Chapter 659 - The Return of the Polaris Tower Master

Chapter 659 – The Return of the Polaris Tower Master

At the entrance to the Eternal Demon Abyss, the frigid wind was quietly rustling through. As Duanmu Qun was meditating, he saw a black-clothed Goliath youth walking towards him.

“Zhuan Yu?” Duanmu Qun’s eyebrows twisted together.

Duanmu Qun was a Fey and Zhuan Yu was a Goliath. The two of them had already been competitors, and their relationship was antagonistic.

“Duanmu Qun!” Zhuan Yu’s eyes narrowed.

“I’m glad to see that you and Lin Ming both made it through this journey into the Eternal Demon Abyss alive. Wonderful. Truly, I am glad; otherwise I would have been lonely all my life.”

Zhuan Yu’s words purposefully left out Feng Shen and Lan Xin. He didn’t even glance in their direction. Obviously, he felt that those two didn’t have the qualifications to compare to him.

Feng Shen didn’t really care at all about this, but Lan Xin grew angry. This damned Zhuan Yu was not much stronger than she was yet he actually dared to look down on her with such disdain; how could she possibly endure this insult.

“Zhuan Yu, who the hell do you think you are?” Lan Xin said, sharply.

Lan Xin’s fighting words immediately attracted everyone’s eyes. Whether it was Lan Xin, Zhuan Yu, Duanmu Qun, or Lin Ming, they were all outstanding heroic youths that stood at the pinnacle of the 12 Skysplit Towers. If these people were arguing, then naturally there was much fun to see.

Seeing so many people turn towards them consciously or unconsciously, Zhuan Yu smiled. His tone was flippant as he asked, “Little girl Lan, I wonder what sort of lucky chance you managed to obtain within the Eternal Demon Abyss?”

As Lan Xin heard Zhuan Yu speak to her with such disrespect, she became angry. But, as she heard Zhuan Yu mention lucky chances, she actually became somewhat breathless. During this trip to the Eternal Demon Abyss, her harvest was only a few pieces of Demon God Bones, the most precious of those being the earth-step Demon God Bone that she had obtained in the 1000 mile forbidden zone. Although her harvest could be considered good, if this Zhuan Yu dared to be so arrogant like this, then it was likely he found a much greater lucky chance than she did. If she really were to compare, then she would mostly lose.

Not just that, but as she sensed his aura, Lan Xin felt something strength from Zhuan Yu’s body. There was a mysterious fluctuation of energy that startled her!

‘This is…’ Lan Xin’s heart jumped. Zhuan Yu hadn’t make a breakthrough, but the impression he left on others was even scarier.

Lan Xin’s intuition told her that Zhuan Yu really must have obtained some extraordinary lucky chance here, causing his strength to soar to a new level. Currently, it was true that she couldn’t compare to Zhuan Yu!

At this time, Duanmu Qun’s eyes flashed with a trace of blue light. Taking a wide view of the strange energy within Zhuan Yu’s body, he thought for a moment before slowly saying, “I see… so you’ve managed to obtain a contract beast! No wonder you’re making such a ruckus here.”

Although Duanmu Qun appeared calm, he was actually somewhat startled. The contract beast within Zhuan Yu’s body was likely a top breed even within the entire Holy Demon Continent! This sort of contract beast could only be found through a stroke of fate. Once found and carefully raised, this sort of being could greatly increase a martial artist’s strength.

And listening to Zhuan Yu’s meaning, he feared that this contract beast was still young, and yet it was already capable of greatly increasing his strength!

“Good sight! Yes! This is a contract beast! It is also my greatest harvest during this trip into the Eternal Demon Abyss. I have finally obtained a powerful contract beast. Duanmu Qun, I challenge you. After this journey into the Eternal Demon Abyss, once we’ve both left the Blood Slaughter Steppes… I want a final showdown to see just who is the best!”

Zhuan Yu was incomparably confident in himself. When he first obtained the contract beast, he was already awed by how strong it was. Once it grew into its adult form in the future, its combat strength could be imagined!

Zhuan Yu now firmly believed he had the capital to stand on equal ground with Duanmu Qun, whether it was today or in the future. Even if they started fighting now, he expected that he had at least a 60% chance of victory!

“I’ll follow you to the end!”

Duanmu Qun didn’t decline. Having matches between talents was very normal. Duanmu Qun feared no one. In fact, in his 20 some years of life, countless outstanding heroic youths had been defeated under his blade.

“Good courage! Great!” Zhuan Yu laughed. Then, he turned to Lin Ming, “You there, Lin Ming, I will wait one year for you. With your talent, you should have the qualifications to fight me then! I hope those stories of you weren’t exaggerated, otherwise I would truly be disappointed!”

The news that Lin Ming had become a Titled Asura had long spread throughout the entire Blood Slaughter Steppes. Zhuan Yu believed that in one year, Lin Ming would make considerable progress. But, at the same time, his contract beast would also become that much more terrifying.

He was really looking forward to this battle!

As Zhuan Yu spoke to him, Lin Ming simply sat there in meditation as if he hadn’t heard Zhuan Yu at all. As for Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and even the stoic Feng Shen, all three of them were briefly startled before a comical expression lit their faces.

Zhuan Yu wanted to wait a year before he fought Lin Ming?

Lan Xin wanted to laugh but she managed to hold it back. She wasn’t interested in alerting Zhuan Yu to anything. In fact, she wanted him to eat his own shit. But what a pity, from Lin Ming’s attitude, it seemed that he simply didn’t care about fighting someone like Zhuan Yu; this caused Lan Xin to be a bit disappointed.

Seeing Lin Ming completely unaffected by his challenge, Zhuan Yu grew a bit angry. If he was publicly looked down by a human, how could he ever raise his head in the future? “Lin Ming, I just spoke to you, didn’t you hear me?”

As Zhuan Yu spoke again, Lin Ming really did open his eyes.

Zhuan Yu coldly snorted, wanting to spit out a few spicy insults. But, at this moment, he discovered that Lin Ming wasn’t looking at him, but rather at a far off distance place.

Zhuan Yu became completely incensed, He was about to storm off in a fit of rage, when at this time, he felt his mind grow cold. He could feel at this moment that a powerful energy was quickly approaching. He suddenly turned and saw that several hundred feet away, there was a black-clothed middle-aged man slowly walking out of the fog.

This middle-aged man was extremely tall and his body was wrapped in a thick black cloak. His eyes were as deep and profound as the night stars, and from his appearance, he seemed to be a hybrid of a Giant Demon and Goliath.

This person was… the Polaris Tower Master!

It wasn’t just the Polaris Tower Master that had arrived, but behind him was also a Goliath martial artist carrying a great axe. This Goliath martial artist was actually a Tower Master too… the Great Ax Tower Master!

With the sudden appearance of two Tower Masters, all the martial artists present immediately turned silent!

Even Zhuan Yu, who had just obtained a massive lucky chance in the Eternal Demon Abyss and also received a massive boost to his ego, found his heart growing cold, no longer daring to be as brash as he was. In front of a super powerhouse like these Tower Masters, he simply didn’t have the ability to resist.

Behind the Polaris Tower Master and the Great Ax Tower Master, there were also four or five other martial artists. Among them was White Stone Tower’s High Lord Three Eyes, a well-known figure who was no weaker than High Lord Cloud Demon.

In addition, there were also several other martial artists that Lin Ming recognized. One of them was Heavenly Cloud Tower’s High Lord Black Ash, a fellow that had been part of Lin Ming’s squad when they first entered into the Eternal Demon Abyss. When Lin Ming entered the Eternal Demon Abyss, this High Lord Black Ash was already testing him, unable to hide the killing intent in his eyes; he even attempted to probe Lin Ming’s strength. Finally, High Lord Cloud Demon had to stop at the time, and afterwards, he joined the same squad as Lin Ming. He didn’t have any good intentions in doing so, but during the trip he didn’t have a chance to do anything either.

Another person that Lin Ming recognized what the top ranked High Lord Bloodfire of Polaris Tower. He was the same as Lin Ming, someone who had a slave seal from the Polaris Tower Master planted within them, except that he truly was being controlled. Lin Ming thought that during this trip into the Eternal Demon Abyss, High Lord Bloodfire would be used as mere cannon fodder, but he didn’t expect that this fellow would actually manage to survive.

After High Lord Black Ash and High Lord Bloodfire saw Lin Ming, they were shocked. Especially High Lord Black Ash – he had seen with his own eyes Lin Ming returning to that damned danger zone. He thought that Lin Ming would undoubtedly die there, but this boy was still alive?

Not just that but… he broke through to Revolving Core!?

What was going on here?

High Lord Black Ash was jealous to the point of hate. Without a doubt, Lin Ming had obtained a great lucky chance within the Eternal Demon Abyss!

‘F*ck! How come this boy kept having such good luck!’

High Lord Black Ash’s jealousy had turned to bitterness. His eyes moved and he said to the Polaris Tower Master, “Congratulations Sir Polaris, your Polaris Tower now has another powerful High Lord. This Lin Ming definitely obtained some great lucky chance within the Eternal Demon Abyss and broke through to Revolving Core, this is a matter for celebration.”

High Lord Black Ash obviously spoke these words loudly because he hated Lin Ming. In particular, he spoke towards the Polaris Tower Master because he wanted to deliberately arouse the other man’s desire to rob.

Lin Ming obviously knew what High Lord Black Ash was trying to do. As he looked towards him, his eyes flashed with a trace of naked killing intent.

The Polaris Tower Master faintly smiled, his guess was also similar to High Lord Black Ash’s. But, what sort of lucky chance had Lin Ming obtained? He beckoned Lin Ming and said, “Lin Ming, come forwards.”

Lin Ming sneered in his heart, his hand tracing his spatial ring as he walked towards the Polaris Tower Master.

“Lin Ming, you’ve done well. I’m pleased that you’ve safely returned. Now, what sort of lucky chances did you obtain this time?”

As the Polaris Tower Master spoke, he had a kind and happy smile on his face, as if he really were a general that was grateful their soldier returned alive. As for those last few words, they were said with a true essence sound transmission.

“Some Demon God Bones, and a fruit.” Lin Ming answered with a smile. His words were very simple, but there was a subtle flavor of ridicule hiding behind them.

“Oh? A fruit?” The Polaris Tower Master was stunned and then immediately interested. Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, nearly all plants had become extinct. If there was a fruit, then it must have been something extraordinary. “Good, very good. Then, show me this fruit!”

As Lin Ming listened to the Polaris Tower Master’s words, he remained completely unmoved. Instead, the sarcasm on his face only became increasingly obvious. It was at this time that the Polaris Tower Master realized that something was wrong.

The Polaris Tower Master grimaced, “Lin Ming, you actually dare to defy my orders?”

“Your orders?” Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a sneer, “Why would I listen to your orders?”

These words were no longer said with a true essence sound transmission; all of the martial artists present could hear them. Suddenly, everyone was stunned!

What was happening? Why did Lin Ming say such things to the Polaris Tower Master?

“What did you say?” The Polaris Tower Master’s complexion changed. He suddenly linked his mind to the slave seal within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and discovered that it was still there, perfectly intact. So just what was going on here?

Something was wrong!

If the slave seal was intact, how could Lin Ming escape his control?

Could it be that Lin Ming knew some way to isolate the slave seal? Could it be that from the very beginning, Lin Ming had never been controlled, and all of this was an act?

Thinking of this, the Polaris Tower Master’s expression became increasingly ugly!

“Tsk, are you inspecting the slave seal? Rest assured, it is still in my spiritual sea!” Again, Lin Ming’s words weren’t spoken with a true essence sound transmission. As he clearly enunciated each word, everyone was shocked!

Slave seal!?!?

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