Chapter 666 - Spear Through the Black Robed Man

Chapter 666 – Spear Through the Black Robed Man

The Mountain Shattering Ax… cracked?

The Great Ax Tower Master stared at the ax in his hands, his eyes wide like full moons.

His double-headed ax could only be considered in the lower-middle reaches of low-grade heaven-step treasure. Although it wasn’t some amazingly high rank weapon, the key lay in its weight!

Between grades of a similar rank, an ax was much more expensive than a sword, because over ten times the material was required!

Accordingly, an ax was extremely durable because of its thickness. But now, this low-grade heaven-step ax had actually been cracked apart by Lin Ming’s spear!

To just what extent did Lin Ming’s striking power reach!?

It wasn’t just the Great Ax Tower Master who was horrified, but all of the surrounding martial artists were frightened. In just this single exchange of moves, Lin Ming had single-handedly held off two great masters and even forced them back!

Lin Ming had not only injured Elder Xiao once more, but he also damaged the Great Ax Tower Master’s weapon!

As for Lin Ming, he had done all of this with just a low-grade heaven-step spear. How could such an originally ordinary spear be able to display such power within Lin Ming’s hands?

“I see… so that’s what it was…” Elder Xiao glared at Lin Ming, grinning as he revealed his bloodstained teeth. “So young… just an early Revolving Core boy, and yet you’ve comprehended your own battle spirit! And looking at its grade, it’s probably already at Large Success of the bronze level!”

As Elder Xiao spoke, the Great Ax Tower Master felt his heart go cold.

Battle spirit!?

As a Giant Demon martial artist, a battle spirit was too far out of reach for the Great Ax Tower Master. Because Giant Demons were naturally born lacking in will and perception, there were many Giant Demon martial artists that never managed to comprehend their battle spirit even after becoming an Emperor level powerhouse.

But, the Great Ax Tower Master still had some minor understandings into a battle spirit. It was said that when a martial artist’s will reached the pinnacle of its potential, it could condense into a very specialized Concept. This ‘battle spirit’ could then be attached to any object, killing enemies, cutting away all life and existence into nothingness!

What cultivation did Lin Ming have? And he had managed to comprehend a battle spirit?

The Great Ax Tower Master began to truly fear Lin Ming from his heart. He started to regret his reckless actions in provoking this dark star. Now, he had already completely offended Lin Ming. Once he became enemies with such a person, the horrible bleakness of his future could be imagined!

200 feet away, Lin Ming held his spear as he stood there. The truth was that the strike he used just now had drawn support from the flash of absolute power that had appeared after completely condensing a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo. Under normal circumstances, although Lin Ming would still be able to receive the dual strikes of Elder Xiao and the Great Ax Tower master, he wouldn’t have had the ability to wound both of them.

‘I’ve finally formed my complete twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo.’

Lin Ming took a deep break. Then, the Death God force field spread out, superimposing onto the Asura force field!

However, this was just an ordinary superimposition, not a fusion of the two. Superimposing the two force fields could be considered as adding one and one to get two, but fusing two force fields together would produce a qualitative change instead. At that time, the intensity and power of the force fields would experience a massive leap upwards.

With Lin Ming’s current boundary, he was still far away from being able to fuse these two force fields.

However, this was how things were. Even superimposing the Death God force field and the Asura force field created an extremely terrifying suppressive force!

After being enveloped by this force field, the Great Ax Tower Master and Elder Xiao had extremely ugly expressions. The other ordinary High Lords were in an even worse state, all of them frantically retreating because they weren’t able to resist this pressure. At this time, they were all constantly lamenting that even though they tried to escape, there was nowhere they could run. They were nothing more than fish on the chopping block, having to stand there under this utterly excruciating suppression.

As the true essence within Lin Ming’s body began to revolve, the power of the two different force fields began to rise without end.

The Asura force field completely suppressed a person from their bodies to their souls, a heavy pressure that was immensely difficult to withstand.

As for the Death God force field, that stimulated the deepest and most primal fear within the soul itself, affecting the control that the soul had over the body. In fact, to a weaker martial artist, the Death God force field could directly strip the soul from the body, killing them without any resistance!

The dual force fields suppressed all. The weaker a martial artist was, the greater influence the force fields had over them. Even if it were Elder Xiao or the Great Ax Tower master, their combat strength was reduced to less than 70% of its original state!

“This damn boy!” Elder Xiao grit his teeth. He desperately tried to stimulate the demon essence within himself, but it was all in vain.

“Die!” As Lin Ming’s true essence revolved to the extreme, he took a sudden step forwards. His figure disappeared like ghosts and gods, immediately flash stepping in front of Elder Xiao, his spear thrusting straight into the old man’s stomach!

In this situation, facing Lin Ming’s incomparably sharp spear strike, just how could Elder Xiao withstand it?


After a brief confrontation, Elder Xiao retreated backwards. Lin Ming moved forward in hot pursuit!

“What are you all looking at!? Attack him together! Do you think any of you can live here? If you don’t kill him now then he will kill you all after this!!!” Elder Xiao crazily shouted at the ordinary High Lords who were watching on, helplessly.

However, at this time, these ordinary High Lords only glanced at each other with fear and dread, none of them daring to move a single step to help Elder Xiao.

What a joke. Under the dual suppression of these force fields, even moving a single step was a challenging endeavor. Moreover, their strength was inferior to Elder Xiao’s so the suppression they were under was even more intense.

Bang bang bang!

In an instant, four or five moves were exchanged. Lin Ming’s spear light swept over Elder Xiao’s chest, breaking his ribs, ruining his organs!

Lin Ming’s combat strength was far too strong. Even a Tower Master level martial artist could only briefly support themselves under Lin Ming’s barrage of attacks. As for those ordinary High Lords, they were nothing but little lambs waiting to be instantly slaughtered.

If none of them resisted, they might have a slim hope of living. But if they dared to confront him, then they would instantly die here!

Spear after spear after spear, Lin Ming forced Elder Xiao back again and again.

If this continued, then Elder Xiao would not be able to support himself for even a few more moves. And at this time, the Great Ax Tower Master was only idly standing by, watching on passively!

The Great Ax Tower Master was panting with nervousness. He felt that even if he attacked Lin Ming, the chances of defeating him were close to zero!

“Lin Ming! I surrender!”

The Great Ax Tower master suddenly dropped his weapon as he shouted out towards Lin Ming.

“Surrender?” Lin Ming’s lips curved in a funny smile.

Surrendering at this time, was there still any significance to it?

“Lin Ming, if you let me live, I will give you everything within my spatial ring. Also, I can even cover for you so you can leave the Blood Slaughter Steppes!”

The Great Ax Tower Master had tossed out a few tempting offers.

Lin Ming had already formed a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo. Now, there was no more meaning to killing the Great Ax Tower Master. And if Lin Ming really did kill all the High Lords here, then he would inevitably come under suspicion once he tried to leave the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

Once he provoked the Steppes Master to chase him, he was finished.

No matter how strong Lin Ming was right now, it was impossible for him to escape from the Steppes Master. The Steppes Master was a true Emperor level powerhouse!

“Great Ax! You dare to betray the Steppes Master!?” Elder Xiao’s eyes widened, turning blood red. At this time, the betrayal of Great Ax was an absolute death sentence.

The Great Ax Tower master sneered as he said, “Betray the Steppes Master? I’m nothing more than a chess piece for him to play around with. I depended on my own effort, giving my everything and fighting through countless life and death battles to become a Tower Master. I have taken care of Great Ax Tower for you lot for so many years, turning over a massive amount of resources! Now I no longer owe you anything! Do you want me to even die for you!?”

“Good! Very good!” Elder Xiao’s face flashed with a ferocious light, “When the Steppes Master finds out about this then you are finished! You will die!”

“Humph! The one to die first will be you!”

Lin Ming stepped in front of Elder Xiao and thrust towards his chest.

Lin Ming’s every spear strike was aimed towards vital points.


Elder Xiao cried out miserably. He avoided a fatal strike, but Lin Ming’s spear still stabbed into his shoulder. Blood splashed out. With a twist of the spear, it directly tore off the old man’s arm.

“I won’t let you get away with this even as a ghost!”

Elder Xiao issued a keening howl as he ignored the grievous wound of his severed arm, and with his remaining hand holding his lance, he thrust it towards Lin Ming’s stomach.

However, how could Lin Ming allow him to hit? Lin Ming’s figure flashed and he directly appeared behind Elder Xiao’s back, his spear piercing through his back and heart!


The white spear passed through his body, the spearpoint dyed a deep red.

Elder Xiao vomited a mouthful of blood. At this time, his organs were already completely ruined.

“Lin Ming, I’ll wait for you in hell!”

Elder Xiao humorlessly grinned as he spoke these words. All of the vessels in his body instantly bulged up and then blasted apart. Elder Xiao had annihilated his own meridians and reversed the flow of blood essence in his body, using the last dregs of his life to form a blood seal in front of him.

“1000 Year Curse of Limitless Demons! Seal!”

As Elder Xiao spoke these last words, a grisly smile still hung on his face. But, his eyes had already lost all of their light.

“Mm? What is this?”

In that instant, Lin Ming felt a strange energy flow along the white spear and enter his body, expanding throughout all of his limbs!

1000 Year Curse of Limitless Demons?

Lin Ming faintly guessed that the words Elder Xiao spoke before his death had something to do with the strange energy within him!

“Lin Ming! Before that old man died, he used his life to place a curse on you!” Demonshine’s voice sounded out in Lin Ming’s mind.

“So I was right… hmm, what does this curse do?” Lin Ming frowned. He didn’t think that the old man would have such an ability.

“It’s not too harmful. This curse is only a mark. Once you’re placed under this curse, others can use it to determine your location. If you don’t dispel this curse, then you’ll be as obvious as a firefly at night!”

“Oh? So in other words, that old man placed this curse on me to help the Steppes Master chase me down and kill me?”

“That sounds about right.”

“Can you dispel this?” Lin Ming grimaced. With this sort of mark on him, things would be dire. In order to leave the Blood Slaughter Steppes, he would have to cross through hundreds of thousands of miles. With such a long distance in front of him, he didn’t believe that he could escape the Steppes Master if he was being chased down.

Now he could only depend on Demonshine. Demonshine seemed to have a very deep understanding of these sorts of energy marks; originally, he was the one who had resolved the matter of the Polaris Tower Master's slave seal.

“Hehe, undoing this is a bit difficult, but just isolating it is quite simple. But, I have a condition… I want to have first picks of the Great Ax Tower Master, Polaris Tower Master, and that old man’s spatial rings!”

Demonshine licked his doggy tongue as he spoke. In fact, this request wasn’t excessive at all – it was quite reasonable in fact. Within the 1000 mile forbidden zone, Demonshine had put in a great deal of effort and was also very helpful the entire time, using up a good deal of his strength. However, after they opened up the ancient tomb, there wasn’t anything in there that was useful to Demonshine, so Demonshine had been feeling very depressed ever since.


Lin Ming readily agreed. From those three’s spatial rings, there wasn’t anything that he particularly wanted.

At this time, Elder Xiao had thoroughly died, so Lin Ming reached over and conveniently took his spatial ring. At the same time, pure infernal energy flowed out from the corpse and into Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming could clearly feel that this infernal energy no longer had any nourishing effect on him.

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