Chapter 664 - The Tide Turns

Chapter 664 – The Tide Turns


“Lin Ming, go and die!” As the Polaris Tower Master saw Lin Ming rushing towards that heaven-step white spear, he knew that it was impossible to catch up to him with his speed. So, wielding his great sword, he slashed out at Lin Ming, wanting to force him back instead!

However, Lin Ming completely ignored the Polaris Tower Master’s attack. His eyes flashed with a thick killing intent as he grabbed onto the spear shaft with a heavy clapping sound.

At this time, the Polaris Tower Master’s attack was less than 10 feet away from Lin Ming!

“The one who will die is you.”

The energy within Lin Ming’s body erupted like a colossal volcano. Holding onto that white spear, he suddenly turned around and thrust it out!

Penetrating Rainbow!


A keen spear light tore apart the Polaris Tower Master’s sword light as if it were made of paper. At this time, Lin Ming no longer needed to use the power of his battle spirit to reinforce his spear. The strength of his battle spirit was completely freed from its shackles!

Along the shaft of the spear, the power of thunder and fire twisted together. With the complete increased strength from a bronze level battle spirit, the prestige of Lin Ming’s spear had reached the pinnacle! Before, Lin Ming could only block the Polaris Tower Master’s attacks, but now, he completely overwhelmed...

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