Chapter 660 - Invincible Aura

Chapter 660 – Invincible Aura

Slave Seal!?

The martial artists present weren’t idiots, they knew just what a slave seal was. They replayed the words that Lin Ming had just spoken, “Are you inspecting the slave seal? Rest assured, it is still in my spiritual sea!”

With everything linked together, the martial artists present had a faint guess as to what Lin Ming meant. That was, the Polaris Tower Master had planted a slave seal within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, but he wasn’t able to control Lin Ming?

Just what was going on?

The Polaris Tower Master’s eyes flashed with a blazing killing intent. He stared at Lin Ming like a wild beast, “What garbage nonsense are you spouting off about?”

“Haha! Whether I am talking nonsense or not, it is clearest in your heart. Don’t you find it strange that your slave seal isn’t working on me?”

Lin Ming’s words were aggressive, making the Polaris Tower Master feel as if his heart was dripping blood!

A Tower Master was controlling the talented High Lords of Skysplit Tower with slave seals! If these sorts of rumors spread out, then the ensuing chaos could be imagined!

Feng Shen, Duanmu Qun, and Lan Xin all had changed expressions. They absolutely believed everything that Lin Ming said. Now, they were all glad that they weren’t subjected to such treatment. To have a slave seal planted within them… it was a fate worse than death!

But what method had Lin Ming used to cause the Polaris Tower Master’s slave seal to fail?

“Lin Ming, if you dare to slander me one more time, I will kill you!”

The Polaris Tower Master was worked into an extreme rage. He absolutely didn’t expect that Lin Ming had some method to circumvent his slave seal and lead him around in circles!

This boy was so young and yet he had such shrewd methods, he absolutely could not be allowed to live!

“Hahahahaha!” Lin Ming wantonly laughed, not even caring for the Polaris Tower Master’s threat. “Me, slander you? You planted a slave seal in my spiritual sea and just now used a true essence sound transmission to order me to give you everything I obtained within the Eternal Demon Abyss. How about it, are you not going to admit this?

“That’s right… there’s also High Lord Bloodfire who has been controlled by you. Now, he’s nothing more than a useless zombie. Have someone investigate his situation and you’ll immediately understand. Which High Lord would like to investigate him?”

As Lin Ming spoke, he looked towards High Lord Bloodfire. High Lord Bloodfire’s complexion immediately changed and he shouted, “Lin Ming, what nonsense are you speaking!?”

High Lord Bloodfire was completely controlled by the Polaris Tower Master; it was simply the Polaris Tower Master speaking through him.

“Bloodfire, you are truly a tragedy!” Lin Ming shook his head, no longer bothering with Bloodfire.

High Lord Bloodfire was also controlled?

Facing this super bomb that Lin Ming threw out again, all of those that were doubtful from the start now had their suspicions confirmed!

It was impossible for Lin Ming to speak so irresponsibly like this. A simple probe of High Lord Bloodfire would immediately reveal his secret.

And now, it was impossible for the Polaris Tower master to unravel the slave seal in High Lord Bloodfire’s spiritual sea. Once it was undone, High Lord Bloodfire would immediately obtain his freedom. After being a zombie-like servant for so many years, he would immediately turn on his ex-master!

No matter what, the charges against the Polaris Tower Master were now all proven!

For Polaris Tower to use slave seals to control the talents there, once this news spread out, it would inevitably lead to anger from several of the major Holy Lands. They would join forces to exert pressure on the Blood Slaughter Steppes, forcing them to punish the Polaris Tower Master!

After all, all of them had descendants who had gone to the Blood Slaughter Steppes to gain experience. How could they remain calm with such a Tower Master controlling a Skysplit Tower. Not to mention, the Polaris Tower Master was also the son of the Blood Slaughter Steppes’ ruler. Once he inherited his father’s position in the future, the consequences would be disastrous!

This time Lin Ming had truly pierced through the sky!

All of the martial artists realized just how major the consequences of this would be, all of their complexions changed.

“This Lin Ming doesn’t care for his life, he actually dares to confront the Polaris Tower Master like this.”

“Even if this is true, the Polaris Tower Master is bound to kill Lin Ming out of anger!”

“Lin Ming is insane! Now he has even offended the ruler of the entire Blood Slaughter Steppes!”

At this time, Zhuan Yu was standing near Lin Ming. Seeing the Polaris Tower Master reveal a pure killing intent, he subconsciously gulped and retreated several steps back. Although he was arrogant, it was impossible for him to be as arrogant as Lin Ming and openly expose the fact that the Polaris Tower Master planted slave seals in others. This was the same as suicide! Lin Ming must have encountered some hopeless situation within the Eternal Demon Abyss that made him go crazy! As Zhuan Yu thought this, he retreated at an even faster pace.

Not too far away, High Lord Black Ash also stepped back, eagerly awaiting the show. In his opinion, Lin Ming had bitten off more than he could chew. Since he dared to challenge the authority of the Polaris Tower Master, he would die here without a grave!

The Polaris Tower Master began move forwards, one step at a time, as the field of energy around him became increasingly strong, forcing all the other martial artists to retreat. “To dare slander a Tower Master, to dare slander the reputation of my Blood Slaughter Steppes, Lin Ming, you have committed a crime worthy of death!”

“Oh? Crime worthy of death? Hahaha!” Lin Ming laughed as he extracted the Purple Comet Spear, “In the Blood Slaughter Steppes, strength is king! Any crime here will not be adjudicated by you!”

“Good! Very good! After so many years of me not taking action, it seems that everyone has already forgotten my strength, and also the absolute disparity between a Tower Master and a High Lord! Now, I will give you one last chance to fall to your knees and admit your mistakes. I will cut off your arms and let you live, or I will rip you apart!”

As the Polaris Tower Master spoke, his aura suddenly erupted like a great volcano!

All of the surrounding martial artists were swept up by this strength. The weaker ones were forced to step back, their faces paling.

It had to be known that all of these martial artists were either High Lords or top Heavenly Demon Seven Stars! If they were forced back and shaken by just the Polaris Tower Master’s aura, then his true strength could be imagined!

As for Lin Ming, he bore the brunt of this aura and directly withstood it. However, his expression was still as calm as before, as if this awesome aura from the Polaris Tower Master was nothing more than a gentle spring breeze!

“This boy!”

The Polaris Tower Master’s eyes flashed with a severe light. He had wanted to erupt his complete aura and force Lin Ming to kneel before him, but he never imagined that Lin Ming would withstand it so easily!

“You want to use your aura to force me to my knees, creating the false pretense that I was admitting fault and then kill me afterwards? How unfortunate, but your aura is just too pitifully weak!”

Lin Ming sneered and took a sudden step forward.

The Heavenly Demon martial intent’s Asura force field erupted!


Since breaking through to Revolving Core, this was the first time that Lin Ming had completely released his Asura force field. A terrifying surge of energy seemed to break through the void, shattering the earth underneath Lin Ming’s feet and causing a web of cracks to snake outwards!

The Polaris Tower Master’s aura was directly crushed to nothing by this force field! If the Polaris Tower Master’s aura was like a flood of water, then Lin Ming’s Asura force field was like a mighty flood of steel, washing away all with overwhelming force, crushing the Polaris Tower Master’s aura and directly suppressing him!

The Polaris Tower Master’s body shook and the ground underneath him cracked part!

As his body visibly trembled, he was nearly forced a step back.


Seeing this scene, all of the martial artists present were stunned. Lin Ming had actually turned the tables and almost forced the Polaris Tower Master to retreat?

How could Lin Ming have such an amazingly strong aura?

Although one’s aura didn’t represent their full strength, it could represent a great deal of it.

As the Asura force field became increasingly strong, all of the surrounding martial artists felt a massive pressure envelop them. From their body to their organs to their bones to their soul, from head to toe, this pressure came crashing down upon them!

Because of this pressure, all of them felt as if they couldn’t breathe, their heartbeats heavy.

What was going on? The martial artists present were alarmed, forced to retreat even further.

200 feet away, Zhuan Yu didn’t think he would need to retreat again. But, facing Lin Ming’s terrifying aura, he felt his blood slowing down in his body. His blood slowing down was manageable, but the crux of this was that he could see from the aura of the two that this fight that was about to break out would be earth-shattering. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to resist it!

Thus, Zhuan Yu had no choice but to draw back even further. At this time, his complexion had become extremely ugly. He found it difficult to imagine that the one who sent out this terrifying aura was that Lin Ming!

“Hey, Zhuan Yu! How does it feel? I remember that you said you would give Lin Ming a year before challenging him, right?”

An amused woman’s voice suddenly sounded in his ears. Turning around, he could see that the one speaking was Lan Xin.

She had already retreated 300 feet away and was now looking at Zhuan Yu with her lips forming a bright smile, a sly and elated expression on her face.

Zhuan Yu immediately turned the color of a liver. He now knew why Lin Ming hadn’t even bothered acknowledging his challenge in the beginning. This was because the gap in their strength was just far too great, so he hadn’t even cared for him!

Realizing this, Zhuan Yu felt his heart beat with panic, especially after seeing Lan Xin’s taunting smile.

He wanted to spit out some ruthless curses about her entire family, but he didn’t have the courage to do so…

Without a doubt, as time passed, the difference between him and Lin Ming would only grow. A contract beast would be nothing against someone like Lin Ming!

As Lan Xin saw Zhuan Yu’s face like a bitter gourd and his bewildered expression, her heart was incomparably free.

‘Little boy, if you want to be so rampant in front of this aunt just because you got a little pet, then you deserve what you get!’


“Good! Good young fellow! You truly have hidden so many secrets!” The Polaris Tower Master’s eyes flashed with a cold light. He never imagined that Lin Ming’s aura would actually surpass his own!

He could tell that this aura that Lin Ming emitted was actually a force field, but, he didn’t have a force field of his own. To try to compare with just his own aura, this had caused him to suffer a major loss.

‘What sort of force field is this? Even with my cultivation, being covered by this force field has caused my strength to weaken by a great deal. Just where did Lin Ming obtain this force field from?’

The killing intent in the Polaris Tower Master’s heart became increasingly thick. He could no longer compete with just his aura; it was time to fight!

‘This boy absolutely cannot be allowed to live, otherwise he will become the greatest threat the Blood Slaughter Steppes has ever seen! One Eightfall War Emperor is already more than enough. If another one were to appear, then the consequences would be inconceivable!’

The Polaris Tower Master’s mind flashed with this thought. Then, demon essence erupted from his entire body. With a shout, he rushed forwards like a savage tiger, his fist smashing out at Lin Ming!

A fist?

Lin Ming’s eyes narrowed. He knew that the Polaris Tower Master’s favored weapon was the great sword.

Without moving, Lin Ming faced the Polaris Tower Master.

With a thought, the Heretical God Force completely opened, and 90% of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates’ strength was brought forth.

Lin Ming’s fist came pounding out!

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!

‘Fist to fist? What an utter idiot!’

The Polaris Tower Master grinned maliciously. Although the weapon he habitually used was the great sword, he also excelled at fisticuffs.

‘Little punk, since you want to die so badly, watch my fist break apart your arm first!’

Thinking of this, the Polaris Tower Master’s strength rose even more!


In the instant that the two fists collided, a terrifying airwave broke out. Space trembled, the earth cracked, and several martial artists felt as if they lost hearing in their ears.

Peng peng peng!

The sound of heavy footsteps rang out. After this one exchange of moves, the Polaris Tower Master was actually forced back again and again. With each step he took back, the earth underneath his feet would explode, rupturing apart. Only after taking 10 steps back did he manage to steady himself, a look of horror dawning on his face.

How could his fist be so hard!?!?

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