Chapter 657 - Leaving the Forbidden Zone

Chapter 657 – Leaving the Forbidden Zone

Ho -- !

Lin Ming retreated from the world of will, a cold sweat already streaming down his back. He had been completely suppressed by the aura of that heart. Fortunately, that heart did not care one bit about him, otherwise he would have already been crushed into nothing.

“Brother Lin… are you okay?” Duanmu Qun noticed Lin Ming’s strange behavior and asked him, “Is something wrong?”

Although Duanmu Qun had only known Lin Ming for a short time, he had still been able to get a relatively good grasp on what sort of character he had. Lin Ming wasn’t the type to play evil tricks or do something dirty; he must have discovered something just now.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment before recounting what just happened to Duanmu Qun with a true essence sound transmission. With another person, there would be another viewpoint on matters and another opinion; perhaps they would be able to understand some more things.

“You said that there is the heart of a great Emperor sealed within this goddess that has been beating for the last several tens of thousands of years!?”

After hearing this, Duanmu Qun was inexplicably shocked! He too wanted to feel the heartbeat of this goddess, but after a moment of hesitation, he didn’t dare to put out his hand. According to Lin Ming’s account of events, he...

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