Chapter 660 - Invincible Aura

Chapter 660 – Invincible Aura

Slave Seal!?

The martial artists present weren’t idiots, they knew just what a slave seal was. They replayed the words that Lin Ming had just spoken, “Are you inspecting the slave seal? Rest assured, it is still in my spiritual sea!”

With everything linked together, the martial artists present had a faint guess as to what Lin Ming meant. That was, the Polaris Tower Master had planted a slave seal within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, but he wasn’t able to control Lin Ming?

Just what was going on?

The Polaris Tower Master’s eyes flashed with a blazing killing intent. He stared at Lin Ming like a wild beast, “What garbage nonsense are you spouting off about?”

“Haha! Whether I am talking nonsense or not, it is clearest in your heart. Don’t you find it strange that your slave seal isn’t working on me?”

Lin Ming’s words were aggressive, making the Polaris Tower Master feel as if his heart was dripping blood!

A Tower Master was controlling the talented High Lords of Skysplit Tower with slave seals! If these sorts of rumors spread out, then the ensuing chaos could be imagined!

Feng Shen, Duanmu Qun, and Lan Xin all had changed expressions. They absolutely believed everything that Lin Ming said. Now, they were all glad that they weren’t subjected to such treatment. To have a slave seal planted within...

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