Chapter 656 - Opening the Goddess’ Sarcophagus Once More

Chapter 656 – Opening the Goddess’ Sarcophagus Once More

Lin Ming led Duanmu Qun and the others to leave the tomb, arriving back at the pitch-black space where they couldn’t even see their own fingers in front of them. There were very minor distortions in the power of space here. If it wasn’t for Lin Ming leading the way, it would have been very difficult for Duanmu Qun and the others to leave.

As Lin Ming was about to step out of the mountain, he suddenly felt his body shake. In that moment, he seemed to hear an incomparably beautiful woman’s voice, like the sounds of heaven, illusive and filled with a weeping grief.

The voice seemed to form some strange ancient syllables. Even Lin Ming, who was familiar with the language from the Realm of the Gods as well as the Ancient Giant Demons’, still couldn’t completely understand the meaning behind it.

He slowed his steps and glanced over at Duanmu Qun and the others. He wanted to see whether or not they heard this voice, but their expressions were calm; obviously they hadn’t heard anything at all.

“Is something wrong, Brother Lin?” Duanmu Qun asked, not sure why Lin Ming stopped.

“No.” Lin Ming shook his head. Since no one heard this voice then it was useless if he mentioned it. It would be better if he didn’t speak about it at all.

“Oh.” Duanmu...

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