “The atmosphere of martial artists within the Sky Spill Continent is inferior to the Holy Demon Continent by far. The martial artists there are much weaker on average, and their talent is somewhat worse. Also… there are only humans, no other races.”

Lin Ming gave a basic introduction to the Sky Spill Continent’s current situation.

The Holy Demon Continent’s races had very complex relations with each other. Every year there would be war and chaos that enveloped the land. Under the pressure of constant fighting and slaughter, it was naturally much easier for a martial artist to grow.

In addition, the Holy Demon Continent’s Fey, Giant Demons, and Imps all had natural talents greater than the humans’, thus they also had a higher proportion of outstanding heroic youths and also more Emperor level powerhouses.

Relatively speaking, the Sky Spill Continent was much more mundane. There was usually peace in most lands, wars were rare, and there was only the human race.

Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin all glanced at each other. After they confirmed their own thoughts, they asked, “Brother Lin, if it’s possible, could we accompany you to the Sky Spill Continent?”

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then happily agreed, “Of course! I’m the only one who knows the method to activate the transmission array, and after I go to the Sky Spill Continent there will be many other matters that I will have to deal with. At the least I’ll have to stay for three to five years. During this period of time, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to leave.”

“Three to five years? No problem!” Duanmu Qun said with no hesitation.

To adventure through another world that was no less vast than the Holy Demon Continent, how could three to five years ever be enough to finish exploring it?

“Great! Ah, yes, that’s right, because this is an ultra-long distance transmission array, during the time through it, you’ll experience space storms. There is a bit of danger involved, but you can grasp this chance to better comprehend the Concepts of Space and Time. This might be helpful to you.”

“Concepts of Space and Time?” Duanmu Qun’s eyes brightened. The Concepts of Space and Time were the most illusory and puzzling Concepts that existed. Even among the Fey, who had a natural affinity towards Laws and Concepts, there were far too many that couldn’t comprehend it, not even being able to trace the threshold. Even Duanmu Qun, who had the support of a super Holy Land behind him, was only able to catch a tiny glimpse of it.

If he could enter into this chaotic space flow and personally experience this space storm, then there was no need to talk about the advantages he would gain.

This increasingly firmed Duanmu Qun and the others’ determination to go to the Sky Spill Continent.

At this time, there was still a dozen or so days until the entrance of the Eternal Demon Abyss opened again. At this time, there wasn’t anything left to do. Lin Ming sat on a rock in meditation, slowly consolidating his foundation as he strode towards his goal – the Black Hole Revolving Core.

As for Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and Feng Shen, they all went to their own respective corners and practiced, not saying a single word during this time.

On the 12th day, a ray of light appeared in the dreary sky. Looking up, everyone could see a powerful space channel opening in the air; today was the day that the channel to the Eternal Demon Abyss finally opened.

The 12 channels of the Eternal Demon Abyss went directly to the top level of their Skysplit Towers. When the Skysplit Towers were first discovered, these channels had already existed here.

“Alright, let’s leave!”

Lin Ming stood up. Gently tapping his toes, he floated into the sky.

Flying was prohibited within the Eternal Demon Abyss, but these 12 channels were the exception to this rule. Thus, the martial artists present could use these channels to leave the Eternal Demon Abyss.

The Eternal Demon Abyss was over 100,000 feet deep into the earth. Lin Ming, Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen and Lan Xin all followed the Great Ax Tower Master as he flew up. After an incense stick of time, they finally reached the Great Ax Tower.

There were already four or five servants waiting to receive them. All of these people were martial artists of Great Ax Tower.

As everyone saw High Lord Great Ax and Lin Ming appear with everyone else, they looked a bit doubtful. Only the Great Ax Tower Master was left over… did that mean that even Blackstone had died?

Also, behind High Lord Great Ax was Lin Ming, Duanmu Qun, and some others. What was going on? These people weren’t from Great Ax Tower, so why they had come through Great Ax Tower’s transfer channel?

These martial artists began to whisper to themselves in their hearts, but none of them dared to speak outwardly. At this time, the Great Ax Tower Master waved his hand and said, “Leave!”


Within Skysplit Tower, the Tower Master had an inviolable authority. Once High Lord Great Ax gave this command, all of the martial artists naturally were quiet as they respectfully drew back.

“Master, please come with me.”

The Great Ax Tower Master bowed and began to lead the way. The channel to enter the Eternal Demon Abyss was also on the fifth floor of the Great Ax Tower. The Great Ax Tower Master brought Lin Ming through a complicated pathway before they reached the first floor of the Skysplit Tower. Then, Lin Ming, Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen and Lan Xin all changed their appearances, mixed into the crowd and followed the massive chains down Great Ax Tower.

“Brother Lin, where should we go?” Duanmu Qun asked.

“We’re going to Bewitching Cloud Prairie.” Lin Ming said with a bit of nostalgia. Without him realizing it, two and a half years had already passed from when he first landed at Bewitching Cloud Prairie. This land could be considered the absolute bottom world of the Holy Demon Continent. The martial artists that were born within Bewitching Cloud Prairie were like the common mortal martial artists of the Skysplit Continent. They had no resources, no inheritances or legacies, and their strength was extremely limited.

There was still a very long distance from the Blood Slaughter Steppes to Bewitching Cloud Prairie. Lin Ming planned to go to Red Sun City and buy some mounts before going to Bewitching Cloud Prairie.

Duanmu Qun said, “I’ve heard of Bewitching Cloud Prairie. There is quite a distance from here to there. We can take a relay station to get there faster.”

“Oh? Relay station?” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up.

Lin Ming faintly smiled and didn’t speak. By his side, Lan Xin puffed up with pride as she explained, “Brother Lin, the entire Blood Slaughter Steppes, including the west and south regions of the Holy Demon Continent, are entirely covered with the relay stations of the Fey Holy Land Alliance. These relay stations connect a very stable transmission array network. I and Brother Duanmu have tokens that allow us to freely use these relay stations. Or, we can use mounts too.”


Lin Ming’s eyes shined. To establish so many relay stations that the network nearly covered half the Holy Demon Continent, this Fey Holy Land Alliance truly had some ability.

If they were able to pass through these relay stations then that would save a massive amount of time and also be safer. They wouldn’t need to worry about the Steppes Master chasing them down.

“Alright, let’s go through the relay stations.”


With the assistance of these relay stations, a mere six days later, Lin Ming rode a blue-scaled Flood Dragon into the skies of Bewitching Cloud Prairie. Soaring atop those endless blue clouds, he could see the vast Bewitching Cloud Prairie below him. The vibrant green grasslands stretched to the ends of the earth, and near the winding rivers there were herders of various races tending to their sheep and cattle. Occasionally there would be tents gathered together like white clouds against the ground; these were the tribes.

The tribes of Bewitching Cloud Prairie lived a nomadic lifestyle. As for the wealth of these tribes, they were supported by those barren Blood Demon Crystal mines that littered the land.

As Lin Ming gazed upon the Bewitching Cloud Prairie, he remembered the brief and simple time he lived here and also that cute little Qing He who had called him big brother.

Now, Qing He had likely grown into lady. Perhaps, in a few years, she would be married.

The life a mortal, relative to a martial artist, was simply too short.

Although Lin Ming remembered which tribe Qing He lived in, he didn’t go to disturb her. Instead, he brought Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and Feng Shen to the great snow-capped mountains where the ancient transmission array was located.

These snow-capped mountains were extremely remote, they was almost at the southernmost tip of the Holy Demon Continent.

The ancient transmission array was located in a deep valley within this mountain range. Here, the temperature was very low. All the water had turned to ice, and only a few rays of light penetrated to the valley floor.

The last time Lin Ming had come out from this transmission array, he hadn’t felt anything in particular. But now that he came back to search for it, he found that the space around the canyon entrance was twisted. If one wasn’t skilled in the Concept of Space then there simply wouldn’t be any way they could discover this canyon.

In addition to the fact that this area was located in such a remote place, no wonder this ancient transmission array had been preserved intact here for tens of thousands of years.

“It’s here.”

Lin Ming pointed at the entrance to an open valley nestled within the mountains. The inside of that valley was pitch black, but to Duanmu Qun and the others, this wasn’t even a problem.

The ancient transmission array was a 100 by 100 foot square. Arranged above the ground, it seemed simply like a number of mystical lines connected together in a complex manner – it wasn’t too remarkable.

As for the symbol password, only Lin Ming, who had inherited the memories of the Demon Emperor, was able to open it.

“You guys, stand in the center of the transmission array and then I’ll begin to activate it.”


Duanmu Qun and the others quickly stepped over to the center of the transmission array. This was the first time that they had seen such a large transmission array themselves. Thinking that they would soon enter the unknown lands of the Sky Spill Continent, they were all filled with eager anticipation.

In order to become a martial artist that stood at the peak, it was impossible to just lord over a tiny kingdom in a corner of the world. In a sense, this would be the first time that they truly faced the outside world.

As Lin Ming spoke, he took out some medium-grade and high-grade true essence stones and arranged them in order around the transmission array. Then, he began to activate the array symbols in order. Right after, a hazy white light began to drift up from the entire transmission array…

Being enveloped in this dim white light, Lin Ming’s mind was filled with a wistful emotion.

“Sky Spill Continent,  South Horizon Region… I’m finally coming back…”

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