Chapter 667 - Planting the Slave Seal

Chapter 667 – Planting the Slave Seal

Elder Xiao had died!

Watching the old man still hanging on Lin Ming’s spear, the martial artists present all subconsciously, gulped, their throats twitching.

The Lin Ming in front of them right now was a fierce tiger, and they were nothing but little lambs that had no ability to resist!

Lin Ming expressionlessly drew out his spear, and then swiped the front, flicking off the blood.

Then, he turned around to glare at the Great Ax Tower Master.

The Great Ax Tower Master’s heart thumped, his face pale and queasy-looking.

“Young… Young Hero Lin, if you let me live, I promise you I can help you leave the Blood Slaughter Steppes from Great Ax Tower. Great Ax Tower is only a mere 2000 miles from the edge of the Blood Slaughter Steppes and it is also a full 10,000 miles away from the Blood Slaughter Divine Temple where the Steppes Master resides. If you come to my Great Ax Tower, that is the best place for you to leave these lands from. Moreover, when you leave, there will be people that can help you, and I can even be your shield. Leaving will be much easier. Otherwise, you might arouse some suspicion…”

As the Great Ax Tower Master spoke, he was carefully paying attention to every minute change in expression on Lin Ming’s face. He was afraid that Lin Ming wouldn’t agree with him and took off his...

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