Chapter 663 - Heaven-step White Spear

Chapter 663 – Heaven-step White Spear

“This damn old fox!”

Lin Ming knit his eyebrows together. With his current strength, having to simultaneously deal with Elder Xiao, the Great Ax Tower Master, and the severely wounded Polaris Tower Master would be somewhat difficult.

The strength of these two new challengers might be no less than that of the Polaris Tower Master!

When Lin Ming had faced the Polaris Tower Master, he had continuously attacked him several times in a row. Although he had managed to beat him into the ground, he still hadn’t been able to kill him. Now, with three of them together and mutually supporting each other, wanting to kill any one of them would be much more difficult.

Moreover, this Elder Xiao seemed to be very cautious. If Lin Ming wanted to defeat him, he would have to expend himself.

“Great Ax! We’ll attack him from both sides!”

Elder Xiao said with a true essence sound transmission. Great Ax didn’t want to be sucked into this mess, but now there was no turning back for him.

Together, they both rushed towards Lin Ming in a pincer position!

Holding a double-headed ax, the Great Ax Tower Master’s attack seemed truly epic. As for Elder Xiao, with the lance in his hands, his strike appeared incomparably sharp. The weapons in both of their hands were equally heaven-step ...

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