Chapter 661 - Glory of the Battle Spirit

Chapter 661 – Glory of the Battle Spirit

The Polaris Tower Master was forced back?

In that collision between Lin Ming and the Polaris Tower Master, it was the Polaris Tower Master who was actually forced back!

All of the martial artists present were stunned. It was true that Lin Ming’s aura was no weaker than the Polaris Tower Master’s, but aura didn’t represent a martial artist’s complete strength, and there was also something strange and tricky about Lin Ming’s aura. Moreover, the Polaris Tower Master’s accumulated fame and strength were too great; it was hard for anyone to imagine that a heroic youth could be stronger than him.

But now, in a single exchange of blows, Lin Ming had only been a little shaken, but the Polaris Tower Master was actually forced back 10 whole steps. Although the Polaris Tower Master wasn’t injured, his blood still tumbled and he had eaten no small loss.

At this point, the Polaris Tower Master’s complexion was extremely ugly. He thought that Lin Ming was only using some sort of special force field to suppress his aura, but his strength wasn’t too special.

He didn’t use his sword for his first attack because with his status as a Tower Master, having to go all out to deal with a junior was a bit shameful. Even if he won in the end, people would still criticize him.

In fact, although the...

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