Chapter 658 - Killing the Monsters

Chapter 658 – Killing the Monsters

Those humanoid monsters, which they had thought were invincible… two of them had instantly died!?

It wasn’t just the Imp martial artist that was astonished, but the Giant Demon martial artist and young Fey girl were also shocked. Before this, all of them tried attacking these humanoid monsters, but no matter what martial skill they used, even with their full strength, none of them had been able to break past these creatures’ fur!

They were on completely different levels!

But just now, two beams of light had pierced through two of the humanoid monsters, instantly killing them without the least bit of resistance.

Just who had done this?

Watching the two shaking monster corpses on the ground, the three martial artists were overjoyed to be alive. Subconsciously they took several steps backwards. A gaping red hole had appeared in these two monster’s head, and their blood and brains were spilling out, flowing along the ground.

As the three remaining monsters saw their companions die, all of them flew into a rage. They roared, twisting around to see just who had dared to ambush them.

But at this time, within the fog the figures of several people began to slowly come into view.

As the three monsters saw these people’s figures, they rushed towards...

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